Monday, November 28, 2011

Melbourne's Hottest Gay Asian Hunk - Shane!

Watched, The Adventures of Tintin, with da Horny BF today....A nice animated movie indeed. I used to read Tintin comics, way back in the early 1990's when my cousins used to borrow it from the Library.

Anyway, here's a tribute to my avid reader, Rob H, a sexy Australian who has a knack for Asian Boys! -- His Favourite, Melbourne's Hottest Gay Asian Boy - Shane Hong! [ of Vietnamese-descent ]! -- Accompanied with a few youtube videos, uploaded by Rob H, himself, in the recently concluded, Mr.Lotus 2011 competition!

[ Well....I'm sure many of my readers here has a booty as bootylicious, as well as an expert in shakin' your BON BON, just like Shane! -- Don't DENY it! ]

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Driver?! - I'm A Top!

This topic is something similar to this post :

This question arises while we were driving down to Melaka for a short excursion, a few weeks back.  The funny thing was, even though it's the Horny BF's car, yet..I'm the one driving instead of him! -- So, this made me wonder, whether, the statement below, which is accepted universally, in our Gay World, is really true or it's just a perception instead?!!!

"The Guy Who Drives Is Usually The TOP, While The One Who Lets The Other Half Do The Driving, Is Usually The BOTTOM!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Spread Your "Love"....!

Last weekend, I went for a short 2D1N trip to the Land Of White Coffee, for an ex-colleague's Wedding dinner. Goin' back to the Land Of White Coffees [ Yes....Where on earth can you find a coffee drink, which is White in colour?!!!! Yes, "White" in colour! Even the British couldn't turn the coffee, white! ... Ahhh.... You can only find it, here, the Land Of White Coffee, of course! ]

I can remember, a long, long, long time ago ...... Buying local souvenirs is a breeze .....

a) My Favourite "Kaya Puff" shop. Back then, the shop is so dearth of customers until the owners were so free to chase the flies away, each time when we visit them [ Cantonese: "Pak Wu Ying!" ]. No thanks to a certain TV Programme Show aka "Ho Chak" which featured them on air..... Now? Each time the queue is so damn long, no thanks to the crazy KL-ites who craves for homemade "Kaya Puffs"! Sometimes, the situation is so bad until the owner has to limit 1 box of 10's to each customers unless they pre-order. Since then, situations like below happen, nearly each time during my visits:

Customer : I come from so far, KL, ya'know....! and I waited for 30 minutes - d! No matter how, you must give me 10 boxes!
Owner : Tiu nei geh ma chao hai! [ aka Fuck your mother's cunt! ]. I don't care where you come from, either you take it or leave it! If you don't like, " Nei tong ngo - lan! Mm mou jor ju ngo jou sang yi!" -- aka, Get the fuck off here! Don't disturb me doing business! --- Hahaha ...Yup, the owner will not give you any "face" at all - one! -- and yet, the customer will end up buying from them......Haik!

b) My Favourite "The Flying Fox of The Snowy Mountain" 雪山飛狐 Tau Fu Fa -- aka Hokkien: "Tao Huey" or "Soy Custard" --- Yes, the only place where you can get the smoothest Tau Fu Fa in Malaysia, probably due to the secret ingredient, which the water from the mountains... 山水豆腐花 ......  Last time, there was no such thing as "Drive Through" Tau Fu Fa stall , where you can order the Tau Fu Fa and drink in your car ...... And even by 6-7pm, you are still able to buy a bowl of Tau Fu Fa and eat on the spot....No thanks to the Internet Age, it has turned into a chaotic "Drive Through" Tau Fu Fa stall with a queue as long as 500meters and it's not double, nor triple...It's quadruple parking - somemore!!!! Just for a bowl of 80-cents' taufufa!! --- Sigh.

c) The Grand "Dim Sum" dining experience -- Back then, they have been in business at the very same corner building for more than half a century. But with new generations taking over, they have built their own dim sum shop...Possibly the largest "Dim Sum" restaurant in whole Malaysia ..... Spanning 4 stories of the size of 3 shoplots .... Yes, the restaurant has indeed managed to exude it's " Wealth Mountain" Restaurant name....Really hate those KL - people....Hahaha ....Like whole life never eat "Dim Sum" before.... Probably the only "Dim Sum" restaurant in Malaysia, where one needs to queue up and take your queue number first and wait, probably 20-30 minutes for a table!

d) Last but not least, how can I not mention their White Coffee, since I'm in the Land of White Coffee, right?! -- The original kopitiam and their very first, franchise outlet, remains the best place to savour their White Coffee, and yet, you guys thought you have tasted the best white coffee ever, in your neighbourhood Franchise outlet! --- Nothing beats their original, hot white coffee, prepared by old-aunties who have no qualms at shouting "Fuck You" -- "Nia-mah", if you don't speak loud or clear enough when ordering, at their dilapidated corner restaurant.

