Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hunky Malaysian Model - Ammar Alfian Aziz!

Hahaha...You guys must be guessing why I'm blogging at such a rapid pace lately?....Well, partly it's because I'm afraid that starting from next month, I won't be able to enjoy this much of free time, that I'm currently used to, to blog anymore because.........As well as I have lots of pictures for me to clear too! So, be prepare for less posts from Simon Lover - lor! =(

Anyway, this post is kind of a tribute to my fellow Malay/Muslim readers!! Hehe -- Why? Because I'm featuring one of the Hunkiest Malay Model in Malaysia, Ammar Alfian Aziz! - So, he'll be the second Muslim Hunk that is being featured in my blog ( The first goes to the all-time sexy, Josh Fiqrie..over HERE )

However, my preferences still goes to Udd Zainuddin and Ikhwan! -- But, it's very, very, very DIFFICULT to get pictures of them!...and FYI, these two guys have lots of sexy modeling pictures of them too! I hope you guys can really help me out in finding pictures of them for me ya!

 Udd Zainuddin!

Ammar Alfian Aziz
DOB: 5 Arpil 1987 ( 23 yo )
MODELLING/RUNWAYS/SHOWS : Ralph Lauren, Polo, Adidas, Nike, Private Structure,
Diesel, Renoma, B.U.M equipment, Zara, Energie, MIFA '08 & MIFA '09, etc

Ponti Anak Remaja (Telemovie)
Dimensions (Series)
Tari Tirana (Series)
Cheritera (Telemovie)
Atilia (Series)
Sirah Cinta (Series)
Nur Fansuri (Series)
Finalist in Pencarian HERO REMAJA 2007/2008; Nominated in Malaysia's "female" magazine's 50 Gorgeous People 2008.

According to sources, he is an ambassador for Diesel underwear brand and also become the first Malay underwear model for Diesel and Renoma.

Though I think some of my Malay readers might not really like him because, reading from the web forums, he's actually of a Malay-Indian descent. Hence, the uncanny look of a pure Malay Guy.

However, as a model, he definitely has one of the best bodies around in Malaysia indeed!

Now, if we can just wish for more Malay Male Models to be as daring as Ammar! -- 
If just religion didn't come into play! Sigh....

One of his most daring modeling pictures!

If I'm not mistaken, the model is an Indonesian lady.

Cute Malay Boys in action!

I like the orange boy instead! But duno who he is..

Ammar, back when he was 20 years old.

However, Ammar's career took a hit when pictures of him behaving intimately with fellow Malay Muslim actress, Puteri Sarah Liyana, surfaced way back in 2008 and till now, he doesn't seem to be fully recovered from severe backlashes.

Ammar's latest pictures, July - Oct 2010!

Whow, gymming does plays a major part in transforming an innocent, scrawny little teenager into a HUNKYLICIOUS guy as Ammar is now!
A Nerdy looking Ammar in his teens...Guess all the taekwando(s) exercises couldn't help to beef him up, eh?!



Mr.D said...

the last pic made me fall out of my chair

Anonymous said...

i like his taekwando pic..he looks a bit like hensen lee. care to feature hensen lee next on ur blog?

Anonymous said...

massive muscular hands but little bit thin body ????????

Anonymous said...

The orange boy: Yeo Keong Lee from hero remaja

link within

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