Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hitting "ROCK" Bottom This Week?

Arghh....I'm Feeling very lethargic at the moment! Yesterday I went down to my HQ for a meeting, situated in a BIG-BIG-CITY and stayed over for a Night at the Horny One's house. We watched the Japan-Paraguay World Cup match ( where Japan lost, unfortunately ) that ended at 1.00 am. My eyes were trasfixed on some of the Japanese football players as well, though not as handsome as Hidetoshi Nakata. Couldn't really sleep well and ended up dozing off at 2.30 am - i think - while the Horny One had already fallen asleep 5 minutes into bed! This morning, i woke up at 5.00 am, got myself ready, had breakfast and exactly at 6.15pm continued my journey back to my 150km Far-Far-Away-Land. Meaning, i have been awake since 5.00 am from a 2.5 hours sleep! - Now, i think you guys can imagine where my panda eyes came from right?!

And adding to another stressful agenda : - I'm going down to SINGAPORE, this Friday for 5 days --- WITH THE MUM! -- and staying over at my BROTHER'S apartment! - Or in other words -- NO HANKY PANKY for this trip and NO SURFING GAY-RELATED WEBSITES for 5 days as well !!!! - It's been 2 years since i've last went to Singapore, and ironically, ever since i started work in the last 4 years, this is just my second trip, compared to the 6 trips in the span of 3 years during my UNI days with the Horny One! - This time the Horny One is not following us because i do not know what to expect from my Sister-In-Law if i brought a guy friend along as well!!!! - However, i shall make it up for the Horny One, and hopefully, if everything goes well, i might be going down to Singapore with the Horny One by Year-end!
In meantime,  THE HORNY ONE will take charge of updating my blog during my absence and please spank him ( by leaving me an email ) - if he does not write any posts for me!!!

Hitting "ROCK" Bottom for this week?! - Haha. Well, in the sense of clearing and finishing my dateline assignments before i leave this Friday - lor! Sigh! Very headache indeed! In the meantime, we are really hitting a "ROCK"-HARD body with this hunky China Male Model,  

"Rock" Ji Huan Bo ( 纪焕博 )

Two different color mode for the same picture! Which is nicer?! The above picture or the tanned look?

Showing how "elastic" and "versatile" he is!!!

"8-packs" Indeed!!!

Oh Behave! - Put that cigarrette away! We don't do S&M!!!! - Or do we?!!!!

And who says white underwear is not SEXY?!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010 Underwear Fever!

It's hard to runaway from the euphoria surrounding the World Cup 2010! It seems like everyone talks about the World Cup, even the aunties like "The Mum" knows that World Cup is being held at the moment - in South Africa some more!

Sport events like the FIFA World Cup, which is one of the the biggest sporting event in the world, definitely brings the world together as one. This is especially so for the gay community, where be it gay or straight, everyone put their hatreds aside and share only one universal aim, which is, the team they are supporting, WINS! - For example, the totally 100% gay boys like Freddiewee ( ) and Robb ( ) are definitely enjoying the once-every-4-years event !

And of course, the world of sexy men couldn't escape catching the World Cup bug as well! US's Vanity Fair magazine, manage the get some the soccer boys pose in underwears of their nation's flag, in the May 2010 issue!

Ivory Coast's Didier Drogba and the sexy Portuguese striker, Christiano Ronaldo!

Sulley Muntari ( Ghana ), Landon Donovan ( USA ), Kaka ( Brazil ), Samuel Eto'o ( Cameroon ), Pato ( Brazil )

Dejan Stankovic ( Serbia ), Carlton Cole ( UK ), Gianlugi Buffon ( Italy ), Michael Ballack ( Germany )

And the ever sexy and cheeky, Christiano Ronaldo even leaked sinppets for his upcoming Armani Underwears, released later in late Summer 2010, a few weeks back to create some buzz for the World Cup 2010!
Now, if just Armani sell the GUY with the UDERWEAR as well! - Sigh -

And Colombia's GIGO Underwear, even designed a special WORLD CUP 2010 UNDERWEAR Edition to commemorate the football extravaganza!

And of course, we, Asian Nations are not to be left behind as well!

The ever sexy, Japanese Soccer Stud, Hidetoshi Nakata ( though he's not playing anymore ), in Calvin Klein's X Underwear Ad, released in March 2010.
Jap Name:  中田 英寿. DOB : 22 January 1977

China's Male Supermodel Ding Zhuo, ( 丁卓 ), posing in Private Structue Underwear, for a magazine shoot recently.

Wow! I love that butt the most! Very S-curvaceous shape indeed!

Malaysia's homegrown brand, Private Structure, which is doing very well in China! Malaysia Boleh-kan?!

