Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr.Tantric 2011 - Winner!

Here are the pictures from the recently held, Mr.Tantric Singapore 2011. Pictures are credited to Tantric Bar's Facebook page.

And this year's winner is Contestant #1 Roy! Congratulations ya!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guys with Tattoo - Chest!

If you guys ever wanted to have a tattoo on your chest, maybe you can get some inspirations from these guys!

[ p/s: I realize that there are not many Malaysians and Singaporeans tattoo their chests! Buy among Taiwanese & Chinese gays, it's kind of a "in-thing" for them! Tsk, tsk..maybe Malaysians & Singaporeans likes to tattoo on some other place - kot?! =) ]

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cute Hong Kong Twunk!

Fresh from my Hong Kong post.....Here's another dose of Hongkie invasion in my blog! Check out this cute Hongkie "Twunk"! I'm sure he's the cup of tea for many of my readers, RIGHT?!!! -- Don't LIE! I know many of you like TWUNKS! -- "Hamsap" betul!

[p/s: Just came back from watching da movie, "Johnny English"....Hahaha. Yup, the movie starring Mr.Bean, himself! I know the movie is too nonsensical. Wanted to watch "Contagion" but they only had the 9.00pm slot.

Anyway, anyone who has watched the movie might recognize the old, chinese lady serial killer -- She's the one who acted as Su-Lee in the 70's British Sitcom Comedy "Mind Your Language". Anyone "OLD" enough to remember "Mind Your Language" which was shown in our local TV back in the 1980's as well as 90's? --- Yeah, I'm that OLD! ]

[ p/s again:  I just look up on the internet, her name is Pik-Sen Lim and she is actually from Malaysia! She's the daughter of an oil palm millionaire and left Penang when she was 16 years old! -- How ironic is it, after all these years, know only I know she was a Malaysian! --- Yup, that's how serious it is, the "Brain Drain" situation in Malaysia! ]

Anyway....Back to today's cute TWUNK, ok! Focus, my dear, FOCUS!

Name: Juzco Nam Yuen Wai
DOB: 13 April 1988

His favourite drink is SPRITE! Anyone of you share the same interest? 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinoy 18SX Videos!

Just a simple post today -- though it's a lil' X-Rated [ Well, I think these videos are considered "mild" for gay standards! Cuz I'm sure the people who reads my blog, are not that INNOCENT - lor! ] ---- I actually have a lot of pending pictures to share ...Stories as well....But, I'm just not in the mood of writing tonight...Haha. Guess I need to find some inspirations to write funny posts [ or sexual posts? Hahaha...I haven't write about my experience at Studio 69 Sauna, PJ - tim!! Yikes! ] again! --- Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upcoming Event - Mr.Tantric Singapore 2011!

Taken from Superstar's Facebook Page:


The Spectacular Mister Tantric Pageant returns this year with even more splendor, style and sexiness.

On September 25th, be sure to catch our strong jawed, well toned and handsomely suave male contestants strut their stuff right before your eyes, all vying for the judges votes to be glamorously crowned Mister Tantric 2011.

Started back in 2006, the Mister Tantric Pageant has been proudly producing a steady stream of masculine, charmingly hot men anyone would desire; parading their glorious bodies and showcasing their wit and charm to their supporters - a group that has been growing exponentially each year as the standards get higher.

For the contestants there is everything for them - ego, fans, prizes worth over $12000 and the title of Mister Tantric. The fans get everything they want too, they all come for one thing, and they get it - hot smooth muscled bodies squeezed into tight and revealing trunks; what's not to love?

Date : 25th September 2011Time : 9pm till late
Venue: Zirca Mega Club, Clark Quay
Presale: S$20 (At Tantric), inclusive one standard drink

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Middle Bay, Gay Beach 中灣泳灘 - Hong Kong!

I know it's a little "too much" of me to continue blogging about my Hong Kong trip, which was, "for heaven's sake!" ---  way back in May?!

But then again..there are pictures which I have not shared with you guys yet! -- So, there we were, me & da Horny BF....Nothing else better to do...We decided to pay a visit to Hong Kong's famed Gay Beach 中灣泳灘 , Middle Bay at Repulse Bay!

Middle Bay Beach,中灣泳灘, Hong Kong's Gay Beach!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boys In Kitchen...Yummy! - Part 3

There's a saying that "Guys make better cook than ladies!" 
Well, we'll just let the pictures do the justification ya!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mike He's 贺军翔 Upcoming Photobook!

