Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Cuties - Sexy!

Hey guys...For this coming few days, i'll be very busy. So, i'll just post some of the cuties from my collections for u guys to savour with. Hope u guys like it. The first guy is from Taiwan while the 2nd part is from the ever sexy Singaporeans. How i wish we Malaysians have more courage to share more pics of their sexy bods with all us here...Another plus thing abt Singaporeans & Taiwanese is that they undergo the compulsory National Army Service...That's why they have "slightly"...i re-emphasized again..."slightly"....bigger bods than us Malaysians.... ( i correct or am i wrong?..... =P )...Enjoy!.. MUACKS from SIMON!

Again..One of the many "so near yet so far" it though...!

How i wish i'm the one pouring water onto your sexy bod.....

What he's lacking is a partner to shower together! Any volunteers?

Someone help me to "blow" my ear.....

So skinny yet he has a six-pack! Envy!

I notice that Singaporeans, be it straight or PLU's, likes to be clean-shaven...Look at his armpit? Smooth? ...Yummy

Such a twinky bod...

Nice perky butt...

Seems like the boy likes to position himself like this...Hahaha...Very very "inviting" indeed...Doesn't it shows his versatility?..Hehe

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Nonsensical Post On A Nonsensical Day!

Hey Hey! Today i'm not in a mood of posting half-naked guys. Instead, i'm gonna talk nonsense, like just as what i have gone thru today! =).

A nonsensical pic to start of with...How nice if we can have this type of party in Malaysia!!!! Maybe some day in the future? .....Nonsense!....

It all started ydy whn i decided to go back to my hometown to send off my parents to the airport on tis coming Monday....after much procrastination though cuz this is their 1st time flying to a very far far away country. ( FYI : Tis is the 4th week in a row i'm not in my "adopted" work town, meaning for the mth of June, i've only stayed for 15 days and yet i still pay the full rent for my room! Hmmph ! Nonsense rite?! ). What is worse still is that the stupid AH1N1 situation has not shown any improvement yet, with the numbers of infected people keep increasing day-by-day! And my Bangkok trip next month is still in KIV!!!!! sigh....

So, on this fateful Friday, i've decided to follow my colleague's car to the nearest big city ( u can read my previous post here ). We started our journey at 1.30 pm ( hehe...where else can u get a job where u can take illegal time-off anytime u want even though we did not do any over-time hours. Nonsense rite?! ). 2 hours later, i've arrived at the bus station and bought a ticket back to KL. ( i've decided not to drive as it's more economical to take a bus instead since i'll be back on Monday... ).

So, after waiting for 10mins, the bus decided to make a move with only abt 9 of us out of the 40 possible passengers.

U see how empty is the bus?! Luckily it was from a reputable bus company and it still leaves on-time evnthough it's isn't full. That is way, i think one of the reason why the bus company still maintain the stupid 30% surcharge evnthough the price of petrol has dropped drastically is to cover up the lossess for cases like above eventhough their service still remain desirable! Nonsense rite?!

Nonsensical dressing...That is what the fashionistas out there will say if they were to see how i dressed! ( see the pic above? )...I know..I know..Yellow polo-T, with black skinny jeans & a pair of red shoes! How faux-pas can u ever go! Well, it's actually because my stock for well-ironed clothes has much depleted!( as i have mentioned earlier, i've only stayed for 15 days in my rented room for the mth of June! Most of the time, i'll do my ironing that will last me for at least 1 month of stock...Hehehe...U can imagine hw many clothes i have?!!! Nonsense rite?! )....That's is why i have to simply pick my attire...well, i'm takin' a bus ma, no sugar daddies to bump into also...and dash out b'cuz my colleague was already waiting for me!

There i was, in the bus...on a hot, lazy afternoon, feeling die-die and sleepy, i even dozed off for half-an-hour without realizing what's happening around me...Kena rape also dunno...Kena molest also dunno...Kena robbed also dunno....After that. i decided to on my mp3 player...And one of the nonsensical songs with nonsensical lyrics was Mika's "Love Today"... with lyrics like

" Girl in a groove with the big bust on,
Big bust on, big bust on,
Wait till your mother and your papa's gone, papa's gone,
Momma, momma, papa,
Shock shock me, shock shock me, shock shock.."
.....Does it sounds nonsense to u? =P

And of course, the HORROR of all nonsense...KL's notorious Traffic Jams!!!!! No matter how many highways built, police traffic officers on the road, public transportations....KL's traffic jam will be there to haunt you for ever and ever and it never dies! Sometimes i think i'm fortunate enuf to work in a small town where it takes only 3 mins for me to walk over to my workplace... =)..