Now, i would have been more appreciative if the ads are in color mode instead of black-&-white - You guys have not seen the ad which features the Female model in colours! So unfair right?!

Mr. China Soccer 2010 indeed! Yummy!

And all the best to whichever teams that you guys are supporting! - Have A Nice Weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Manscaping Tips - Part 2!

In continuation of my "Manscaping Your Pubes - Part 1"  post ( click here )

Does anyone of you guys wants to be as smooth as this hunk below?!

Brazilian Hunk, Edilson Nascimento!

Or have a BACK that's so smooth till every touch from the tip of your partner's tongue gives you an orgasmic sensation?!!!

US Model, Tyson Paige

Today, I came across a wonderful commercial by Nivea For Men - Active 3 product on youtube. The commercial is about TIPS on HOW TO SHAVE YOUR BODY IN THE SHOWER?

Nivea For Men - Active 3  
A refreshing shower, a caring shampoo and a pleasant shaving gel all combined in one product. The revitalizing gel with advanced MICRO TEC-Technology (Vitamin F and high tec polymers) offers mild cleansing for body and hair while developing into caring foam that smoothes the skin and allows a soft yet thorough shave.

In the commercial, they made it looked so simple, fast and easy - which is something that i find kinda hard to fathom with because i myself takes about 10-20 minutes just to trim/shave my tiny little pubic area -- my only area with the most hair except the head of course -- compared to the Hairy Guy on the video!!!!!!!!


-- THE FACE --






.....and AFTER.....
So, which one do you guys prefer? The hairy hunk before shaving or the smooth hunk after shaving?!!!
( p/s: IMHO, i wouldn't mind whether the Hunk is shaved or not because once a handsome Hunk, he'll be forever a Handsome hunk! - Hehehe )

Therefore, By following the tips above, showering will never be the same again and with Nivea For Men's Active 3, it will definitely give us a whole new sensual experience and bring us closer in achieving that ultimate SMOOTH HUNK / TWINK FANTASY!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sleeping In The Nude!

I do not know exactly, when did i started to like sleeping in the nude...But i guess, it only happened more frequent in these past few years especially since i'm staying in a rented room by myself.

And today, my nonsensical radar has been pinged once again - Therefore, i shall discuss some of the risk-benefits  of sleeping in the nude!

Benefits of Sleeping In The Nude: ( )

UK's Premier Gay Magazine, Attitude.
Ben Adams ( A1 Boyband ) in It's 15th Anniversary issue.

Comfort And Health
  • Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it's good for your health too
  • Increasing your level of comfort makes it easier for you to relax and sleep.
  • The resulting deeper, longer sleep makes it easier for your body to regenerate and repair itself, and build up your energy for the day ahead.

Andy Newton Lee

Sexual Benefits
  • If you sleep with a partner, being naked heightens the level of intimacy between you, and you are likely to have sex more often. 
  • You may also feel closer to your partner as a result of sleeping naked with them.
  • There is also evidence of improved fertility in men as a result of being in cooler conditions thanks to wearing less clothing.
 Strike ( Liam Richards, Danny Ball )
Work And Lifestyle
  • If you find yourself tired in the morning or during the day even though you've had at-least eight hours sleep, you may only be sleeping lightly for that period of time. 
  • As mentioned earlier, sleeping naked allows your body to relax more immediately, and you are more likely to fall into a deeper sleep more quickly and wake up refreshed.

Richard Windsor

"Does it matter if I wear Boxers instead of sleeping naked?"
  • Wearing any clothing could potentially cause discomfort while you sleep, as fabrics press against the skin and elastics cause tightness around the waist. You are more likely to roll around to alleviate the discomfort, potentially causing restless sleep.

Ben Adams once again.
Haha...Well, i guess the guy doesn't need extra blankets to shield him away from the cold!

"What If Someone Walks In On Me?"
  • Of course, whether or not you can sleep naked depends on the circumstances in which you live. 
  • Decide if sleeping naked is right for you. Do you share a room or bed with other people or siblings? Do people constantly access your room without knocking? Is there no door for privacy?
  • If you sleep in your own room, you should probably tell your parents/roomates that you want more privacy and you want them to knock before coming in.
  • If you can't resolve any of the above issues then it would probably be best if you had some pajamas on to avoid confrontational/embarrassing situations.

Scott Bruton of X-Factor finalists...

