Thursday, February 28, 2013

Malaysian Pool Party!

If anyone of you who has the doubt, that Malaysia is not the place to have a Pool Party -- I hope that these fellas will eliminate all of your concerns! -- Come and VISIT MALAYSIA to experience the local food, guys, places of interests, shopping and various activities! -- In conjuction with the upcoming MATTA "Malaysian Travel Fair 2013" ( 15-17 March 2013 ), there will be exciting promotions and deep discounts on airfares offered by various airlines!

For more information, you can drop by, my good blogger friend, , and check out the deals offered by his travel agency !

( Picture Source: NeuPhotographer )

To Go Or Not To Go ? ....

As the title suggested, this is a dilemma which I'm currently facing. Over the years, I felt that Blogging has become something like a fad. With the advancement of mobile smartphones and tablets, more and more people prefer to surf something quick and fast or stories that appear instantly with the touch of your fingertips!

Many of the popular blogs during the Noughties ( 2000 - 2010 ) has all but vanished into thin air -- except a few of them whom are still as active and popular as ever ! -- Nowadays, the younger gays prefer Tumblrs / Facebooks / Gay Apps and what not ....

This is the sadly, a reality nowadays. Sales and productions of Desktops PCs and Laptops are going downhill year by year. Technology changes every second of the day. Even for blogging, you need to innovate and improve the stories / pictures / contents / graphics -- in order to capture and maintain readers to your blog! -- This is where, unfortunately,my weaknesses are ! -- Somehow, until now, I am still a Technology/PC-illiterate guy!

Putting that reason aside, the main reason why I have this feeling of me, slowly becoming detached from my blog is when I returned to work in Klang Valley. Back in those days where I was working at Far-Far-Away-Land, I had the luxury of time to surf the internet throughout the day -- from 8 am to 12 midnight! Seriously! My job is that carefree indeed! -- With so much free time, I could think of all sorts of nonsensical posts to write about and share hundreds or thousands of sexy naked men with you guys!-- I'm sure many of you missed my crazy, sexy posts, don't cha?! -- Haha...Even when I read back my old posts, I myself will go ... "Wow! I wrote that?!"

But now, back in KL --- It's all about work, career, money, chasing the 5C's, traffic jams and what not...I can't surf the internet during work -- Imagine that, about 13 hours of your day ( Work + Travelling Time + Meal Time ) , you are not connected with the cyberworld -- Hence, it explains why I'm so out of touch of the latest happenings in the gay world. Once home, I'm already emotionally and physically drained out by the end of the day. Therefore, I really look up to you guys who are able to stay as actively and productively throughout the entire day!

Please give me some time to restart my engine back again. I promise I will emerge from where I left, with better contents and pictures. Among all the Chinese Horoscopes, this Year should be the best year for me in terms of everything and I do hope I can fully realize the path set to me with much success!

Thank You Guys, for the support given throughout all these years! Muacks from Simon Lover!

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