Anyway, please spread your love to the ones that you care / lust / love / infatuated ..... Muacks from Simon Lover! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is It Good To Be A Hoarder?

 That's why, sometimes I'm not sure whether being a hoarder is a good thing or not...Here's what I managed to uncover today, while doing some spring cleaning during my off day ......

Spirited Away ( 27/11/2002 )

Bart Fan 范巴特 Photography.

Sorry for being AWOL, again! But, some of you guys might have read my continuation of Far-Far-Far-Away-Galaxy-Part-II, where I had to shelve it momentarily to re-edit those XXX-pictures into X-pictures, before posting up again! Hehehe...Sorry to "Brainy Smurf" ya!

Anyway..Here are some wonderful pictures from a budding Taiwanese photographer, Bart Fan. Enjoy ya!

[ p/s: Just went for a job interview today....I really admire those interviewers..."How can they excel so good during interview session! -- Interrogative, Intimidative, Assertive, Manipulative, Cunning, yet can be so humble & amiable at the same time! Hmmmm ..... If I were to take up this new job, I'll need to use at least 95% of my brains, [ up from the current 5% ], everyday when I go to work!!! Yikes!  --- Only reprieve? -- The possibility of HUNKY GAY LOU(s) visiting me after their gym session since I'm just next door!!!! Should I take up the offer? Tsk, tsk, tsk...... ]

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This weekend, Me & Da Horny BF decided to have an excursion to a place somewhere Far-Far-Away. Stepping into this Far-Far-Away-Land made me reminisced about my ex-Far-Far-Away-Land work place which kept me in the "wild" for a few years, before I managed to regain my sanity last year! Haha --

And coincidentally, my Far-Far-Away-Grand-Old-Dame-cum-ex-landlady called me while I was squatting down at the roadside, exposing my UNDERWEAR band, to the horror of the "People" of this Far-Far-Away-Town! -- Talking about nostalgia, eh?  ----- Wait...Shouldn't it be "Me" to be in shock, by the sights of never-seen before, Far-Far-Away-Land-Punya genitalias?!!!! Yikes!  

Just by the look of this picture, can you guys imagine what adventure awaits Simon Lover?!!!!! 
It's been a while since Simon Lover having to have "deep", "heavy" breathings and releasing unwanted "moans" at inappropiate occassions? 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8 Days Top 20 Shirtless Guys - Hunk#11 Xavier Hu!

Singapore's "8 Days" magazine "Top 20 Shirtless Guys" contest:

Hunk #11: Xavier Hu Xi Hong

DOB: 17 March 1988
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 67 kg 
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Chest : 40
Waist : 30
Hip : 37
[ I have blogged Xavier before over HERE, where he had also participated in Manhunt Singapore 2010 and finished 4th runner-up...If you notice his Stats back then, he was only 64kg, chest 38, hips, 36.... Guess he has improved a lot, eh?! ]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

8 Days Top 20 Shirtless Guys - #13 Richmond Ang

The search for Singapore's "8 Days" magazine's winner of Top 20 Shirtless Guys are on! Here is the first featured Guy from the list! 

Hunk #13
Name: Richmond Ang
DOB: 20 July 1987
Stats: 181cm, 74kg

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Singapore's "8 Days" Top 20 Shirtless Guys!

Now that the New Icon For Him's Malaysia's Top 12 Hottest Hunks 2011/2012 contest has concluded [ with the crowning of Jordan Yeoh as the winner! Pictures HERE ]; we shall shift our focus to down South which is, Singapore's "8 Days Magazine's Top 20 Shirtless Guys" competition!

Wow! It seems that we are bombarded with neverending male beauty pageants in Malaysia / Singapore - eh?!! Seriously, are there a lot of good-looking hunks in both countries? Hahaha ... Well, it's better for you to judge by yourself ya!

8 Days Magazine...I wonder whether they are still selling at S$2 / issue. Back in my elder bro's NUS Days... he used to buy 8 Days magazines and never fails to bring it back, each time when he's back home. Hence, I was exposed to lots of half-naked Singaporean Male Celebrities at a very young age! Hahahaha.

[ Yes...I have an elder brother in Singapore...Last time I used to head down to Singapore at least twice a year. Yup! Back when most of the swimming pools at Singapore were still open concept! --- For example:  Drooling at naked boys showering at Katong Pool!!! Towel Club, One Seven...Sounds familiar? Tsk, tsk, tsk .... ] --- .

..But then, throughout this 5 years, I've only been to Singapore 3 times only...Sad case hor? --- And next year, I will be given the honorable title of "Uncle Simon" jor -- Where I'll foresee in 10 years time, the cute little baby will grow up into a pestering menace with incessant queries of " Why Uncle Simon not married - one?!"

Okay, Okay...Back to today's Post. Yup, 8 Days Magazine is having the "Top 20 Shirtless Guys" contest with the finale on 20th November 2011.

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