Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue!

Can't Get You Out Of My Head!!!! - Has any guys made u think that way before?!!! Every day, every hour, every minute, every seconds...You must think of him!!! - One day without him...You'll feel unenergetic, unmotivated and felt like drowning into the world of depression.  And who shall Him be? --- His name is "SEX"...!

Hahaha. Do not lie. Every single gays think about sex all the time. Those who visit my blog also have the same desire. Gays are guys and what do they have in common? Guys like SEX and so do GAYS. The only differences is the "hole" nia! Hehehe....

Nah..Just a "wuliao" simple post. Here's a wonderful video of the show-stopping performance by Kylie Minogue, singing her 2001 smash hit, Can't Get You Out Of My Head" at the Brit Awards 2002. This performance has been regarded as one of the most groundbreaking and sexiest performance of the Decade. Well, do judge for yourselves. Muacks!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Pictures....& Arguments....

Hahaha...With that kinda of title, i guess you guys can expect some whinings from Simon. Hahaha..which i will keep it short though.

Arguments is a common thing in every relationship. No matter how big or small, arguments usually end up either in a good way or a bad way. Sometimes, too much argument will somehow make one too tired of the relationship. The relationship for the year 2010 started in a rocky way. Throughout the entire month of January, arguing seems to be the favorite pastime, as it persisted nearly everyday either on the phone, face2face, msn due to either side's fault. And you wouldn't want to see two stubborn and hot-tempered guys getting into a fight. Trust me, there will be bruises everywhere. They always know, that most of their arguments will always ended up in harmony. But, that doesn't mean they shud take things for granted. It is just like seeing our parents having a big fight. Most of the time, you don't see them getting a divorce right.

And so, nothing much to say for today. I'll be leaving to Penang this weekend for a short getaway. If there's any luck, you guys might catch me eating my favorite chee cheong fun in Kimberley Street on Saturday Nite or in Sin Seow Fong Lye, Lorong McCallister, on Sunday Morning. ( tentatively lar )

Hahahahaha....It's weird to see Simon indulging in an uncle & aunty activity hor -- But eating street food is one of our favorite activities with the Horny One ...Hehehe...We are not that flamboyant ma. Nowadays, clubbing feels like a strenous activity especially to our backbones. Hahaha. Cafe? Momo? G-Word? Leo Fitness? I'Yang Massage? - I wonder whether they still exists in Penang.

Hotel wise..We are staying in a budget hotel once again. Hahahahaha. But dun worry, i'll seek my revenge the nextm, as i have a special rate to the funky G-Hotel, courtesy from my friend. - It's just that most of the Penang hotels are fully booked this weekend due to Thaipusam, as well as the Federal Territories Day in KL.

Taiwan's Super BoyBand FAHRENHEIT !!!

You tell me which gays dun like them?!!!

Wu Chun! The epitome of Male Beauty. His face is so damn fucking smooth!  He got me transfixed in front of my TV when Hana Kimi was shown. The invincible aura of Wu Chun is definitely too hot to handle!!!
  Jiro Wang. I like his well-toned body, dressing-sense and of course, he's comedic antics. So cute!!
The lesser knowns. Aaron And Calvin. And there are alot of speculation that Aaron might be gay either. Just look at his blog! So feminish!!! 

And Here Comes The RAIN again. 
Falling on my head like a memory,
Falling on my head like a new emotion,
I want to walk in the open wind,
I want to talk like LOVERS do,
I want to dive into your ocean,
Is it RAINING with you..
( Hahaha..One of my fav song....)

Korea's RAIN 
 The epitome of pointy nipples! Hahaha.

 I particularly like this photo. Evrything is so tight-fitting. I don't know when i can wear my Polo Tee that tight. Hahahaha

Rain's own Fashion Label - Six To Five
Rain -- In A Pool @ US. Nice body isn't it?!!
 Come and Undressed "ME" --- Any takers?!!!! -- Hehe.....

