Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter From A Fan....

Last week I received an email from one of my reader, asking me how I do i managed to maintain a stable relationship with the Horny One for such a long time and tips of how to find/start a gay relationship!!! - Seriously, I think I should be the last person on earth to give out these kinda advice - lor! But I have no choice but to reply his queries and I hope my silly answers doesn't disappoint him -lor!!! ---- Sigh ------ And I hope my fellow readers can help share some advice with this cute Reader of mine and everyone as well ya!

Hi Simon,

Hei I follow your blog as I find it very inspiring (for sex) and funny. I'm still single and I wish to get into a steady relationship, but I have been hearing people telling me that a gay relationship never works... I recall u saying that U and yr horny BF have been together since 20 years old. It's really sweet and amazing. I'm turning 22 in another week and I'm still single. I can just sigh, sigh and sigh... So i wonder whether u would shed some light upon this pathetic guy...

1. Gay relationship... izit all about sex? if not all, 70% about sex?

2. How did you two managed to stick together for so long? Be Loyal? Try Staying attracting to each other all the time?

3. As an experienced guy, where would u recommend me to find someone who is into serious relationship? In the club? gay website like Fridae? Would a good future bf dress like a nerd or flamboyantly?

4. Do u find there is any difference between gay and straight relationship?

Sometimes I take things in a mathematical way, where I can somehow solve things according to the formula, if I can manage to find the formula lah. Hihi. Looking forward for yr reply. U could ignore this if u dun feel comfortable.
-do add up the statistics for steady long gay relationship in M'sia-

Oh,ya, basically most of my friends know that I like guys. Its not that I'm super sissy but I told them straight as I think its just a choice of life. Would being relatively high profile gives M'sian gay guys a rather intimidating impression?


Dear Cute Reader, 

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the late reply as I'm actually kinda busy of late. Travelling here and there, administration work and procrastination as well! Secondly, thanks for the compliments. The main reason why I started this blog is to share all the sexy guys in my collections with handsome people like us ( tsk, tsk, tsk! ) and sorry for the amateurish outlook that my blog has projected as well! And lastly,  your memory is not bad either as you can still remember the age when I got stuck with the Horny BF! 

Well, honestly, I'm actually in no position to give you advice on how to get or even maintain a steady plu relations - cuz I'm not really an angel myself! I have done unforgivable things that shouldn't happened; said words that cuts you like a knife; being insensitive/unreasonable/unromantic when they are needed the most -- I'm just lucky to have a boyfriend who is understanding and loving enough to care for me.

And don't sigh for not having a boyfriend at the moment.  Everyone has their time. It's just that yours have not arrive yet and I'm sure, by the time it does, you won't be reading my blog liao as you'll be too busy "pak-tor'ing"! -- But in the meantime, I hope you don't mind reading through my silly answers k! 

Sex is synonymous with all men, be it straight or gay, men think about sex every minute or even seconds! - I'm sure you think about sex as well. That is why, is very difficult for us to figure out, how to keep a stable, long lasting relationship. Thus, Trust is of utmost importance. Once there's a betrayal, there are bound to have suspicions ( Hence, you can see why I'm keeping such a low profile?! =P ). However, if both of you really love each other, honesty is really the best policy - No matter how many betrayals that had happened, the most important thing is that you tell it to your other half. Whether he accept it or not, it's up to him. It's better than being caught in the act or later! Sometimes, this is a give & take situation as well. If you are someone who are into an open relationship, this situation can be used to gauge what kind of other half that you really want / or have, currently. I f really can't accept it, it's time for you to move on and find a relationship that really suits you.

Being together 8 years is definitely not cool!! Hahahahaha. Why? Because we are too comfortable with each other and we can basically guess what the other half is thinking or up to?!!!  ( well, that shall be my BF's forte - lor! ) - In other word, no more SECRETS - liao!!!!. The reason why we can stand so long, it's because we are used to being together - liao. If you don't hear from the other half for a certain period, you already start to be anxious / or even angry! Unless you have a bunch of "sister-hood" to share with your life, a PLU relationship, or even any other relationship, if you have any top news/stories/happenings, the first person you will like to share is always your lover! - Hence, that's how the bond starts to connect & develop over the years. -- You can have all the Brad Pitt looks/body that you want, but the minute that there's no communication that clicks between you & him, it would be very difficult.