However, one thing i find to be very nonsensical was my indecisiveness....Instead of going back home, i thought that since i'm in KL, i might as well go to Bukit Bintang area lor... The bus travelled pass Jalan Duta, to the Muzium, and the old train station, passing by the Putra roundabout near Pasar Seni ( which was supposed to be the place whr i will take another bus back to my home ). But i've decided not to alight the bus and off to Jalan Hang Tuah.Whn the bus stopped at the LRT Hang Tuah, i could have gone down fr the bus and walk over to Sungei Wang. But instead, again, my indecisiveness, i decided to wait for the bus to reach PUDU first! Once i gt to PUDU, i was alreaady lazy to walk back to Sungei Wang, which will take a bout 15 mins to do so. In the end, i've decided again....To just walk back to Chinatown and to Pasar Seni and take a bus back to my home...U see how nonsense & stupid i was?! I've just waste half-an-hour by walking "wu liao"ly in 1 big circle which i could hv avoided if i had alight earlier back at the roundabout!

A pic of KL's Chinatown....
Finally, i have reach back home at 8.30 pm..From 1.30 pm to 8.30 pm...Luckily i'm a very patient guy. To be able to sit nonsensically for 7 hours needs alot of determination to do so. I wonder who else is the same like me...
A nonsensical pic to fit today's topic...The boy is actually a PLU bt tis is just for the sake of experience & cam-whoring. I think he would prefer grabbing a dick instead!...Who wants his palm on your crotch?!!!! Anyone? =p

Back home, our local TV station TV3 was showing the nonsensical Rush Hour 3 ( 2001 ) by Jackie Chan & Chris Rock! Surprisingly, I have never watched the movie before! I didn't know Zhang ZiYi was a villian in that show! However, the laughter u get from that nonsensical comedy was quite a welcoming therapy after a long tiring day.

So, there it goes....Thank you guys for reading thru my nonsense...Hope it won't bore u guys..Have A Nice Day Ahead ya! MUACKS fr SIMON!

A nonsensical butt from a nonsensical sufferer...Any idea whose isit? =P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sexy Japanese Actors - AnAn Magazine

Hey Hey!...Sigh..Out of Topic to post ler.I wonder how bloggers out there keep on churning out quality posts while i'm stuck blogging on sexy guys! Hahaha..Maybe cuz i'm living in a peaceful life in a peaceful town leh?...Anyway, was browsing thru my millions of photo collections ( hehehe ) and i've decided to post a simple one on Sexy Japanese Actors...It has been a long long time since i last followed the entertainment news of Japan. I used to be very addicted to japanese doramas back in 2000-2002 period where ntv7 used to show them. Then of cuz, my all time favorite was and still is Takuya Kimura! ( 13 Nov 1972 )

One of his Gatsby ads! Look at his hair! ( The pic would have been perfect if nt cuz of the pink gatsby! Haik )

His trademark curls & shades!

And not forgetting, his trademark curvaceous & kissable Lips!

AnAn magazine is a beauty & fashion magazine for twenty-something yo women in Japan. In recent years, Anan has featured some full nudity actors with sexy female models and this is what i'm goin to share with guys!
Matsumoto Jun ( 30 Aug 1983 ) aka Matsujun, is the youngest member of the hugely popular japanese boyband Arashi.

Such a waste! The position shud be the other way round!!Who cares abt the gals's butt?! =(

Yamashita Tomohisa ( 9 April 1985 ) aka Yamapi, is a memeber of J-Pop group, NEWS. I do not know who he is as i was already out of the japanese scene whn he started to become famous, but if u google search him, i'm surprised that he's quite popular too!