Rain has a talent in eating Banana oozing with sexiness, doesn;t he? His mouth "fits" very well indeed. 

Till then, hope you guys enjoy your weekend and try to argue less with your loved ones y. Hope you guys have a lot of sucking as well!!! Muacks Fr Simon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Last Dinner @ The Actors Studio ( 最后的晚餐 )

Haha..I have never seen a play before, but i guess it might interest some of you guys

It is written & directed by Roland Harunari, who is also famous for his stage-play "The Legend Of Leslie" that was potrayed by William San a few years back. This year, Roland brings his latest play, The Last Dinner, which is basically a story of triangular relationship and who will end up getting the true love.


The play is currently running @ The Actors Studio @ Rooftop, Lot 10 ( 8th Floor )
Date : 27, 28, 29 Jan 2010 = 8pm
          30 Jan = 3pm & 8 pm
          31 Jan = 3pm only. ( Language = Mandarin )
Ticket Price: RM 35 ( RM25 for students on 30 & 31 Jan 2010, 3pm show only )
Ticketing Hotline : +603-21432009

for more information, you can visit

Hahahaha..Why suddenly Simon Lover so "hiao" blogged about it leh since he never watched before also & why he didn't mentioned anything about Niki Cheong's "The Swimming Instructor" play leh?

Hehehe..Cuz one of the actors above caught my attention ma...Very lengchai as well, our sexy and charming "One Of Us Lengchai" TY Low. ( not that Niki Cheong ain't hot either...)




 This guy has a thing with tight singlets doesn't he!!!


 TY five years ago compared to TY @ the moment. Gosh. He's changed alot doesn't he. =)

 He and a Malaysian Model, Venesly.

 So, what are you guys waiting for?! Go and support TY Low by watching his play from now till 30th Jan 2010 ya! Take care.

Cristiano Ronaldo's New Giorgio Armani Underwear Ads 2010!

I don't really fancy football that much, but i must admit that Cristiano Ronaldo, the ex-Manchester United & current Real Madrid striker is definitely ONE HOT model!!! Cristiano Ronaldo replaces last season's model, David Beckham and i think he's way much hotter than Becks! Hehehe....So, this are his latest Giorgio Armani Underwear and Jeans Ads for January 2010....Who says playing football can't be sexy eh?!!!

The Perfect S-Shape from the side view...



Amazing Six-Packs!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gay-ventures 1 - First Sauna Experience!

I was surprised by some of the comments from my previous post. Boy, i guess some of you really scrutinize evy word that i wrote. Hahahaha....Example: Utilizing a gay's "hamsap" instincts to the max, some of you managed to relate centimetres to something which are usually measured in "inches" lor...."Hiao" ah!!!

Hahaha. Since i'm in a cheeky mood today, i wanna share a lil' story of me & The Horny One, First Gay Sauna experience.

Once upon a time, in the year of cir. June 2004, Me & The Horny One went on our first trip together, to the land of Sexy Kiasu'ist Gays [ Dun be offended, the kiasu'ism refers to getting the best bods okay? ] - SINGAPORE. Singapore Guys is renowned for their sexy well-toned, tanned bodies, be it straight or gays. [ I don't know why, but i really hate straight guys who behave and looked so gayish - e.g. so particular in maintaining their hairstyle, smooth face, dressing...This kinda stuffs should leave it to the gays instead. Straight guys are supposed to be dirty, "ooh ooh weh weh  @ "rugged" guy with unkempt hair & smelly body odour. Those guys are making our Gaydar haywire and to a more serious extent, threatening the term of "Most Good Looking Guys are Gays". It's so difficult to detect Gays nowadays, especially in Singapore. Take Guys in New Urban Male clothes...Singaporean Guys are crazy about NUM Shirts....

Can you tell me which Singaporean guys are gay in the above pic?!!!!

If a guy wears a singlet like that back in Malaysia, that guy is definitely 100% GAY lor....