Erm....Hahaha. I don't think I have a lot of gay relationships to share with you, as I have only one lover since I'm 20 years old til now! You can find good relationship in anywhere of the world, it's just the matter of fate and luck. People say surfing Fridae, clubbing,sauna is just for sex. You can meet up with a guy and who knows, after having sex with him, you guys might clicked with each other?!! If you put sex aside, flirting really plays an important role for two guys to begin a relationship. You can't associate flirting for some sleazy attitude that gets you feeling that the guy is not serious, flirting is also an indirect way for you to have a little "fun" in your relationship. If you don't flirt ( giving eye-contact is also considered flirting u'know! ), how do suppose you'll get to know that sexy stranger?!! - Most importantly, you should give it a try, because you might never know -- whether the guy who is a sexy, hunky beast or a nerdy, "piao-piao" ah beng - will eventually be "THE ONE" that you'll live happily ever after!!

I don't think there is much difference between gay and straight relationships. Because the end outcome for those in a relationship, is togetherness and to live happily ever after. Who says women are not horny? Or who says gay guys can't be compassionate, do house chores, dedicated, romantic, which I'm sure there are millions of Bottoms who have the qualities to serve their master Tops, right?!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

5) I should admire you for your courage to be so open about your sexuality! It's a difficult situation for us gays to delve into and I guess you are doing fine at the moment! -- Being a high profile gay can be very intimidating - I do agree in certain situations - For example, holding hands openly in the public. For me, I'm actually still kinda conservative in thinking ( well, being Asians ma ), I don't really feel it's appropriate for us gays to hold our hands too openly, especially in front of children! -- because, we wouldn't want to confuse the kids and giving their parents a hard time to answer their queries! However, if both of you are cool with expressing your sexuality, by all means, you are free to do so.Just practise in moderation. Haha...I'm not just referring to gays but boy-girl relationship as well! Hahaha - For example, ( again, me being an extreme conservative! ), I find it very disrespectful watching Singaporean boy-girl couples holding, squeezing, pep-talk, pecking, laughing out loud, "manja'ing", caressing in MRTs - lor!!! Hahaha...I don't know...I feel it's kinda .....erm, "Duk ngan duk bei ( in Cantonese! - meaning "Poke Eyes, Poke Nose!" - For example, "William & Derek?!!!!!! )

But I do wish you good luck in finding your love one. You are still young. There are ample time for you to live your life as you like. Maybe you should focus on your education first and from there, you can slowly try the world of gays as well. Don't be too aggressive or even put too high expectations. Let it flow and I'm sure, Time and Fate will be on your side.

Muacks from Simon, okay?

( p/s #1: Simon Lover will be away for some work-related thingy as well as back to my Land-Of-Meat-Bones-Tea hometown from tomorrow until next Monday! - Hopefully I can find some time to blog or even better yet, find a place that have internet - lor! --- )

( p/s #2: Hopefully I didn't bore you guys with continuous rantings from me & the Horny BF because I'm trying to make my blog look more "DECENT"( seriously?! ) before cashing out my NUFFNANG cheque - lor! Hahaha. If Nuffnang still wants to take away my meagre amount, then I have nothing  else to say except to spank RobbYaoi, the blogger nia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nia-ah-ma!!! =P ) 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine!

Hi Guys! This is the 3rd installment of my "Formal"-ity Fetish post where I'll post pictures of guys in work attire! -- You can read the previous installments over here -- PART 1 and PART 2.

Just to inform you guys, Simon Lover will be away yet again --- for 9 days, starting from tomorrow! -- Nope, I'm not going for any vacation with the Horny BF, instead, my Elder Brother will be back home together with my Singaporean Sis-In-Law and the Singapore In-Laws.

So, I'm bringing them for a short getaway up north to Penang for 3days, detouring Ipoh for breakfast and dinner of course - since they have not been to those places before! -- Hahaha...I don't know why, but I find Singaporeans feel very fascinated with the way of life in Malaysia --- the people, the madness, the FOOD, the nature, the laid-back atmosphere. The In-Laws even suggested we go fishing, visit farms, likes roti canai and any older generation activities ( Haha..Maybe because it rekindle their younger days' memories back when Singapore wasn't as developed as now?!  )  -- but of course, this fascination I think will only last throughout the one week - lar; if forever, they might wanna re-consider the pros & cons of holding onto that fascination! -- especially Malaysia's notorious bureaucracy and politics!

Hahaha...Well, luckily for my singaporean relatives, the thing they like the most is FOOD! So, basically this trip will be another round of makan trip! -- No thanks to my 4 years living in Penang and 4 years cajoling in Ipoh -- Yup, it's been that long since leaving my parents, studying and working in FAR-FAR-AWAY land!

But no worries! - This coming 1st December 2010, Simon Lover will finally, and I mean, FINALLY, be back living and "preying" in Klang Valley for good! Hehehehe --- Oops! I think I might have stirred someone's hornet nest!