Being Too Cold At Night!
  • You should consider upping the amount of blankets you are using to keep you warm. 
  • You should remember that being too cold causes your body to restrict your blood flow, and sleeping in these conditions too regularly will hinder your ability to self-repair, stay healthy and may ultimately speed up the aging process!
  • ( OMG!!! - I didn't know there's such a reason for that!!! Cuz i can't stand the cold as well!!! Looks like i better not sleep naked too often! If not i'll grow old faster!!!!!!!!! -- Die, Die, Die..As i have slept for a few years jor - Does it mean that i've aged a few years liao?!!! Die. Die, Die... )
 Dan O'Connor

"What If There's A Fire/Emergency?"
  • Keep a dressing gown next to your bed that you can wear, this will also be handy if you want to use the bathroom and it's a little cold or if there is a fire, earthquake, robbery, etc.  
  • Depending on where you live, going in public naked can even be illegal. You don't want the nice police officer to have to throw your naked ass in the slammer. .

Kenzie from The Blazin' Squad Boyband

  • If you are new to sleeping naked, yet want to try the experience, take it a step at a time. If you want, for the first night try sleeping shirtless. The second night try sleeping in only underwear or boxers. Keep removing an article of clothing each night until you feel comfortable enough to get naked.
  • ( Haha..That sounds like me when i first started....)
Kenzie from The Blazin' Squad Boyband

  • If you are sleeping naked in secret, make sure you have an alarm or something else besides a person to wake you up in the morning.

  •  Keep your clothes where nobody can find them easily. Just throwing them on the floor will be pretty obvious that you aren't wearing them!
  • If you didn't concern parents about your privacy and you have a door with a lock and you are allowed to lock your door then do it. However, be aware of any danger this may present in case of fire or other emergency.

  •  Make sure to close the blinds on your bedroom window, if applicable. Remember that if you have the light on in your bedroom in the middle of the night, it will be very easy for anyone who can view the window to see inside.

 And how did i came up with such a nonsensical post yet again?

Well, initially i wanted to write about the current situation that i'm facing. Of late, my work town has been experiencing non-stop evening RAIN in these past 1 week. Therefore, making the Night weather feeling much, much, much cooler than the rest of the year., falling as low as 18 Degree Celsius ( Hahaha..Though i know it's a small matter for those who came from Winter Season countries ). 

The weather here is slightly different from the rest of Malaysia cuz it's kinda located in a Up-Up-Away Land, besides the Far-Far-Away location of course. Therefore, the temperature fluctuates as high of 40 Degree Celcius in the afternoon to as low as 18 Degree Celcius, on the same day!!!! - Crazy weather isn't it?!

In these past 1 week, the Night is too cold for me to handle, up to the extent of forcing me to wake up in the middle of the night, just to put back on my clothes! As well as placing the ceiling fan's remote control, strategically beside my pillow, so i can switch it off without getting down from my bed - Hahahaha! 

And It seems that the rain will not stop anytime soon as well. Thus, explaining the bad harvest of Durian in my area as well. ( Can you believe it?! It's already going to be July and yet, i have not had any durian since a few weeks ago! )

With that, Cheers from Simon Lover and have a good night sleep ya! Muacks!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pink Boys!

Why does the colour PINK is always associated with GAYS?

The color pink is usually associated with feminine character. Therefore, men who wear pink are generally regarded to be "girly", or gay through the eyes of the community. However, over the years, men are becoming more and more conscious in their sense of dressings, thanks to the metrosexual era of the 2000's and doesn't mind being caught wearing a pink attire.

Guys, be it straight or gays, love PINK colour as much as girls nowadays, especially in Asia. You can ask any of your Asian guy friends, chances are, 90% of them owned at least one PINK attire! And mind you, straight guys sometimes have more pink T-Shirts than us gays! 

So, enjoy today's post of BOYS in PINK ya!

Gorgeous Malaysian Actor - Gary Wong!

Hunky Malaysian Male Model - Jeffrey Cheng!

Sexy Taiwanese Hunk - Tiger!

Taiwanese Guy in Hot Pink Shorts

Singapore Calendar Guy 2010 winner, Jason Chee in pnik TOOT underwear!

2nd Runner Mr.Singapore 2009 - Nicholas Teo in Pink SPEEDO!

Now, who says a guy in pink speedo is not manly enough?!!

Now, if just American Guys are courageous enough to wear speedos to the beach instead of shorts!

Haha..This is definitely a GAY boy! =)

Sexy Pink Calvin Klein undies!

Very sexy indeed!

A very inviting pose from a sexy Hong Kong stud!

Hmmm...Make me feel like wanting those pink trunk nia!

Japanese Go-Go dancers on fire!

Haha..Another inviting pose from a Taiwanese Guy!
Ah..The sexy Japanese Asics swim trunks. You can check out this taiwanese website which is selling it for 2780 TWD = which is roughly RM 278! -- Hmm..If just Japanese clothes are not that expensive...Sigh.

link within

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