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All Male, All Nude - Chuan Tang Hot Spring - Taipei, Taiwan

Hi Guys! Haha...I think I've been scolded by many of my friends for not updating my blog for such a long time! -- Everyone is anticipating my Taiwan pictures!! -- Well, "don't-lah" generalize all my trips to be sexciting and sextertaining, right?! -- I can be a good boy, ya'know?!

Taiwan is famous for hot springs and a visit to Taiwan is not complete, unless you've been to their hot springs! One of the most popular Hot Spring for gay boys is Chuan Tang ( 川湯溫泉 )  Hot Spring or aka Kawayu Spa ( Website: ), located in Beitou, Taipei. Any particular advantage ? -- Well, it's an All Male, All Nude, 24 Hours Hot Spring - guys!

Please read the latest review of the current must-go Hot Spring in Taipei, updated July 2017
- All Male, All Nude - Huang Ding 皇鼎 Hot Spring, Beitou Taipei

Yes...You guys will not be disappointed with the crowd! - Trust me! 

Directions to Chuan Tang Hot Springs ( Taken from Pluboy's blog!  )

1. From Shipai MRT Station ( Blue Line ) -- As you exit the station, keep right. Cross the road. Walk along the road, where you can see a bakery, 7-11, Cosmed and then, cross one more road, where you  can a see a shop called, China Trust - That's where the bus stop is.

2. Take Bus 508, 535, 536 -- Just hop on to any of these buses and pay only when exit ( About NTD 15 )

3) Sit until Sinyi Road Stop #3. After 3 minutes after the bus ride, it will pass through a General Hospital on your left, before going up a long winding mountain road. Please take note, after the bus has passed the General Hospital ( which is located at the foothill ) , you'll see a street signboard "Alley 300" -- Do not get down -- I repeat .. Do not alight. Chuan Tang is Lane 300 and it takes a good 7-10 minutes uphill ride -- and slowly, you can see the signboard with the lane numbers getting bigger and bigger -- Lane 240 ... Lane 265 ... Lane 280

4) Then, when you see a huge collection of signboards ( just like the picture below ), ring the bell and get off. Chances are people are also getting off there.-- Chuan Tang's signboard is in white background with green wordings.

5) This is how the area looks like as you walk along the alley.

6) Just continue walking and you'll reach a Y junction -- Take the right alley and a few steps later, you'll see Chuan Tang's Main Entrance ( just like the arrow below )

Chuan Tang Hot Spring Main Entrance
7) Just go down the stairs

8) And you'll reach another T-Junction -- On your left, is a row of restaurants / stalls and that's where you should turn to reach the hot spring's entrance -- But first, you need to turn to right side first because you need to buy the entrance ticket NTD200 ( About RM20 )

Ticketing Counter 

The row of restaurants / stalls where the Hot Spring entrance is located at the end of the alley.

The Hot Spring Entrance -- Blue is for Male and the ticketing lady will collect your tickets.

Immediately after you enter the door, the locker room is on your right side and this is roughly, how the lockers look like. Yup, it's kinda small ... So, you need to prepare 2xNTD10 coins for the locker.

Without further ado, just strip down your clothes and get naked! -- Everyone is doing it, so don't feel embarrass at all! -- Taiwanese people are not shy at all! 

This Chuan Tang Map is drawn by PluBoy -- Slick isn't it? =)

But he missed out an area on the right side of the lockers, where paid massages are held. You can pick what type of massage you want and generally it cost about NTD1000 and above. Yup, you are massaged in full nude and in full glory as well, where the hot spring patrons can see you in full view... So, please don't get any erection ya?!!! -- Unless you are really proud of your 8-inch rock hard, erect cock - lah! =)

Remember to bring a small towel to dry yourself ya!  ( or  to cover up your dick for those who are too shy -- But once you enter the hot spring, you'll find yourself the odd one out because NO ONE will cover their dicks  with their towel .... Everyone just parade in full glory! 

After getting yourself naked, proceed to the shower stalls.

 Yup, this is how the shower stalls look like. And if you look at PluBoy's Map, the whole area is basically one big rectangular, open-space hot spring. 

