Friday, May 3, 2013

May - The National Masturbation Month!

Interestingly, the month of May is also called "The National Masturbation Month" 

I'm sure all of us enjoy Masturbation, right?! ... ( " *Now, don't lie, my dears!" ).

Hence, why don't we just follow the flow and give ourselves some self satisfaction and happiness. You are free to imagine / fantasize during your masturbation session -- Be it watching porn, dreaming of yourself with your loved ones or the guy you that you really fancy -- The orgasm achieved after the climax will indeed make your day happier! 

So, Happy Masturbation Month to all of you here, ya! Muacks!

Imagine the satisfaction that you get by pleasuring yourself?! 

Giving out sensual moans during masturbation heightens the atmosphere!

What is more sexy than leaving cum stains on your abs!

The joy of seeing your cum shooting all over your front body?

The conventional grip of masturbation -- Some are left-handers, while some uses their right hand 

Even LooZiHan couldn't resist masturbating on camera!

Some people love masturbating in the shower! -- It's hassle free and clean - what .... After cumming, you can just soap and wash it out! -- I know I love it ... =) .. How about you guys?!

 Majority of people will close their eyes while masturbating -- Why is it so? 

 The Perfect Morning -- The best time to have a sensual jerk-off that will make your entire day feels good!

 If you are shy, you can always do it behind your back .... =)

 Some people loves to camwhore while masturbating!

Anyone wants to help this guy masturbate? =)

And if you guys dont\'t want your cum to stain all over the floor / bed sheets or even your body, you can always aim it at your palm! -- I'm sure most of you guys have done this before? Anyone cares to admit it?! I know I do ... =)


kiddystick said...

HAPPY MASTURBATING !!! cum cum together !!

nicky05 said...

WOAH.Lol. where is the horny one ?

Confuse Boy said...

wow, now I know why I'm quite active recently. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dearie, besides cumming, please remember to do your duty later today 5 May 2013 ...

simonlover said...

@Dear Dearie: I actually wanted to blog a passionate plea for my readers to vote for a better Malaysia. There are a lot stories that I wanted to share ..Unfortunately,I did not bring my laptop down to my voting hometown and my stupid handphone keep on lagging while I type...

This is my second time voting and I shall vote for a better and safer Malaysia! Muacks

Yue Avatgarde said...

really jealous of you having a bf... haha... can you do a section on how did you have your bf... seriously I would want to have a crush...

Anonymous said...

Agree with yue
we would like to know

Anonymous said...

koh masaki passed away at age 29.

Meve Horron said...

Saki Ootsuka !

Junna Hara !

Nami Oumi !

Tomoe Hinatsu !

Maki Amemiya !

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