And the alpha-straight male, Mr.Singapore 2009, Nelson Lee..In a skimpy, tight speedos. Trust me...Nearly all Singaporean Boys have a skimpy speedo like that and they like to wear it during their tanning session @ public swimming pool. The only time where you can justify a Singaporean Boy in a speedo like that is when they reply to your eye contacts! You cannot go and simply touch any guy in a Singaporean swimming pool [ you can try your luck in Malaysia while swimming because any Guy that wears a Red Speedo is definitely GAY, again! ], thinking he's gay, where you might probably end-up in jail for sexual molestation instead!

Hahahahaha...Oops! I think i moving out of topic ady ler....Gostan Gostan....

Hahahaha...So, back then, we were still students. "Blue Heaven" ( ) was the most affordable sauna for us. It costs only SG$6 with a valid student card. Jalan Pinang. Oh..Those sweet memories. Alighting at Bugis MRT, and walked a distance of about 10mins, passing by the Arab Street & Mosque, Blue Heaven was situated in a quaint pre-war corner shophouse. ( Blue Heaven have since moved to Jalan Perak in Nov 2008 ). With a middle-aged Caucasian guy welcoming us, we showed our student card and proceed to the changing room. Since it happened nearly 6 years ago, i can't really remember how the changing & shower room looked like ady. So does the Horny One.

The Old Blue Heaven Sauna in Jalan Pinang....

I think it has 2 stories kot. Wrapped only in a white towel, CRUISING seems to be the main activity next.I can remember the Steam Room. It is manned by a sexy, tanned singaporean twink who ordered us to get naked and passed the towel to him before entering the dark, Steam Room. As usual, gay orgies with endless moans make us horny too. Since it's our first time, we were kinda scared and most of the time, while the guys are busy sucking, fucking, kissing...Me & The Horny One's hands will quietly slipped in from behind and touch touch their dicks nia...Hahahahahahahahaha...U tell me SAD CASE bor?!!!! The Horny One even kesian, he needs to wipe the "fog" on his specs frequently or else most of the time, he's kinda Blind inside! But lucky me, most of the time, we hang on tight to each other while cruising. Hehehehe -- I guess i prefer the refreshing feeling after the vigorous sweating session instead.

Then, there's the Jacuzzi. Again, we need to be naked. And Simon Lover is notorious for clumsiness too. I bowed down a bit to look how deep isit, seeing wat i thought was a seat, i lifted up one of my leg while shyly covering my little "kuku", only for the "kuku" to be exposed when i tripped, fell & splashed into the Big Bucket-Like Jacuzzi. - That made the few guys @ the jacuzzi laughing at my Mr. Bean antics. "SIGH"...

 I couldn't find a sexy guy tripping into a pool. So, here's a sexy guy emerging from the pool instead....

And of course, the Dark Individual Rooms with Bed....At that time, we had been going "steady" for about 1.5 year ady but our sex lives have never involved any anals. Why? Because someone's hole was too tight & too small while the other one, has a gigantic disco stick. After hours of hearing the moans of the bumping & grinding one-nite-standers of the adjacent rooms, we decided to try it once again. Since "everything" is provided in the room,  and again, after much determination & perseverance, the gigantic Disco Stick managed to penetrate the black hole, creating a brief supernova that shatters the entire area...Only for it to be taken out shortly after....[ Wei....It's very painful for the first time ok...For the inexperienced, We need to slowly go in-&-out a few times before our body can finally accomodate all the thrusting.] -- And as for the climax, i guess i shall not dwell further into the lucid details -- Orgasm & Cumming - Sounds so cliche right?! Hehehe....

 How we wish we have an asshole like Brent Corrigan!!!! Can enter anytime, anywhere with an ease!

And so, That's how our first time happened, in our First Gay Sauna encounter & on our first oversea trip as well. Till then, Kisses & Hugs from Simon!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life In A Mess....

Hmmm..Today will be quite a boring article from me. I'm actually not very good with words compared to The Horny One. So, writing serious articles or poetic sentences with double meanings are definitely not my forte at all!

