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Hot Malaysian Singer - Andrew Tan Say Aun 陈势安

Yup! There's nothing wrong with your eyes. It's really him, guys! - The scrawny, shy, well-mannered, ex-departmental make-up sales assistant who won the runner-up of Malaysia's Astro Talent Quest singing competition back in 2006 -- Andrew Tan, 陈势安

Date Of Birth : 4 June 1984, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Height : 178cm
Weight : 60kg ( 2007 ); 65kg ( early 2009 ) - And i doubt he's still 65kg at this moment, judging from his latest April 2010 Picture below!!!!

2006 : Malaysia's Astro Talent Quest 新秀大赛 = Runner-up
2006 : Hong Kong's TVB8 International Chinese New Talent Competition 新秀歌唱大賽 = Champion
2008 : Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) ke-15 : Best Local Chinese Album  隆重登场 - Winner

2008 : MY Astro Awards : Top 10 Songs
2010 : MY Astro Awards : Top 10 Songs
2010 : AIM Ke-17 : Nominated for Best Local Chinese Album : Stardom, 天后


Hot Malaysian Singer, Andrew Tan, 陈势安

2006 - 2008

Performing in Hong Kong's TVB8 International Chinese New Talent Competition 新秀歌唱大, November 2006.-- See how innocent is he back then?

The many faces of the chameleon-like Andrew Tan.


With fellow"Is he One Of Us?" Malaysian Actor, Melvin Sia, 谢佳见

With fellow "How i wish he's One Of Us? - Or he really Is? " Malaysian Superstar Singer, Nicholas Teo, 張棟樑

With fellow, yet another "Is He One Of Us? - Rumored Gay Relationship with Kenny Kwan", -- Hong Kong's Heavenly Prince Singer, Hins Cheung, 張敬軒

Hmm..I'm so envious of his Sunsilk Hairstyle ler----So straight and smooth! -
If just i can get rid or my curly fringe! - Kheksei! Looks like i better keep it short & gay....
Promotional pictures from his first album, 隆重登场back in Nov 2008

Performing in 2008's MY Astro Music Awards, dressing as X-Men's Storm!

Very tight indeed! - Yeah, baby! Show me that leather!

Still the slim Andrew Tan - period. 
WIth the costume designer, Beatrice Looi....for making him look hot in that tight X-Men attire!

2009 - 2010

The release of his latest Album, Stardom, Mini Album Vol.1 in Sept 2009 ( 天后 )

Hmmm...Very smooth photoshop'ed face?!

Starting to show some thighs.... 
( Must be kinda heavy for me if i were to do it the missionary way lor - Which, i don't really fancy either...Hehehe )

Receiving an award for Top 10 Songs in MY  Astro Music Awards 2009, held in Genting, last January 2010.
Who wants Andrew Tan to be your White Horse Prince!!! 白馬王子!!!

Hmmm...It's that a bulge or something else?!!!!

Posing with his trophy. Though this candid picture made him looked kinda weary, but still..he has a smooth face oh!

And The Transformation Has Begun....

In March 2010, Andrew Tan shed his slim image and has officially became the spokesperson for Terimee 特麗美 Beauty Center!

Hmmmm. The poster would have been awesome without the towel! I want to see his chest & nipples leh?!!!!

According to the newspaper reports, Andrew Tan underwent an intensive 100-Days Terimee's Beauty Programme to increase his chest size from 32 inches --- to ----- 37 inches!!!!!

And his target  is to achieve a 40-inch Chest by Year-End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( which is the size of Aaron Kwok's Chest! )

He trains 3-4 hours every day to get his 6-pack abs & bulging arms. And when his mother finally gets to see him after his 100 days intensive training, she commented his pictures, "Is it really you, or is it computer-generated?!!"

During the promotional event in Times Square, the reporters asked him whether he'll consider some sexy, nudity shoots and Andrew Tan replied:
"I have always admired David Beckham's underwear advertisements. Ever since i started building up my body, i don't feel shy to wear short-sleeved shirts anymore. Wait untill i achieved a satisfying body proportion, by then, i might consider doing "sexy shoots". However, it is still up to my company to make the final decision" - Yeah, the hell with the Company eh?!!!! -
OH MY GOD! Is he SEXY or What?!!!!

However, there is ONE question that i would like to ask you guys:

"" Do you guys think that Andrew Tan out-do himself or you prefer him to be more on the slimmer-side" instead?!!!

