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All Male, All Nude - Huang Ding 皇鼎 Hot Spring, Beitou Taipei

It's been 4 years since my last visit to Taipei, and so much has changed in Taipei's gay scene. One of my all-time top posts is this particular one on Chuan Tang ( 川湯溫泉 Kawayu Spa ) -- I guess people from all over the world that will be going to Taipei, will definitely google search about Taipei's infamous all Male, all Nude, hotsprings in Beitou, Taipei.

4 years later, Chuan Tang has become from the most happening & hottest hotspring - to the hotspring that has been given the cold shoulders by gays. It is still popular among straight men who bring their families and kids along -- But partly because Chuan Tang , well ... once you pass through the Noren ( Japanese curtain hanging in the door ) -- Basically you can see the whole area in one look ( unlike Huang Ding with its' numerous hidden spots ) and they have also renovated their Steam Room into a translucent wall where people can see what is happening in the steam room. from the outside.

So , why is Huang Ding Spa ( 皇鼎金尊溫泉 ) is so popular among gay men in Taiwan, and also to visitor alike?

Well, let us go through some of the details from my recent trip.

A crowd in Huang Ding Spa 皇鼎金尊溫泉 

Well, I don't think I need to write the complete direction details to Huang Ding, I'm sure everyone who goes travelling, will definitely Google Map themselves to their desired destinations -- there is no direct MRT to the hot springs in Beitou, you need to alight at the nearest MRT e.g Shipai MRT Station -- and take a taxi or a bus -- and alight at Lane 3, Xing Yi Road ( Don't worry, they have auto announcements on the next bus stop with English titles )

Website :
Entrance Fee: NTD250
Bring your own towel, if not, you either buy their skimpy white cock towels at NT100/pc or blow dry yourself while standing naked in the locker room -- your choice! 

Huang Ding - Day View

Huang Ding Night View 

You will not missed the entrance to Huang Ding ... Once you enter Lane 3, Xing Yi Road -- You just walk to your left and you can see Huang Ding, with its' big golden Arch entrance. --- If you turn right and walk down the slope, that's where Chuan Tang Spa is. 

The reception area where you pay the NTD250 entrance fee

After that, of course, look for this noren with the word "男" -- which means "MAN"

Upon entering, you will see the dressing table, lockers for your bags and shoe racks.

The blue lockers

The dressing table

 The shoe rack ...

Instructions on how to lock your locker :

1. First, pick your 4-digit password with the numbers aligned in the center

2. Then, you turn the key attached on it, to your left ..

3. Voila! -- Your locker is locked and remove & keep the key

4. Do note however, that some of the lockers are faulty -- If it doesn't lock after you have turn the key, it means it's spoilt! - Search for the next locker instead. 

( You may need to try whether the locker is functioning first before stripping -- If not you will end up like me -- standing all naked and searching all over for functioning lockers with nothing to cover my cock! )

The urinal and cramped toilet next to it, for you to clear your bowel for the XXX sexsion

So, why is Huang Ding so popular nowadays? -- Kindly look at the map below :
So, we analyst the map from right - to - left : 

1. Kindly ignore the right section of the map which is written "Originally female hotspring" --- because I couldn't find the connection area based on the map -- and also I heard one Pinoy pointing and asking the staff whether they can go in to that "section" -- and the staff rudely replied in broken English "No, No, No -- Women, Women! " 

2. The "Dry Sauna Room" near to the urinal -- Has been turned into additional lockers and shoe racks. 

3. The Shower points (4 hoses ) section has been turned into more lockers too ( Gosh! Lockers every where -- means it can get very crowded, eh?! )

4. They have removed the partition at Shower point ( 3 hoses ) and widen the shower area ,so that everyone can see you shower when they walk past. 

5. There is one additional room, at the left side of the map , just before the smoking /rest area -- You walk down the stairs, and you will see a hidden dry sauna room.

5. And the rest remain the same. 

This is how it looks like after you come out from the dressing room -- 

From far right -- The Cold Pool -- Hot Pool -- Medium Hot Pool -- "Steam Room" and the missing "Benches" at the corner left where you can sit and watch people dipping in the pool, walking, or showering opposite you.

