Sunday, November 28, 2010

No More Tarzan Boy - Farewell, Far-Far-Away-Land!

Today has been a very hectic day for me. After working in the morning, i rushed back home to do some laundry, had a quick lunch, before proceeding back to my office to ---- PACK MY BELONGINGS ---! Yes, I know.....I'm the King Of Procrastination! --- Tomorrow will be my LAST DAY at work in FAR-FAR-AWAY-LAND ----- after working & living here for 3 Years & 3 Months! --- Mind you, for those flamboyant, shaggedelic, sex-craze gay boys; 3 years of living in a land where the most handsome Guy besides you comes from the Orang Asli ( The Negrito/Semai Natives ) is like calling them to go to hell! - But courageously enough, Simon Lover managed to endure this kind of lifestyle over the years, albeit a little ups and downs as well.

No matter how much I dislike my Far-Far-Away-Land, the place have given me many memories worth remembering as well. I hate reminiscing the old times because I don't like the sad feeling conjured by it...thus, I've unwillingly became Simon Lover, The Heart Of Steel....I hate packing as well! ---- Why? Because I'm a HOARDER! I like to keep things....While I'm packing, I'll read through all the things before throwing it away...Today, the things, even from 2007, are still there! -- That's why it took me two hours to sort out my documents and papers because I need to go through thoroughly before asking my staff to shred the papers...Things which had sexual/gay connoctations scribblings/ISA and other Top Secret files, need to be obliterated on-the-spot!

When I first came here, I was all alone. Rented a room in a shophouse where the entire floor is empty. Everytime I sleep, I'll leave the living room lights on to facilitate me going to the toilet during middle of the night. There was once I needed to take something which is located at the 3rd floor...I'll tell you....Unless you have the balls of Brad Pitt, going up the eerie flight of stairs and a floor darker that the Dark Force does challenges one's balls! ....Slowly,I shifted to a new place; new colleagues and friends came in...and the birth of a new era of The Great Far-Far-Away-Land Gang...before slowly disintegrating into today's sad state where two original gang members ( including me ) are left to fend ourselves. With me leaving now, I do hope the best for my beloved housemate to get his greener pastures soon too.

Working in Far-Far-Away-Land is not bad either because I get to visit the Horny BF quite frequent as well, compared to the Land Of Diamond Bay, where I've worked earlier. Meetings, Courses, Trainings -- I'll stay over at the Horny BF's place since he's working in my HQ's Big-Big-Town. And now that both of us are relocating to the Capital Of Malaysia's Sexy-Flamboyant-Gay-Divas-&-Studs'-Land.....I do hope the best in our relationship as well as careers!

Tomorrow will be another day of packing......But not without a string of treats ( Belanja ) as well....I'll have a mini farewell "jamuan" ( Brunch ) in my office of 30 people; before proceeding to the dinner treat that consists nearly 20 people of mostly gossipy aunties & uncles, landlord, as well as colleagues.

Eventhough I'm officially retired from being the Tarzan Boy of Far-Far-Away-Land, I do hope I'll have a new beginning going back to Klang Valley after being away for 8 long years ( including my university days )! -- By then, The Horny BF will be worried of me being another kind of "Wild Tarzan Boy" instead....especially where the company I'm working with, has another colleague who happens to be my ex-senior colleague from Far-Far-Away-Land, whom I've slept together before on the same bed ( No SEX, seriously! ) and my gaydar was so bad that I couldn't even detect his love/lust over me after he surprisingly confessed his love for me a few years back! Yikes! ----- I better control my flirtiness by then!

With that, Simon Lover signing off from Far-Far-Away-Land and shall welcome Living-With-THE-MUM-Land in two days time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------Helppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Singapore's Controversial Water Polo Swim Trunks - Asian Games 2010!

By Associated Press:

Singapore Rebukes Water Polo Team's Racy Swimsuits

Singapore. Singapore has rebuked its national water polo team for wearing swim trunks that feature an “inappropriate” likeness of the city-state’s flag.

The trunks, which were designed by members of the men’s team currently competing in the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, show the flag’s white crescent moon jutting up from the groin area with five stars to the side on a red background.

“Unfortunately the team did not seek our advice on the use of the crescent moon and stars when they designed their swim trunks,” the Information Ministry said in a statement Thursday. “We would have told them that their design is inappropriate as we want elements of the flag to be treated with dignity.”

The ministry, which normally evaluates the use of the flag on uniforms on a case-by-case basis, declined to specify which part of the design was objectionable.

The trunks sparked a controversy in the local media and in internet message boards, with some offended by the use of the national flag while others amused at the furore.

“Does is look suggestive, obscene even?” said Sylvia Toh in a commentary in The New Paper. “On a Chippendale, on the chubby chance of crescent turning into full moon, my hackles would be raised and it would amount to defacing our flag.”

“On our national team, for any sport, it’s appropriate.”

Asian Games rules stipulate that a team’s uniform cannot be changed in the middle of the tournament so the government will allow the water polo players to wear the trunks when they play Kuwait on Thursday for fifth place. The team apologized and said it would retire the trunks after the Asian Games.

