Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is He "One Of Us" ? Wong Hei 王喜

Is He "One Of Us"? This time we'll look into Wong Hei ( 王喜 ), a Hong Kong Actor whom I'm sure nearly any person who watches TVB drama will know who is he!

I remember the first time i saw Wong Hei in sexy shots were back in the year of 2000 or 2001, when was known as then. It was quite rare ( i think till now it is still rare, except thanks to Edison Chen of course! ) to see Asian male actors in various nude poses! So it was quite brave of him to come out a pictorial of him which i think it sold very well back then.

Here's a short profile of him:
Name : Wong Hei 王喜
Age : 42 yo ( 27 July 1967 - Leo )
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 65 kg

Some of the TVB dramas he had acted in before:
Here are some of the shots from his pictorial book, circa2000/01

He has a nice bulge doesn't he..

Guys in goggles! The epitome of Jap porn? =)

If jus this pic was shot lower! Hehe...

Dun he fell the pain? Well, the sexy butt quite made up for this "ouch"pic!

There has been constant gay rumours about him in HK gossip dailies ever since he released his pictorials. Here are some of the pics and links ( in mandarin ) where you can read about it. The pictures of him tanning in yellow trunks was taken back in September 2008 which is quite recent. I can remember vividly because i was holidaying in Hong Kong at that time. I really regret not buying the magazine as it cost about RM8 only!!!!!!!!!!! But i was with a bunch of straight guys and gals. Sigh....

Nice butt!

Here are some of the pics of his rumoured partner....

Links to his rumoured gay stories...

Cheers from Simon@!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tanning poses!

Hi Hi! Just a short and simple post for today.. ( yet again?! ). Today's post will be pics of guys in various tanning poses! I'm sure there are some of you out there who loves to tan, right?! And yet there are also guys who are afraid of tanning and likes to maintain their luminous fair skin but, adores sexy guys who are well-tanned! Hope you guys will love the pics ya!

Can some one help rub my back plz?

A flash of pearly smile~!

That's the prob if u dun lie on a towel dude!

Oh My! Are those chest real?!!!
  • It's getting hot in here! Let's take off all your clothes!
Cutey with a perky butt...

Tanning a la "Superman" style!

A clear case of "makan tauhu" here!

Very dangerous to overslept. Someone may be taking ur pics!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mosquito Bites!...

Finally back from a hectic trip of Qing Ming, Teluk Intan, Ipoh & Cameron Highlands in the last few days. Currently so not in the mood of working =). So today's post will be a short and simple one okay..

Before that, just want you guys to ponder abit on the questions below...
a) Have u guys ever wonder how long and strong is the mosquito's stinger?
b) Have u guys ever get irritated by mosquito bites?
c) Have u guys ever bitten before by a mosquito especially in the butt?

Well, take a look at this picture...
Imagine...A person who is wearing a short khaki pants and also a tight boxer brief but still unable to escape from the wrath of a mosquito sting! If a person who is walking or lying around in the nude, well, that, we can say much about it lar...But, a fully clothed person?!...Some more on a fully protected area! Well...If is destined to be bitten, all we can do is just apply Mopiko and wait for it to subside lor...Apa boleh buat...Me and my partner always kena. It's like a magnet to them.

So guys, have u ever suffer from the same fate as us before? Be it a mosquito or even an insect bite, i'm sure everyone hates the itchiness and also the temporary disfiguring of your sexy bottom that may cost you getting hitched with a lengchai!Now, that is really "Ouch"!

Cheers from Simon!

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