And I can't wait to dress as smart and twinky as the Thai Boy above! I always have a fetish on tight fitting white shirt but till now, I still haven't own one yet! Maybe it's time I ask the Mum/relative to tailor-made some for me?!

As for slacks, I have many tight fitting ones but none of them are as skinny as above! It's time to get one too?!! -- But just for your information, if I were to dressed like the clothes I've mentioned earlier, my body shape will look exactly like the twinky Thai Boy above! -- Maybe It's time to hit the gym, I guess?!

Yup! Simon Lover is really that slim! Though my slim looks isn't that obvious because of my proportionate height! So far...Only William, KH, Cheryl, Gratitude have seen me LIVE before, while PLUBoy has seen me cumming camming....and two more gays by the name Andy and one who always bumped into my BF and me but doesn't know that I'm SL...Hahaha...

And as for the Horny BF...I hope he'll get some good offers soon! He's trying out for MNCs Drug Companies...And if successful, I'll be envious of him because he gets to drool over the thousands of lengchais working as product representatives and "have" them over for lunch!!!!! -- Kheksei! -- While I will still be contented gossiping and flirting with my Malay makciks or ah moi(s) assistants! --and he'll be globe-trotting sleeping with Sexy Singaporean, Thai, Hong Kong, American guys.....Though I still have my "oozing with manly sex appeal" 30++ yo Japanese General Manager for me to flirt with! ( Must quickly do a check-up on him whether he likes guys or not! )

As for the Horny BF's bodysize, he'll look abit like the HOT TAIWAN GUY above -- but a little bit on the heavier side ( Just A LITTLE! ) Hahaha....!! -- And I just hope there'll be some hot sales reps like him "servicing" me once in a while.....Sigh....No harm fantasizing right?! Hehe.

Anyway...Hope you guys will enjoy your lovely weekend....while I'll be signing off for 1 week...Till then, Muacks from Simon Lover!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends?

In a flash, September's drawing to a close. We Malaysians are blessed with so many public holidays, it's not even funny anymore. Seriously.

This month alone, we have the Raya celebrations; the holy month of Syawal superseding the fasting month of Ramadan. Two days off, but to some the Saturday was a waste. Since most private companies and all the government organizations practise the 5 days working week ruling now. Shucks you say?
No worries. Starting this year, we have Hari Malaysia. A celebration to commemorate the forming of Malaysia back in 1963, on September the 16th. Of course, Singapore has since broken free from this coalition. (Smart move? No comment ....) But to those living in East Malaysia (or the Borneo continent; namely Sabah and Sarawak), this is a cause for rejoice. Wait, I was told that they have been enjoying this Hari Malaysia holiday since aeons ago. Oh well. Then the ones in Peninsular Malaysia can jump now?

Whatever it is, the BIG day is coming soon. With the 3rd of October marked on the calendar, I am biting my fingernails with glee and anticipation. No, NOT for the second season of Glee, though that should be coming to our shores before the end of the year. Love the Britney/Brittany snippets available on Youtube now.

But let's say, this should be a cause for celebration. The end of the Seven Year Itch.

Now dear. Should we go for Steaks? Seafood? Japanese? Or plain mind-numbing union of the sweaty, pheromone-infused bodies? Your call.

Horny BF Rants

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Boys With Their Beautiful Pets - Part 3!

Yes! In continuation of my popular "Beautiful Boys With Their Beautiful Pets" posts - You can read the previous ones here - PART 1 and PART 2

( Hahaha ... Or rather it's an excuse for not writing longer posts especially on my short getaway to Thailand as well as Penang recently...PROCRASTINATION is a DEADLY disease indeed! -- or a new post on "8 Wonders Of The Horny BF & Simon Lover's World" which is due in 1 week time! Sigh -- So fast another year gone by! )

Both of them look so CUTE!!! Angkuku?!

Realized today's pictures are mostly Golden Retrievers!

Malaysian Singer, Jack Yap with his cute Retriever! Notice the tongue is still too long for the puppy?!

Retrievers are very active when they are still puppies. But once they've grown up, they become more obedient and no more running around - liao. So not cute right?!!

Haha..I dunno what kinda dog is that. Their from Taiwan though.

Now, I'm more focused on that smiling cute boy instead! Oh, Behave Simon!

Hehehe..This picture is actually kinda out-of-place...But then, how can I say no to a smart guy with a cute Hello Kitty - leh?!
Enjoy ya! Yours truly, Simon Lover.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Singapore Calendar Guys Finals - 25 Sept 2010!

To all the Singaporean Gay Guys, please mark your calendar on the 25th September 2010 ( Saturday ) as the annual Singapore Calendar Guys contest is on once again!

