Thursday, July 29, 2010

Penang Getaway?!

Hahaha...I think it's more like a "Gateaway" from all the pornographic pictures of sexy guys in my blog - TO YOU GUYS - lor!  Well, either you like it or loathe it, the sexy guys are to remain for a long, long, long time more in my blog! Hehehehehe!
( p/s: You tell me, who doesn't like appreciating sexy guys?! It's SO NOT-GAY for a gay person who dislikes it - duh! =P )

Anyway, back to my post for today. It's actually a little overview of my quick getaway with the Horny BF, to Penang....which was way, way, way back - 2 months ago - that coincides with my weekend Birthday, as well as treating it as a nostalgic journey down the memory lane - sorta homecoming trip! 

So, the Horny One booked a HOTEL [ Hahaha...Oops! Did i mentioned "Hotel"? - Because we are SO Notorious for backpacking, EVEN in Penang - We would rather stay in budget guesthouses/hostels than staying at G-Hotel!!! - Yikes! - Now, I can sense that many of my Gay acquaintances are beginning to THINK TWICE - about travelling with US! But for your information - We are a very "Flexible" couple and doesn't mind giving up our "comfort zone" for the sake of our friend's needs, okay?! =P ]

Ya, it's actually called Hydro Hotel, which is located at Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi. When we arrived there, we realize it's actually - outskirt of Batu Ferringhi! - Haha. Not that it really matters, the most is that my Aqux swimtrunk won't have it's spotlight that it deserves....... ={

Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi 
- A picture can tell a thousand "lies".The stretch of beach are too short for any romantic stroll, and too "sandy" to even sit on it! Sigh. Well, at least the photos that we took kinda made up for the disappointment.

The room that we stayed. Why must they always build the swimming pool next to the cafe - leh?! Made me too shy to wear my skimpy trunk - where no amount of "Maxolon(s)" can help treat the vomiting cafe patrons!

One thing that i really like about Penang is -- No..It's look the super F***King, Fair, Penang Boys! -- Or even their flowery, gentlemanly Hokkien where one rarely hears the phrase "Kan N* N* B* eh Cha* C* Ba*! , compared to their Southern counterparts of course! -- nor even the super hot sea-Island weather -- But, it's the Penang FOOD that i like the most!

Since it's just a weekend getaway and there's only the stomachs, there's not much that we can eat. To sum it up, we ate "Roti Bakar", Hainan Coffee, Nasi Lemak at Toh Soon, Campbell Street; crispy Egg Tarts & "Ling Yong" biscuits at Lebuh Cintra;

Fried Kuey Teow at Sin Hwa, Pulau Tikus ( Initially, we only ordered one plate because we were kinda full from the heavy breakfast, but then - it's TOO GOOD to be missed! Arrrgghhhhh - and it made us even fuller! ); Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng - We finally had the opportunity to taste this famous mee goreng and the verdict -- What the F**K?! We even dare to say that we lived in Penang for 4 years but have never tried this super delicious mee before?!!! - Seriously embarrassing!

Had some cool refreshments in the sense of Penang Road's Famous "Cendol and lastly we had dinner at Kimberley Street intersection - for my favourite "He-Kor Chee Cheong Fun", "Leng Chi Kang" while the Horny One had a mouthful of "Chicken Feet"!

Bought some "Tau Sa Piah" ( Bean Paste Biscuits ) at Ghee Hiang, and went scouting at ChowRasta for Pickled Nutmegs ( "Tow Kau" - in Cantonese ) as well.

As for the next day, we had our breakfast at hotel; lunch at Teik Seng Restaurant, Carnarvon Street - and somehow, i always feel that Penang serves the Best "Sambal Kangkung" as well! - Before leaving Penang, I had my mini birthday cakes galore [ I love to eat cakes! - If you guys have forgotten, you can rewind back to my earlier posts of " 23 Things About Simon Lover over here - PART 1 and PART 2 ] - at Kopi Cine - a place that serves the BEST CAKES in Penang! - or that was what i heard/read from t majority of the Penang Food critics.

We also managed to go up to Kek Lok Si temple as well - Is not that we have never been there before, but we were just curious to have a look at the completed 20-ft Kwan Yin Goddess' Pavilion - and partly because we actually planned to our virgin swim" at Permata Swimming Pool Complex, Farlim as well as a quick "oogling" at Penang Boys showering naked in their "Open-Concept" showers - Just to be told that they are close on Sundays! - Tough luck eh?!

And with that, i hope i do not bore you guys since I'm actually a guy with few words. It's a rare occasion to see me writing such a long post and i hope you guys enjoyed it, just like how i enjoy Penang Food, as well as Penang Boys!

Now, how can a Simon Lover's post ends without some sexy Guy pictures - leh?!!! Here's a little treat before signing off ya.......

Can You Guys Guess Which Thigh belongs to Simon Lover and The Horny BF?!!! 
-- Hahaha...Again, do not be deceived by the picture with thousand lies - My thigh is not that big, and the Horny BF's thigh is not that small either!  Hehe.

With that...Muacks from Simon Lover! 
and to the Horny BF too!


William said...

He-Kor Chee Cheong Fun! Ewwww....
I'm so surprised that Horny BF joined in on your skanky photoshoot.

Doug the Boug said...

Penang can be a very sexy place to visit. Unfortunately, when I was there I was alone. But the men are beautiful there. I love you blog!

Takashi said...

both thighs are yours!!!!!!!!! i so can recognise lol..

Little Dove said...

Why would the poolside cafe patrons need metoclopramide when you're eyecandy? ;)

Skyhawk said...

Sexy thighs and so unbelievable it's not yours...being penangite, I don't even know there is Hydro Hotel in Ferringhi...pai-seh!

SZ said...

guess old habit die hard ;)

blue said...

more and more daring these days...

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. I need to ask permission 1st b4 using the pic ler!

@Thank u Doug!

@Takashi: U've only seen my Krabi post pics. Hw can u still rmbr hw my thigh looks like - leh?! =P

@Little Dove: Haha. Diff people have diff threshold....!

@Skyhawk: U mean the thigh is not mine?! Hehe. Well, at least evy Pg ppl knows whr is G-Hotel or Hard Rock Hotel! =P

@SZ: Haha. WHich "old habit"?

@Blue: Hmm..I hv always been daring - oh!

Skyhawk said...

@Simon: I mean the thighs are!

Jaded Jeremy said...

The hotel room looks nice leh.

I want the char kuay teow! *drool*

Takashi said...

i have very good visual memory :) hehehe.. from one angle, i can even 360 it :P

Janvier said...

Confirm we shall leave out Hydro Hotel when choosing a hotel!

simonlover said...

@JJ: Hahahaha. I have tried b4 one famous ckt stall in Spore. Can't really rmbr whr..CCK perhaps? Saw so many ppl lining up.Bt my bro had already warned me, saying that i may not like it...Haha.Bt i went ahead & bought 1 plate..Well. The CKT is kinda...SWEET for a char kuey teow? Haha. The bro says. that's how Sporean CKT taste like. .... =P

@Takashi: I also have wat. Tsk Tsk

@Janvier: Thanks for dropping by. Well, the room is actually not bad. Just that the beach was kinda disappointing nia.

Anonymous said...

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