Hiroki Narimiya ( 14 Sept 1982 ) is a popular japanese model & actor. What is interesting in the wikipedia trivia is that it's written he is known for his intense screaming skills....Hehehe...Wonder how he sounds in bed?...Any ideas? =p

Wow! This is wat celebrities should pose more in fashion mags! Sexy butt!

Okada Junichi ( 18 Nov 1980 ) is a member of the J-Pop group V6. Among the guys i've posted today, he's the oldest here and the most matured & manly looking one....Somehow or another, his manliness look managed to attract my attention most! Hehehe..But wasted i couldn't find more of his sexier pics.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Journey To The Center Of -- Malaysia! & Enrique...

Hmmm...What does Enrique has to do with this post?....I shall write about him later.... Hehehe

Ooh...I wanna hug u!....

Sigh...Lately i have been up and down from the town whr i'm currently working & staying in for three weekends in a row! Wah, Very tiring! The nearest big city is 150 km away and it takes about 2 hours...The radio connection is very poor whr i can only receive a few malay stations and the only English radio station is TraxxFm ( previously known as Radio4 ). As for those who can't afford Astro..u are lucky enough to get RTM1 & RTM2, provided the weather is fine. ( Ironically, the RTM Transmission Tower & Center is located abt 10km away only...Wow...Malaysia Boleh kan?...) So, one lovely morning, i decided to take some pics of my JOURNEY to the CENTER of MALAYSIA ( in no particular order...)

Wah...The look of the long road ahead has already scared many potential replacements for me...Mind u, Tis is only just the beginning.....

Road hog-gers...I dun mind driving safely bt to drive at 40-60 kmph definitely make someone to go crazy! I can forgive tis car though as u can see it's an old car...Whn i looked over, it's driven by an old men. But wat is unforgivable is cars which have been modified into ala-sports car with big exhaust pipe but driving at 60 kmph! WTF?! =)

Jeng Jeng Jeng...The Gateway To The Center of Malaysia -- It's like entering into "The Mist"( a movie by M.Night Syamalan )...Well, for us, it's just a common scenario....

After entering The MIST...On a good, clear sunny day, u can the hills in the background...U need to switch on your car lights just like what we do whn it rains heavily...

U are entering an unknown area...There might be spirits behind those MIST...Drive at your own risk...Muahahaha...
Hehehe...And now for the sexy Enrique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though i mentioned about the poor radio reception, but once i reach the's back to normal. so, there was i...Listening to the radio...1 sexy voice caught my attention...And without a doubt, from that easily recognisable sexy voice...i knew it was Enrique Iglesias....Hehehe..His latest song.."Takin' Back My Love" feat Ciara it an upbeat and danceable tune that easily hooks u up. It has been a long hiatus for the 34 yo Spanish-Latino hunk. ( for those who has never heard about him, u can wikipedia him here...)...Without further a due, i present to u...The Sexy Enrique Iglesias! (Sorry that most of the pics a more cliche as most website has the same pics...hopefully i can search for more )
Aiseh! If just he lowered his pants more! U are leaving it for us to fantasized!

*Note -- Anna Kournikova has her bikinis on in the original pic...But i decided to post tis pic bcuz i think it looks sexier...Hehehe

Very pandai pose hor he....Sexy chest! His trademark mole near his mouth has been removed in 2003 though...

Even Black & White Pics gives Justice to the sexy body of Enrique!

Enrique getting cheeky...Look at his chest!!!! So lickable! Yikes!

And these are the stills taken from his music video "Somebody's Me"...How i wish i was the lucky gal in that video..

Hehe...Very "inviting" pose....Do u think he has the versatility whn he's in "action"? Hehe..
If just i get more shirtless or Enrique-exposed pics! But it's ok....

However, later in the late evening on the very same day, i'm "TAKIN' BACK MY LOVE" of Enrique for THIS GUY below!!!!!!!!!! ( Hehehe....after watching TVB's Heart Of Greed" on tv....U see how promiscuous am i..!!! Haik )
Raymond Lam Fung ( Muacks Muacks )
A sexy actor from Hong Kong.
( Can't find shirtless pic of him...He look nicer in-motion and on tv compared to pictures....While watching him, every move he made, even just a simple smile with his dimple, u'll just go wahhh......I WANT HIM!!! ....And all i want is to give him a MUACK from SIMON! Love....

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