The grand Finals will be held on the 25th September 2010 ( Saturday ) at 6.00pm, Bugis Junction-Fountain, Level 1.

Watch the guys go wet and wild for the top spot while our loyal cameras are busy flashing on the sexy hunks! 

That's not the end yet, those who attend the event can get a chance to preview the highly anticipated Singapore Calendar Guys 2011 calendar and pre-book advance copies at S$20, instead of the RSP S$24.80!

So, what are you guys waiting for?!!! Here are the Finalists of Singapore Calendar Guys 2010! 

The contestants are not numbered yet, so, i just randomly name them as Contestant #1 and #2 accordingly - la.

Contestant #3 and #4.

Contestant #5 and #6

Contestant #7 and #8

Contestant #9 and #10!

So, who's your pick?!!!! 
Hehehehe, I'll go for Contestant Number 1!!!

Here is last year's Winner, Mr.Jason Chee.

( you can see more of his pictures over HERE )

( Pictures were sourced from Singapore Calendar Guys' Facebook Page over HERE )

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Singapore Hunk - Xavier Hu!

Once again, another pictorial post featuring a familiar model to the world of Gay Singapore where I'm sure, most gay singaporeans have somehow, at least seen one of his pictures before on the Net!

His name is Xavier Hu Xi Hong, whose sexy Sportsmenasia 2007 Calendar was vilified & contaminated by many Gay Guys who had cummed on the calendar for God knows, a hundred times?!!!

Name: Xavier Hu Xi Hong
DOB: 17 March 1988
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 64 kg
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Chest : 38
Waist : 30
Hip : 36
Education: Ngee Ann Polytechnic '08; SIM-UOL Banking, Finance '10.

The infamous Sportsmenasia 2007 Calendar that was the object of desire in every Singapore gay guy's wet dreams in Singapore back then.

Oh My God! Wait - 2007?! Means the photoshoot was taken in 2006 and Xavier was only 18 years old back then! And that was before he entered the military-style National Service! Whoa..And you look at his latest pictures near the end of this post, he's body is still well-maintained!

He used to worked part-time in Sportsmenasia Store at Chinatown Point, Singapore.

With good looks and well-toned body, it's natural for the store to asked Xavier to model for them.

Clad only in sexy swimtrunks available in Sportsmenasia, they didn't expect the Calendar to be a Big Hit especially among the Gay Community !

Who wouldn't? With pictures like that, I'm sure all the Horny, Hamsap Gay Top Men want to have a piece of him while the Bottoms imagined being served by a hunk!

Now, I just wished I look as good as him back when I was 18 years old! -- 
Hmm.. Does anyone of you have a clearer & better resolution pictures of the above calendar?!!
Well, another way to obtain more of his pictures is when you purchase something ( no minimum value ) at Sportsmenasia's Store in Chinatown Point, Singapore or either online. You can read more of it, here:

-- Xavier Hu Xi Hong --

During his cadet years in National Service. Smart? 
- Hahaha. I wouldn't mind being handcuffed by  handsome policemen above - lor!

Looking suave as well in business suit!

Xavier also participated in Cleo Magazine's Most Eligible Bachelors 2010

With fellow participant, James Aw -- Another cutie which I'm trying to get hold of more pictures! Hehe

Xavier was also one of the finalists in Mr. Manhunt Singapore 2010 where he was the 4th Runner-Up.
Looking sexy in Japan's Toot & Aqux Swimtrunk!

During one of the swimwear & underwear segments..

The look and the Body of a champion? Hmmmmm.....

Strip-tease?!! Yikes!

Xavier's latest pictures, August 2010. Still retaining his wonderful body & youthful looks when he was 18 years old....?!

---- Xavier Beach-Boy'ing ---
Two Guys helping each other to apply tanning lotion - How Gay can they be?!!!

So SMOOTH & WATER-PROOF body where any cum that falls onto his body will sure flow from it!!! Don't even need to wipe it off!

Macho Macho Man!

Smooth Bare Back!! Who say's Xavier can't bring Sexy Back?!!!

 After all the brou-ha-ha surrounding Xavier, it's disappointing enough to note, that Xavier is actually a Straight Guy, who doesn't mind dressing like a Gay Guy ( Hence, I have always mentioned & maintained my point of view, that Singaporean Guys be it straight or gay, are dressing too ambiguously for us to differentiate who's gay or not ) -- And here are some of the pictures of him with his latest Girlfriend!

The Lucky Gal' who gets to be wet & wild with Xavier instead!

Well, and as for "US", we can only please ourselves by hoping that Xavier will release more sexy calendar pictures of himself in near future - lor!  A sad occasion for "US" right?!

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