---- Well, it looks like we should finally say BYE-BYE to Twinky Andrew Tan and Welcome MANLY Andrew Tan with open arms ---

I can't find the Red-Poster picture on the internet!!!!!!!!!

Look carefully at his bulging triceps & biceps!!!!!!! - April 2010 - Intimidating Or Not?!!! - No more twinky, cute-cute look ler.....

And compare it with this 2008 picture of him in an autograph-signing event....! Look at his scrawny arms?!!!1

Again, at Terimee's Promo Event, April 2010
- Is it me only -Or does anyone else notice that besides the arms, chest & thighs, the "Bulge" has also got bigger?" --- Hehehehehehe

And compare to his 2008 album promo event again.....The innocent, twinkish looking Andrew Tan.

And the MANLY 2010 Andrew Tan!!!!

Help!! - I Want Those Posters as well!!!!!!!!
I wonder whether Andrew Tan will come across my blog and as a token of appreciation in promoting him to the WORLD of PLUs, send some posters to me?!!!!!

You guys can go to and for those students out there, if you sign-up for their programme, you'll get an Andrew Tan Student Privilege Card where you can keep "Him" in your "pocket" -- Be it "front" or " back", "Andrew Tan" will forever "2-Become-1" with you as long as he's in your wallet!!!!!! Hehehehe

From the side view, he kinda look like Fahrenheit's Wu Chun...

Andrew Tan is also the spokesperson for HTC 2010.

Wow..In just 2-years...He's gone BUFF indeed!

Well...Guess i'll just continue toning my arms with my 10 lbs dumbell oh! --- With that weight, i doubt i could ever emulate Andrew Tan! - Yikes!

And compare this 2008 photo of him with Stella Chung. Hahaha - You look at the top picture and see whether you can spot any difference?

The shirt in the Top picture looks like it's going to explode! While the picture above, it seems like there's alot of empty "spaces" left to be filled in his long sleeve shirt oh!!

                                      2008                                                                      2010

His latest pictures, taken in May 2, 2010 at the 17th Anugerah Industri Muzik ( AIM ) Awards where he performed his song and was nominated for Best Local Chinese Album.

And compare it with this 2008 picture of him when he won the Best Local Chinese Album AIM Ke-15. Hahaha...He needed the blazer to make him look bigger than usual oh!

Well, all in all, i think we should be proud that Malaysia is able to produce such a handsome up-and-coming male singer. And i do wish Andrew Tan all the best in his future undertakings and hopefully one day, he will achieve the MEGASTAR status of fellow Malaysian Singer Michael Wong ( Guang Liang ) and Nicholas Teo ( Zhang Dong Liang )!

Here's his 2009 mega hit song, Tian Hou 天后. And have a wonderful weekend ahead . Muacks from Simon!

Perfoming Live in AIM Awards, 2 May 2010.


William said...

Nice pic of his back. But some pics of his arms a bit scary, like out of proportion.

Anonymous said...

Eee!!! OMG! I don't like his look. He looks weird and sometimes scary to me. Do you think he's even handsome?

nicky05 said...

Woohoo!!!! Sexy back!!! make me think back Justin Timberlake song - SEXY BACK!!!...XD

andy said...

i tweet this. andrew should be proud. good job simon!

Anonymous said...

I prefer his muscles - skinny boys can't pick you up and carry you off to the bedroom to be ravished without getting a slipped disc. - Ian

vebie said...

is it me only or do any of you guys think that dance choreography is totally salah??

Bravebear said...

muscles!!! but I dont really fancy his looks...

C'est la vie said...

erm...... I prefer his 2008 original body. WTH with that face and that body. Not a good combination. And why every celebrity must be turned into gayish look huh? Coz the last few pics of the blue pants and the short sleeve shirt is so the G.H.E.Y.


i wanna see his nipples :P

William said...

I also agree. Why cannot show nipples?

Fable Frog said...

Wah~ such thorough post!! i will die if i kept my post so long and organized! LOL But i think when he was skinny~ he's too skinny~ when he bulked up, too bulky (in the arms) pulak~ in between would be nice~

Skyhawk said...

How do you find all his pic, amazing! His triceps look very inflated in one of the pics...but overall, he is now nicely built, but too fair..脂粉味too strong!

Lee said...

Hi Simon, thank you for this. It's very difficult for fans like me who barely speak Chinese to find info about Andrew.

To answer your Q, I prefer the original him ;) He looks good all buffed up yeah, but it doesn't feel natural. To me, at least.

Anonymous said...


link within

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