Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr. Manhunt Singapore 2010 - Finalists!

Singapore's annual Mr. Manhunt is back! This year's Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2010 Finals will be held on 5th June 2010 while this coming 26th May 2010 is the Swimwear Parade show at The Heeren shopping centre, 6.30 pm. So, for all the sexy Singaporean Boys out there, don't miss the chance of seeing these hunks, LIVE in their skimpy swimtrunks and remember, please take more photos and don't be so stingy of not sharing it with me ya!

All @ The Heeren,
Swimwear Parade : 26 May 2010 ( 6.30 pm onwards )
Finals : 5 June 2010 ( 4.00 pm onwards )

Not much info / official pages that i can find on the net. So, i can't really find their full name, age, as well as Stats. Most of the pictures were sourced from: - Singapore Calendar Guys.

Que Andre Kasbani

Shwan Ng

Jovin Koh 
Former winner of Mr.Singapore 2008 but was stripped of his title for failing to fulfill his obligations, for not answering emails and calls, and for refusing to represent Singapore in Mr. International 2008 Pageant ( source: ) 
- - And i wonder why he is still joining beauty pageants? Anyway, he's one cute hottie though! --

Benjamin Tan

Alex Lim


Dylan Ng

Jun Hong

Kee Wee

Brothers - Koh Bin and Koh Jin ( I'm not which is which though )....

Matthew Lou


Ridwan Bakri

Sean Phua

SH Akhtar

Zach Tan

Zack Tan


So guys!After seeing their pictures, who do you think should win Mr. Manhunt Singapore 2010?!!!
-- Please leave your comments ya! --
( My favourites are -- Que Andre Kasbani, Shwan Ng, Jovin Koh, Zach Tan! Hehehe - I'll try find more pictures of them before the finals ya! )


the happy go lucky one said...

as always nice bodies. but not so young look lor :P

Horny BF said...

None that tickled my fancy ... ahem.
I'll stick to the tried-and-tested, can? :)

William said...

I'll get KH to take pics during the swimwear parade!

Anonymous said...

The boys look good in the sexy trunks by SportsmenAsia but I kinda wish that one of these says, they'd wear the ultra-skimpy trunks worn by bodybuilders :p

Takashi said...

Some dont even have the body!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Shwan!! :)

Sofi said...

agree with takashi :)

Rob said...

I can't believe this is happening on the 26th when I don't arrive in Singapore until the 27th. I'm gonna miss seeing the sexy hunks in person! And they do look so good, I wonder how I could get a job back staging helping the guys change into their trunks :-)

Anonymous said...

Into their trunks Rob? That means there will be another job for someone to help them out of their trunks after the contest is over. When they have been parading under hot lights and need a sponge bath to wipe away the sweat. I volunteer. - Ian

Bravebear said...

I vote for Zack Tan. Others have better body but in my opinion they not lengzai or cute or whatever!!!

Matthew Ko that don't have THE body also won the Mr Hong Kong 2005.

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