Thursday, May 31, 2012

Restoring The Glory of Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool ....

Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool doesn't even need any introduction ... The infamous pool located at Petaling Jaya, just next to the LDP highway is basically the mother of all swimming pools in Malaysia.

You ask any Malaysian Klang Valley "MAN" who swims, and they will share with you lotsa stories of their encounters in Kelana Jaya swimming pool.

It has two Olympic size swimming pool and one children's pool. Many of swimming clubs / societies / state & national level swimmers use KJ Pool for their training.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is He Or Isn't He?

To you guys who missed this article which appeared on The Star newspaper, 24 May 2012, which really relates many of the trauma that we gays faced every single day .......

And how we wish life nowadays are as simple as back then ... No one will query your sexuality if you are not married yet ....

Is He Or Isn’t He?
So Aunty, So What?
By June H. L. Wong

The dating-mating game has become more complicated because it’s getting harder to tell who’s gay and who’s not.

BOY meets girl. Boy courts girl. Boy marries girl. That was how the dating-mating game was played during my courting days and still is, to a large extent.

If a girl found a boy cute, she would send out signals she was available. Hopefully he found her cute too and he would make the first move and so on and so forth.

If there was no chemistry, then that was basically it. My generation did not dwell on other reasons to explain the lack of interest in either party.

But now there are subtle changes to how the game is played. Now if a girl finds a guy attractive, she may hesitate because she can’t assume he’s into girls.

I’m not sure if guys face the same problem, but the modern single girl’s lament is: all the good guys are either too under-achieving, too creepy, too boring, already married or … gay.

Which girl wants to flirt with a guy only to face the embarrassment of rejection because he is just not interested in the female sex?

The problem is the better looking and more buffed the guy is, the higher the probability he is gay.

Gerald Lim - Is he Gay Or Is he not?! 
--- You guys want the answer? =P

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Singaporean Studs!

Ever since I've been lying low for many, many, many months .... The gay cyber world have seen a burst of Tumblr websites, owned by Singaporean Studs, featuring up-to-date exposes of Singaporean and Asian Gay Boys' pictures and amateur videos! --- way, way, way controversial versus Simon Lover's amateurish pictures!

Will Simon Lover ever recover from his glut of resources and slump in creative articles?

Well....Only time will tell......But without the support of you guys, there won't be a Simon Lover Blog! Here's something for you guys in this lovely weekend ya! Muacks .....

Singapore's Cutest Sportsmen - Brandon Ooi! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apsara Spa Male To Male Massage!

Last weekend I have a quick getaway to Singapore. Because it was a short trip, basically I had to cover many places to fulfill me desires ... Tsk,tsk,tsk .... Plus, there are a lot of walking and standing in Singapore ( e.g..Walking to the MRT station and standing on a crowded MRT throughout the entire journey! } Hence, once back, I was aching all over my body.

So, how did I overcome it? Well...I went Horny of course! -- By going for a massage....After so many visits to Kursani, I wanted a change. Finally, I decided to pay Apsara Spa a visit!


The Best Relaxation one can get is being massaged by a sexy, hunky and handsome male masseur! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ronnie Woo - Sexy American-Chinese Male Model - Part 2!

I did a post on Ronnie Woo before, way back in January 2010 ( )  .... So, this is how this American-Chinese hunk looks like, fast forward in 2012....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yellow "Bersih" Boys!!!

With all the gay bashing from our government recently .... e.g. "The banning of "Seksualiti Merdeka", The anti-LGBT rally by Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, the banning of gay / effeminate characters on National TV, the constant harrasment on transgenders, shutting down of gay Malay websites / forums, and the recent police raid on a gay massage center in Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya ......... I'm still puzzled why there are so many Malaysian Gays who are still supporting the current government .....

Putting racial issues aside, what surprises me most is the majority of effeminate and gay Malays are staunch supporters of UMNO ..... and they're expecting that they will still be able to practice their gay lifestyles as they are now, in the coming years .... Well, what can we do...We can only vote for either BN or Pakatan ... No much choice isn't it?

Anyway...Here are some Sexy Boys in Yellow ... in conjuction with Bersih 3.0 ... Though, I myself do no support how the rally ended....I've never like Anwar and Azmin anyway .... For those who have seen the alleged Bersih 3.0 video where both of them incited the crowd to break the barricade and occupy Dataran, I'm sure you guys will feel the same too....

Cheers ya!

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