“We didn’t have the slightest intention to do anything funny on our trunks to insult Singapore,” team manager Samuel Wong, who helped design the trunks, told the Straits Times.

The Straits Times reported that anyone found guilty of misusing the flag can be fined up to a maximum of $1,000.

So, here are the pictures of the controversial swimming trunks. You guys can judge for yourself ya! ..And I wonder what our Malaysian government will comment if the crescent & star are places in the center of the trunk?!! Yikes!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Aqux Swimwear - Sexy Japanese Brand!

Ah-Ha! This will be my third post of my fetish on AQUX swimtrunks in my blog! ( You can see the previous ones here, PART 1 and PART 2 )! Each time I visit their official website at ....Their models and swimtrunk designs always changes - Not that it's a bad thing, their designs have improved sexily over the years but the same cannot be justified on their models, which have somehow gone from sexy to average looking Japanese guys! 

Last week I dropped by at Sportsmenasia store at Chinatown Point, Singapore...The sales guy kept following me & informing that I can try on the swim trunks first and I don't need to buy if I don't like it...I was so tempted to try on the skimpy AQUX swim trunk and parade it for the Sales Guy!!! - But then, since I'm not buying ( the price is too steep ler...abt S$120! - unless I find a sugar daddy! ), so I just nodded & smiled back to the sales guy - nia......

Now, if I were to wear that in Malaysia's public swimming pools and proudly parading my peeking bushes...I wonder what will people think of me?!!!!

You can also opt for their boxers when your at home...and I wonder how come NO MALAYSIAN GAY DESIGNERS have come up with this idea yet?!!!!!!!!!! ---- Duh?!!!

You guys can buy AQUX swimtrunks at:
Tokyo, Japan

SportsmenAsia NEW!
133 New Bridge Road #03-36 Chinatown Point 059413 Singapore
Tel: 6327-4088

Tel: (02)8771-8013


Tel: (02)2370-6233

Imagine going to the pool or beach, tanning in a those erotic swimtrunks! I can bet that you'll get a killer tanline that's more than satisfying your needs but as well as your potential "predators/preys!"

Cute Taiwanese Hunk - Part 2!

Name: 林笑擺 Nickname: 小白

DOB: 7 January 1985
Height: 165cm, Weight: 58kg

Gosh! I hope I can tone myself in having this kinda chest! Must give myself a time frame - Say...One Year?!!! If not, it will defeat my purpose of joining Fitness First !!! - Must gambatte, though will officially start from 1st December....Just hope I won't "dry" myself skinnier by staying too long at the sauna/steam room instead!!!!! =P

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cute Taiwanese Hunk - Part 1!

Name: 林笑擺 Nickname: 小白

DOB: 7 January 1985
Height: 165cm, Weight: 58kg

Gosh! I hope I can tone myself in having this kinda chest! Must give myself a time frame - Say...One Year?!!! If not, it will defeat my purpose of joining Fitness First !!! - Must gambatte, though will officially start from 1st December....Just hope I won't "dry" myself skinnier by staying too long at the sauna/steam room instead!!!!! =P

 Anyone feels like ripping off that shirt?!!

 Or your swriling your tongue along the trail line, hoping to find some surprise treasure?!!!

  Very curvaceous and well-toned, just-right-meaty bod. Definitely bumping & grinding material! =P

 A-Ha! I have that same underwear...! Definitely one of my favs as well!

 Why so sad apply lotion by himself?!! Where are all the Prince Charming?!!!

 A tasty sausage --- And a wide, open mouth....Scandalous picture isn't it?!!

 Stay tune for the Part 2 of this cute Taiwanese Boy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caught In The Act?!

Infidelity is definitely a very sensitive issue. How many of you have been caught in the act or caught your partner in the act?! -- Gays are guys and what do they have in common? All guys think about SEX every second of the day! Thus, it's very difficult for us to run away from this issue and no matter what or how we do, it will still be a thorn in a relationship! [ I'm sure my Horny One has a lot of issues to grumble about me as well =( ... Sorry dear! ]

If you really want to cheat, please do it safely. You wouldn't want to hurt your love ones.

So, why of a sudden, a nonsensical post?! - Well, cuz I find the pictures above kinda sexy and I don't know which post to put it in! Hehehe ....So, feel free to drop you comments about your past/current experiences and I accept anonymous rants as well!

Taiwanese Hunk - Tiger 小虎 Part 3

Whoa ~ The Year of the TIGER is nearing to an end and my series of this sexy, hunky Taiwanese Guy by the nickname of Tiger 小虎, have not even completed yet! Thus, this are some of his pictures, yet again  ( He has many supporters and detractors as well! ). As this week I'll be busy clearing all my current job's backlogs since it's my last week @ Far-Far-Away Land. No matter how much I dislike my Far-Far-Away Land, but still, it gave me many memorable memories that's worth remembering too.  Till then, please enjoy the pictures!

The sexy underwear by SPY, from Hong Kong's Henry Lau collection!

And Tiger's latest November 2010 pictures!

His nipples are pointy enough to be used as a teaser!

link within

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