Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ARENA Swim Boys!

I don't know why, but somehow, I feel that Arena Men Swimming Trunks for Asian guys, the cuttings and designs are more fitting, skimpier and colourful as compared to the dowdy looking designs for the Western Boys. Agree? -- Or perhaps Asian Guys are not shy to flaunt their bodies in speedos .....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thong Hotties!

I know a lot of people that don't like wearing a thong. But for me, I LOVE Thongs aka G-Strings, a lot! It's very difficult to find thongs nowadays in Malaysia. Skinxwear, Renoma, Private Structure -- They used to produced sexy thongs until they finally realized, that the majority of Malaysian Men don't wear thongs, except for that small population of gay men. Financial wise, it's a good decision to reduce the thing range, right?

Which I feel, it's a pity!!! --- Because, by wearing a thong, it actually helps you to accentuate your perky booty and boost your self-confidence up, throughout the day, by making you feel sensual, while wearing a thong! -- When your sensual mode is high, indirectly, your body will secrete your sexual pheromones and this will help you to attract unsuspecting gay men that walked past you, even by miles away!! -- You will notice this airborne pheromones' power at its' best, when you slowly pull down your jeans / pants / shorts, while changing into your gym pants at the locker-room! Seriously!

Thongs are not just for bottom gays, it's for real gay men who are proud of his assets! By looking at the pictures below, I hope can change the mindset of guys who are still sceptical of wearing a thong. Thongs are not  I know it's uncomfortable, especially at your buttcrack and asshole, if you wear it for too long ... But, you should own at least one, where you can just wear it for the "occasion" . Cheers from Simon!

Friday, April 4, 2014

#cockinasock - Cancer Awareness @Instagram!

The #cockinasock hashtag has become the rage on instagram, particularly among straight men!

This #cockinasock phenomenon originates from United Kingdom, thanks to "Get Your Sock Out", a group working to raise awareness for Testicular & Prostate Cancer.

However, the #cockinasock or #cockinsock fever has not reach the Asian community yet, where you can hardly find asian guys in fancy socks....Nevertheless, here are some sexy guys with their cocks in sock!!!
( No one wants to see simonlover or fablefrog in #cockinasock anyway, right? )

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