Friday, May 21, 2010

"Formal"-ity Fetish!

Some people have all sorts of fetish on "formality", to the extent of becoming part and parcel of their life. It is not a neccesity but somehow it has become a daily ceremonial activity in order to fulfill their lust!
For example :

  • "Masturbation" Formality - The urge to masturbate daily, just for the sake of formality reason, especially when you have nothing to do.        ( That reminds me of a story: When i was 14 years old, one of my classmates suddenly ask aloud to my congregation of friends, do you guys know what is "masturbate" means ah? - And i confidently ( or rather non-chalantly ) , replied him - Of course everyone knows what is "Master-Bed" what - Everyone also have a MasterBed-room, your house don't have ah?!!! --- And then all of them started laughing -- And that's The End .... ( - _ -'').          For example : Jerry Kiat aka Beyond Kiat BLOG ( wink wink! - It's a compliment ya! )
  • "Sex" Formality = Some people view SEX as a formality or rather their responsibility to their loved one. Eventhough when they are tired or disinterested, yet they will still go ahead with the ush-ush to maintain the relationship. [ Hahahahaha - Erm, do not relate Me & The Horny One, okay?!! ]. Or rather SEX is just what they do in their daily life. For example: The Sexy SgBoy BLOG ( sigh..make everyone envious of him nia - Hahaha )
  •  "Underwear Buying" Formality - Some people have underwears that could last them a few years and yet they still have the urge of buying more underwears whenever they are at the Shopping Mall. And when you ask them why, they will just reply you, "Well, formality ma...Everytime i'm here, sure must buy at least 1 underwear one...". For example : The Gigantic Willy Boy, William BLOG ( Now, he even shares it with his HUBBY! Hahaha....If just The Horny One fits my SIZE as well - Hehehehe )
  • "Cam-Whoring" Formality - Some people couldn't resist taking photos of themselves. These are very creative people whereby they have thousands of various poses that they can come up without looking fugly at all!!!! Eventhough they know that no matter how many thousands of photos they have took, it is still the same handsome looking pictures but just in a different perspective nia....Some people has this tendency to snap all kinds of photos when they are confronted with the Hotel Bathroom Mirror. [ Erm.....Me? Me? - Oops! ].  For example: The cute, bubbly Aaron BLOG.  
Okay..Okay..Why suddenly a nonsensical post from Simon Lover pulak...Well...Because some readers have commented to me before that i am writing less and less nowadays compared to when i just started. Instead, my blog has become a semi-porn blog featuring lotsa pictures in each of my new posts!!!!! -- Hahaha...So, in order to fulfill their desire, i ma start to write more... albeit, nonsensical'ly - lor...Hahahahaha.

But actually, that's not the point in today's post! Hehe -- It's just that coincidentally, i wanted to share with you guys, my terrible "FORMAL"-ITY FETISH which the HORNY ONE despise the most ----

Simon Lover has a "Formal"-ity Fetish Of Guys In "FORMAL" Wears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, what i'm lacking is the white tie! Must go get it! -- Me on the Right? --

And why suddenly Simon Lover became so disoriented today? -- That's because Simon Lover finally saw the most handsome Medical Sales Representative, "servicing" him this morning - After 3 years working in this peaceful town!!!! -- Hahahahaha.

Because i'm used to becoming the Most Gorgeous One in my whole work organization in the last few years, ( till the extent of causing me to lose my motivation of dressing stylishly in work ) the look of a super lengchai, especially in a formal attire, from afar has gotten Simon Lover's mind gone haywire at that moment! I was actually busy spring cleaning my office table when suddenly i saw a guy from my window, coming out from his car, which has just been parked in front of my office. I was like -- OH, MY GOD!

And mind you, for a guy to fall under my "Formal Wear" Formality Fetish, they should be -- Guys in tight-fitting work shirts and slim fit, flat front, low or super low-waist slacks that accentuates both the bulge & buttocks!

Fetish! Fetish! I want those low cut slacks!

---- I quickly unwind my venetian blind to get a full view of him! Saw him bending over his passenger seat for quite some time to pack his documents    [ If he did that in a gay neighborhood - I tell you, he will sure kena raped in few seconds one! Better be careful young man! ] -- My mind was..."Please GOD, please tell me that he's a Medical Sales Rep! Please! Please! Please! ---- After finish packing his documents, he took out his tie and started to "get dressed" in public! Hahaha -- He took a few look of my office surrouding and when his face was facing directly at my window, i quickly turned my head away!

Watching him walking in his tight fitting dark grey shirt with stripes and super low-waist striped, a lil' shiny slacks --- My dream really came true! Hahahaha....I had to open a few of my files, pretending that i'm busy before he came knocking on my door and i welcomed him with my open "arse" -- i mean, arms....! Hahahahahaha.

I can't imagine myself working in Klang Valley. How can i control my raging hormones?!!!

Throughout the session, my eyes was really transfixed at his gorgeous, smooth face...Listening orgasmically to his deep manly voice...Explaining "what he can produce with " -- i mean, his products to -- me.....But he was rather new to this field, So, he is still kinda shy, reserved and most of the time, i'm the one who had to start a new topic of discussion/questions, while keeping my poise and composure. Hahahaha.