So, everyone can see you shower. Hence, if you feel that you have an excellent body and a well endowed cock -- Just stand up and shower yourself, sensually, facing your body towards the crowd, slowly wet yourself from head to toe ... The sight of you soaping your butt hole and cock, slowly caressing your chest and abs with the foam, --- will definitely make you the center of attention! 

Yeah baby -- Eveyone will be looking at you while you're showering...So, why don't you just put on a good show and enjoy the kinky, sensual feeling of being watched?! 

Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed. Hence, no photos from me. But this is how the hot spring looks like. The guys will be either soaking in the hot water or sitting at the side of the pool. -- Most of them will be chatting with their group of friends -- Striking conversations with the guy they fancy -- Enjoying the view of naked guys around the pool -- Teasing, squeezing nipples and molesting each other cocks in brotherly-ways ( you know, the way straight boys like to touch each other's cock ) --- 

The best time to visit is 5pm onwards and throughout the night, especially on weekends. Me & Horny BF arrived at 6 pm and stayed until 9.30pm .. There were about 100-150 naked guys all over! 

If you reach early, chances are there might be fathers / children as well. But after 8pm or so, majority of the crowd are bicurious. And what kinda guys you'll get to see at Chuan Tang Hot Spring? 20-40 years old, lean-fit, gym-fit, twinks, twunks like the ones below .....

Taiwanese Guys are not shy to show off their dicks at all -- Imagine I was sitting by the side of the pool -- And a bunch of hunky naked studs, standing directly in front of me, chit chatting, with their cocks exactly at my eye-level 

Don't you just feel like pulling the guys over to you?!!

Yup guys --- I'm not exaggerating -- But these are the kind of guys you'll get to see @ Chuan Tang Hot Spring. And these guys are not shy either. They are willing to shower erotically, standing around without covering their cocks with their hands ( Most Asians do that ) --- The peer pressure of everyone showing off their cocks made me do the same too!! - Sigh -- I'm a shy boy ma ...

The steam room is the only place for action -- If you arrive early, there will be lesser crowd in the steam room. That's where you can see some action by the daring ones -- However, the actions are limited to blow jobs and jerk-offs. But 8pm and above -- The steam room will be too pack -- or rather, so pack until you can't even enter the room! Guys will lining up naked outside the steam room, and once, a guy comes out, the next guy will try to push their luck in.

However, Taiwanese guys are a shy lot. Perhaps majority of the crowd are bicurious, most guys don't dare to touch your cock first. If this is Malaysia or Singapore -- My, My ... a packed room with guys squeezing body-to-body with you, you'll get molested or raped immediately! -- Unless you "accidentally" brushed or touched their cocks, and they looked eye-to-eye without and doesn't mind you touching them accidentally --- Then only they will response back by touching your cock -- Sien-kan?!

Nevertheless, Chuan Tang Hot Spring is one of the highlight of my trip. Any Gay Trip to Taiwan will not be complete with a visit to their hot spring. Even if there is no sex involved, you can just enjoy yourself soaking in the hot spring pool ... Relaxing your muscles after a tiring shopping day trip .. and just enjoy the wonderful sigh of beautiful naked men, cajoling around.

Here is the address of Chuan Tang ( 川湯溫泉  )
No.10, Lane 300, Xingyi Road, Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +886228747979
Open 24 Hours, 7 days a week except on Thursday, 6-10pm where it's closed for cleaning.


Putera said...

then malaysians are more modest, i think..

Mie Zackry said...

ehem..mcm best plak rasa nya... hehe

Allan said...

its not just the sexciting nor the sextertaining parts that we are waiting for..but rather the tongue in the cheek comments and write ups that made yr blog so interesting n entertaining!

Anonymous said...

ya allah! chinese guys are the best to fuck!!!!

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Got chubby guy there? Hehe

Anonymous said...

thought u will do a post on Koh Masai..

hl2694 said...

I wanna be there too ! :(

Anonymous said...

Dear All, who is the boy in the 12th photo? Looked familiar...hmm...

Anonymous said...

how if i got erection once there? aiyo

Prachya Lakmuang said...

I love Asian guys.

BEAUTY said...

thank you so much for posting such clear directions. I always go by taxi so now I can save some $$$ and go by bus. The last time I went in Dec last year, there were really so many cute guys I dont know where to look. And when I went inside the steam room I was groped by a very cute one. ah, memories:)

Anonymous said...

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