Following Jerry Yan, Godfrey Gao, and Ming Dao, popular Taiwanese actor, Mike He Jun Xiang especially went to Southern France to shoot for his first photo book, “Le Retour Du Sud De La France”.

 For the photobook, Mike posed nude while only covering his most important area with a blanket, making him the most daring male idol in terms of showing skin. Mike revealed that he originally only planned to go topless, but after arriving to Southern France, he decided to go all the way in order to breakthrough from his past image, as well as making it a great memory for the eight years that he has been in showbiz.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Unconventional Bathing...Sexy Or Not?

Now, I never knew that bathing this way can be sooooooooooo SEXY! Doesn't it make you guys feel like wanting to jump inside and bath together with the boy?! -- And imagining that instead of the tap water, it's your "holy water" flowing into his ass?! Muahahaha ....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cartoon Sex....

Can anyone of you help me to translate what are they talking about?
or perhaps, you guys would prefer to provide your own version of interpretation? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ZOD Underwear 内衣 - Part 2!

Wow...It's been more than a year since I last featured this sexy Chinese underwear brand [ Hahaha...or rather, is it because of the sexy Chinese model instead? Blek ... ]

( ps: Please click the above link. Don't type on ur address bar as it will lead you to a straight porn website! )

iPhone Cuties - Part 4!

Haha...I don't know why, each time when I post up pictures of fellow Malaysians & Singaporeans, it will always generate a lot of interests which eventually, translates into higher hits. However, this also means that I'll have more emails "personally" sent to me! -- Hahahaha --- Reasons? I think you guys can guess why.... Nyek.

Hence, I think I had no choice but to re-focus my guys towards China / Taiwanese descents for the time being! Hahahaha ... It's not that those guys are not - hot! -- Take a look of these Chinese / Taiwanese iPhone Boys, my dears!

Anyone of you, sets a naked picture of yourself, as your iphone's wallpaper?! -- A very kinky, yet good idea right?! Imagine if you're in a LRT and playing your iphone! --- You might get "hit" by a lengchai sitting / standing beside you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Caption these pictures...

So, how does this game work?

It's very simple. You guys can pick any of the photos below and write a short caption/story of your interpretation of it! [ Of course, I don't mind if you guys leave more comments. The more the livelier, right?!! ] 
Different people will have different views. So, we shall see who has the wildest fantasy, ya!!

Muacks from Simon Lover! 

#1 : The Edge Of Glory - Hole! 

Happy Merdeka Boys!

Today I had a surprising visit from a fellow "gay lou" blogger. All this while, I have been trying to avoid face-to-face contact or rather, keeping minimal technology contact with him, partly because I have a crush on him since secondary days?!!!! --- Hahahahahahahahahaha! Just joking, ok! -- Whatever is it, he knows and I know, the reasons for it!

I took a glance of him and my mind went "Oh, F*&#! Why the F#$% is he here?!!!" [ Pardon me for the crude language ya! -- Nyek! ] --- Why all the F%&$ instead?! Shouldn't I be happy since a
"gay lou" finally came looking for me after a dearth of sexual eye molestation?!!

Well --- It's because after working non-stop for 6 days in-a-row, coincidentally I was practically not in the mood of dressing up today! I was not in my tightest shirt and pants; my hairstyle was not anti-gravity enough, I did not put enough foundation powder to conceal my new-found "volcano" friends; and I just had "Oreos" in my office room -- and now, a F*&%-ing "Hot" Gay Lou is standing at my counter! --- Khek sei.

Anyway, it's nice meeting him and hopefully he doesn't mind me for not being able to "HELP" him "OUT" --- And luckily, he did not bring his whole bunch of hunky gay lou friends to visit me. Well, the moral of the story here is "PLEASE DO NOT SPRING A SURPRISE BY PAYING ME A VISIT, UNINFORMED" because I'm not always in my best condition! Hahahaha ----- I always like to have a better first impression  instead, to get the aura of "Love At First Sight" , ya'know? Hahaha --- It's a way of being polite, my dears! -- and yes, I'm a VAIN POT SLUT! =P

Anyway, Today is the day where all Malaysians celebrate the Independence Day! And what better way to show pictures of lovely couples from various races, which truly depicts that love goes beyond the racial boundaries, not only  in Malaysia, but also in Singapore! ( Well, I only realized I had one Singaporean couple picture below! )

Happy Merdeka Day! Muacks from Simon!

Chinese + Kadazan

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