Monday, June 19, 2017

"Formal"-ity Fetish! - Spy Cam

For us gays, looking at a well-toned man, in his going-to-burst work shirt --- is like straight guys looking at office girls in miniskirts! Who doesn't love a guy, in a smart, tight-fitting formal wear attire, right? 

Imagine, to those who commute to work with public transport -- You can see many guys in formal wear at the Bus/MRT stations and trains -- That's why don't see sleepy gays on morning trains -- everyone will be on alert with their phones out ( either being friendly and try to get their contacts or searching the "apps" to see whether they are one of them -- or taking spy-cam pictures -- just like the photos below ) , training their mascara-ed eyes for eye contacts , some gays in tight working clothes will be more than happy to sashay along the aisle to show off their tight booties, hoping to attract the men! 

Exec man on the MRT Train

Sometimes, you feel that you are raped mentally throughout the whole day! Why? 

First, you are mentally-raped in the MORNING - with guys going to work in their formal wears :

Exec guy heading to work

Exec man waiting for a bus in the morning @Singapore

Only straight guys fall asleep on buses! -- LOL

Exec reloading or buying MRT Tickets

Exec man waiting at the MRT Station
( Note at his interesting socks selection )

And then, once you are in the bus or even MRT Train --- more guys are inside there to torture you! 

 Exec guy opting for the belt-less look

Exec guy with matching brown belt and brown shoes ( Very popular look among Singaporean and Hong Kong men )

Exec guy opting for the trimmed-rugged look 

Those days, before the smartphone era, guys used to read books, newspapers, listening to their CD Players, staring blankly or even taking a short nap  --- But now, everyone will be on their phones upon entering the train 

Once you are AT WORK -- you are mentally raped again by your colleagues in the office!

Be it in the lift ......

Be it at the staircase ...

Be it at the toilet .....

Be it at their work desk 

or even during meetings / discussion time ----!

How to not get mentally raped when a colleague of yours, dressing & looking like that -- presenting their work during meetings? 

And in a matter of time,  it's already LUNCH ! -- and you are in for another round of mental-rape ....

 Guys everywhere, queuing up to buy lunch ...

With you, queuing behind their perky derriere  ... That's the worst mental torture, one can do to a gay Top! 

Sometimes we just wish our lunch time can be longer, right?!

And then after lunch, you go back to work and continue your meetings ...

 How to continue your focus during the meeting, when your boss sits like that?????

Your hunky colleague chatting with you during tea breaks, and sharing his fitness tips to you ....

When you are too stressful and you go down to have a cigarette, -- only for you to find another hunky guy smoking besides you ....

Or, the other way to de-stress from your mental torture during the lazy afternoon work --- Office Toilet! 

And so, it's already 6.00pm ! Time to get off from work ! -- Off you go to the nearest public transport station and again, guys everywhere! 

Gosh! Another perky derriere! 

 Work bags are very important to complement your formal wear look 

Such a cutie!

 Form-fitting, figure-hugging pants makes you look great -- avoid pants which are too loose, especially those with excess cloth hanging in your lower butt section -- If you have flat butts, go tailor-make your pants, and I will guarantee you, that you will look hot in it, even though it's flat.

Slim fit -- Flat front - Pants is a must have in everybody's wardrobe! 

You may not want to go back home immediately -- Instead, you will wanna spend time at the gym in the EVENING instead --- But once inside the gym, again you will be mentally raped again by the guys in office wear at the locker-room! -- How to run away, right?! 

Imagine how this hunky tattoo-ed guy will look like in Formal Wear .....

Finally, you are done with your gym sexsion -- It's already NIGHT time and you head back home for dinner and rest ... Again, you are raped mentally by formal-wear guys dressing sloppily after their gym sexsions too! 

 You don't need to put on your belt and button your clothes after night gym -- Since you're heading home anyway ...

Guys with gym bags at MRTs is a common sight in Singapore and Hong Kong

But that's not the END of your DAY  -- you reached home, and you see your partner or friend -- in formal wear -- got down on all fours! 

Imagine, even removing your shoes -- you can't get away from being raped mentally by guys in formal wear!

With a guy in this pose at your doorstep, what would you do then??

Of course, you tie him up! 

Then slowly unbuckle his pants!

And remove his shirt!

And you end your long, arduous, torturing, Formal Wear Day with a GOOD FUCK! 

Cheers from Silly Simon!

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William said...

Guys will start wearing lycra slacks to work.

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