After about 10 minutes, the chat session has come to an end. I shot on or shook his hand, informing him that i will contact him when i need his "service"! And i have myself to blame for not having a camera handphone! If not i could have snapped pictures of him while he was turning his back to me! Such a fit buttocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

And from his business card, i quickly google and facebook search him, but to no avail! If just he had put his full name instead of English Name + Surname nia!!! Kheksei! Kheksei! - But - But - But - I have his Business Card!!!!!!!! Meaning -- His Handphone Number as well! -- So, Guys...Will anyone of you volunteers to help me by calling & testing him to confirm whether "Is He One Us?!!!!!" Because i don't think my gaydar can detect any abnormalities in him ler.... --- Hahaha.

With sales reps looking smart like this, i will purchase anything from him ah - provided, if his "Price" is reasonable! Hehehe

Guys in semi-formal or smart casual attires do attract me as well! For example:

The ever stylish Malaysia Men's Folio Magazine Editor, William K.C. Kee....

So, does anyone of you shares the SAME "FORMAL"-ITY FETISH with SIMON LOVER?!!

( p/s: Thank you for reading my nonsensical post -- I'm not that perverted most of time. - It's Just that i've added some humor in my post to lighten up you guys! --  Haha. I guess i must start behaving more professional - jor! God help me ya! )


C'est la vie said...

wow, I have formal dress fetish as well! Same! I love looking at the tight butt and the bulge. [shy]

that's why I said, sometimes I just hope that I could grab those colleagues who pass by me into the toilet and screw them. LOL. What a dream. :P

Horny BF said...

Speechless. >_<

I never said also that I don't like guys in formal wears ... but preferably, WITHOUT.

I meant, without anything on. Hahahahaha .... okay, so when can we have the second formality?

C'est la vie said...

Haha, to the Horny BF, then it will be naturality instead of formality lo. :P

Skyhawk said...

I also like the man in formal attire w/ slim fit & flat front slack...your description on the Med Sales Rep made me almost fall on him too! LOL!

blue said...

wow this post's hamsap rating has gone off the roof :P
yeah i like those sexy slacks too...but low cut might be not so comfortable to wear...and unhealthy for the private part LOL

Takashi said...

I wear formal everyday without tie la, and friday is totally dress DOWN (as in casual, not pants down!)

U can see some of my facebook photos of me and my colleagues camwhoring in office :P


Who knows, I might give you a preview of myself kekekxz!!

William said...

Formal wear is getting slimmer and slimmer. You must love those jap businessmen porn. :P

Gratitude said...

YOu deserve to get a spanking from tHorny bf. But i'm sure you'll be ever pleased to be on the receiving end right? ;P lolz

Anonymous said...

Curious how the Gorgeous medical rep guy look like ? Any look-alike model pic that can resemble him? hmm...


Devil said...

oh i love formal wear guys :P

I myself need to wear it everyday with a tie (oh am a medical sales rep too but dun think I cover u haha)

Anonymous said...

Always fun unwrapping the package right down to the tighty whiteys. - Ian

Anonymous said...

This Takashi is so desperate for people to rip his work suit off and poke him. He loves it. Hahaha!!!

freddiewee said...

I can call him...i'm a headhunter..i might nd him for my 'assignments' as well...

Rey said...

u know simon hui,anaes trainee from UMMC? he is fucking hot!!!! ANd he has a tight butt in his tight office pants!!

simonlover said...

@Cest La Vie - You can! If you can spot one who is gay lar! I din they won't mine you grabbing his butt - kot! =)

@Horny BF: Hehe- You also fed-up of my eyes swaying away at those formal attired guys! So sorry dear! Couldn;t help it ler!

@Skyhawk: Really! If u were in my show, i think you are daring enough till grab hold of his hands & ask," Are u gay?! Mind going out 4a date with me?!!"

@Blue: Haha. Hamsapness at full steam ahead! Well, some guys willing to sacrifice something to look sexy ler!

@Takashi: Saw your "preview" jor! So, want me to help promote "pluboy"? Hehehe

simonlover said...

@William: Yalor. Really kheksei. Back when i kept buying G2000 before they started the new slim range. "Hoi" me so many stock ady till i can't really indulge on the new slim range ( i only hv 1 compared to the 8-10 pcs from d old range! ) Reli reli reli khek hei you know!

@Grat: I wouldn't mind kena spanked by +Ant+ as well?! Oops! =)

@Brian: Ya, the guy looks kinda like the guy on the 2nd picture, on the right-hand side!

@Devil: Ya! Sadly. I wish you could "cover" me as well too! Hehehe

@Ian: And the other way round as well!

@Calvin: Haha. Takashi always like something kinky one ler!

@FreddieWee: Oh, Headhunter. Do you really want his handphone number? You can "test" him on behalf of all of us! Hehehe

@Rey: Well, if u can get a picture or facebook of Simon Hui, then only we can justify his sexiness ma! Can? Can? =)

Rob said...

Simon I thought of you when I was in Japan and seeing all the cute boys in their slim fitting business suits. They looked so hot! I'm sure you'd really like it!

Rey said...!/mthui?ref=ts

simonlover said...

@Rob: Really?! Well, i do hope u have some pics to share it us? Hehe

@Rey: Hmm..What's up with the guy on the facebook? =)

arun raj said...

i share similar fetish for men in office attire and totally freaked out at the way you described that fetish..they were my exact words...

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