The view of the hot spring pool from the bench.

On good days -- You will see the pool filled with guys like below , dipping in the pool -- some sitting at the sides soaking their feet ... Chatting, bonding & some mutual masturbations happening under the water ....etc 

You do not need to worry about having tattoos on your body, unlike most onsen in Japan where they disallow guys with tattoos due to hygienic purposes and rather, to maintain the sanctity / purity of the place 

The shower area

 "The Steam Room " 

Well -- That's where the actions happen -- Just like your regular gay sauna or gym steam room -- Hugging , Kissing, Blow-Jobs, Jerk Offs, Voyeurism ( But sadly, no fucking ) - The room is filled with lusty men of all ages and all sizes and all nationalities 

Yes, you have fit, good-looking Caucasian guys with big cocks too ( Unlike the older Caucasian men mostly seen in Thailand )  -- Unfortunately, I find Taiwanese people are more shy towards Caucasian men -- partly because of communication difficulties or they are afraid of their giant cocks ( That's me! Oops ) --- Unlike in Malaysia, Singapore,Thailand, Philippines --- Any Caucasian man that walks past them, prepare to be drugged and raped by those nationalities! LOL 

"The 3 Hot Pools"

The Smoking / Resting area

and just before you enter the smoking area, there is a flight of stairs where you can go down, and that's where another hidden Dry Sauna Room is 

"The Hidden Dry Sauna Room"

Now, this place is even wilder than the earlier wet "Steam Room" 

Basically, it's like one big, Dark Room -- But, the lights from outside is sufficient enough for you to guess how the person looks like..

This is where you'll see, all the sort of activities that happen in a Dark Room, can be found here. Mass orgy where one guy enjoys being surrounded by a group of guys , whereby one sucking his nipples, one kissing him, one sucking his cock, one fingering him -- attracting guys to congregate around the orgy. 

Mutual masturbations -- Guys helping you to jerk off ( I like slow, gentle jerking with some teasing and caressing on the cock head, pulling your foreskin up and down the shaft slowly and gently --- But then again, Taiwanese guys can be very rough! )

Endless SOFT moans ... Squeaky SOFT moans ... Orgasmic SOFT moans ... and Yes, there are SOFT & GENTLE fuckings happening in this area -- Bareback, with condoms , double penetrations ( exaggerating me ) 

LOL -- Why did I keep mentioning "SOFT" ? Because, Bear in mind , this place is an "ALL-MALE" hot spring , NOT "ALL GAY hot spring" -- Means straight men, fathers and sons -- still patronize the place ---- So, you still need to keep it low and soft to avoid unnecessary attention.

No wonder the gay forums have been raving about 皇鼎金尊溫泉!

Unfortunately, you don't have this kinda shower at Huang Ding  皇鼎金尊溫泉 -- only  in Japan's onsen and Chuan Tang Spa, next door ...

In summary :

1. Huang Ding 皇鼎金尊溫泉 is an ALL-MALE -- NOT " ALL-GAY"  hot spring 溫泉 in Beitou 北投, Taipei, Taiwan ( Though the night I was there, it's like 100% all gays ) -- So, you still need to be careful and keep it down. Taiwanese guys are well-mannered and they don't mind you touching them openly -- But if they resist, then it's best for you to just move on to another guy.

2. Taiwanese people are not shy -- Hunky guys, cute guys, bear guys, uncles -- They just walk around proudly without covering their cocks -- So, it's good for gay couples, goodie-goodie boys, nerds, asexual gays -- to just go to Huang Ding, have a good soak at Beitou's hot spring and do some cock-watching / guy-watching --- Not necessarily going to a gay hot spring means seedy sex all the time --- You can even make friends with the guys at the pool, have a good chat, a good laugh -- who knows, you guy can be good friends or even partners in future! 

3. The best time to visit is from evening, 5pm onwards until 11pm ( Public transport like buses and MRTs end their services by midnight! ) -- and weekends ( If you read forums like blowingwind / tt1069 -- on good weekends, the place is easily filled with 150 - 200 guys ) -- winter /cooling season ( Oct - Mar )


Cheers and Hugs from Simon.

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