Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bart Fan 范巴特 Photography.

Sorry for being AWOL, again! But, some of you guys might have read my continuation of Far-Far-Far-Away-Galaxy-Part-II, where I had to shelve it momentarily to re-edit those XXX-pictures into X-pictures, before posting up again! Hehehe...Sorry to "Brainy Smurf" ya!

Anyway..Here are some wonderful pictures from a budding Taiwanese photographer, Bart Fan. Enjoy ya!

[ p/s: Just went for a job interview today....I really admire those interviewers..."How can they excel so good during interview session! -- Interrogative, Intimidative, Assertive, Manipulative, Cunning, yet can be so humble & amiable at the same time! Hmmmm ..... If I were to take up this new job, I'll need to use at least 95% of my brains, [ up from the current 5% ], everyday when I go to work!!! Yikes!  --- Only reprieve? -- The possibility of HUNKY GAY LOU(s) visiting me after their gym session since I'm just next door!!!! Should I take up the offer? Tsk, tsk, tsk...... ]

Bart Fan 范巴特

And here are some of his works! ENjoy!

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William said...

Who is Brainy Smurf?
Wow. Hawt picture in the library.

Anonymous said...

A very nice set!

Lazy Smurf said...

Brainy Smurf is a friend of mine from the same village =.='

Sorry Simon Lover of what he did...

Rob H said...

Wow, thanks for introducing me to Bart.Fan. I love his photography, so sexy :-) That pic he used for the exhibition flyer is so hot! Those hot boys getting all horny in the bookshop. Imagine if you were just browsing in the bookshop and walked around a corner and saw that? What would you do?

Prachya Lakmuang said...

Very Great Idea.
I love Green color that he do.
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