My weekend come and go peacefully & quietly in a blink of an eye. I do not know why, but i feel that 24 hours is definitely not enough for us to spend. Procrastination and the fear of facing the reality are my worst enemies. From my blog, Simon Lover sounds like a flamboyant, bubbly, fun, crazy, flirtatious, clubbing, "38 kia" kinda guy. But in reality, Simon's is an ultra quiet, shy, timid, boring, stubborn, doesn't smoke, only drink socially, technology out-dated ( I'm still using a camera-less, Nokia 3120 for the past, say, 5 years?!!! ), old habits die hard-kinda guy.

And i don't possess any superficial beauty to shout about either ( minus that tanned butt only )...Simon Lover is just an average 170cm, 55kg, 15cm, Versatile B, slim middle-age guy who  can still easily pass out as an 18 year old boy ( I don't know whether it's good@bad -- Good:  Looking youthful is always a synonym with Simon -- Bad: They will transcend into a state of horror when i mentioned my age. [ p/s: I'm actually older than Pluboy but younger than William nia - so, u guys can imagine-lah ] ) - Online flirting is slowly fading from Simon's vocabulary. As Simon ages, Simon tends to search for profiles which are same/older than him -- and i think you guys can guess why is it so too.Flirting with twinks make me looked so paedophilic while flirting with younger guys that looked older than me, make me feel ashamed of my age!

Simon likes to keep things too. So, over the weekend, i did a lil' spring cleaning of my room -- Stacks of letters, bills, statements, receipts. And i found a touching Valentine Card from the Horny One, dated 28.2.2008. This is one of the reality i dun like to face either -- I don't like to think back about past memories because i will get very sad, especially knowing that i'll be the one going up earlier than my loved ones. Hence, Simon's Heart Of Steel is definitely not a joke. Looking back at the card too...It has been 2.5 years working in a small, far-far away land and another year in a moderate town of leaning towers, without the Horny One by my side either, depression, pessimism & loneliness has somehow incorporated in my life.

Of course throughout the 2.5 years in a small, small town, there are good times - friendships, travelling, undemanding job, get to see the Horny One at least once a month -- but there are bad moments too, so bad that till this day i still wouldn't want to face it like a man -- bad investments, bad health, bad time-management, endless debts, bad emotions. The month of January 2010 is coming to an end soon, with February welcoming us in a week time, i feel that my life has not changed much. When my friends lamented that after 3.5years of working as a Health Professional, we still stay in a budget hotel whenever we go for travelling ( e.g. Penang's Chulia Motel RM48/Nite or Bangkok's Rainbow Hotel RM20/Nite, anyone? -- Hahaha..Not that i'm complaining, being thrifty is still an old-habit that is hard to die ).  

Small town it may be..But this hot Malaysian Model originates from this small town! Don't worry, i shall post his profile one of these days. - 1 thing to ponder here, how come he can be so well-built compared to me ah?! Maybe i shud start doing some fishing, rubber-tapping, jungle-trekking ady~!! Hehehehe

Maybe it's time for me to leave my current worktown and move to the greener pasture of Kuala Lumpur. Maybe a fast-paced life can give some motivation to me to stop proscrastinating and re-organize my life, my career, my future? That is why, i'm setting a modest 2010 resolution for me and the Horny BF to achieve -- which is to produce some achievement that can improve our Quality Of Life by the end of 2010. [ Cheh...It's always the same old, cliche resolution that doesn't seem to be realized anyway, right?! ] -- I'm sure that the boy who graduated at the Top of The Faculty, together with the Boy who locked in at #5 out of 148, will somehow make the Year of the Tiger roars!!! [ working with the government and in small towns somehow stifled that spirit in one's heart though -  all we need is just some confidence and something that is definitely lacking in our lifes, "LUBANG" of cuz!!! [ -- 'Lubang" in Malaysian/Singaporean slang literally means "any connections to the powers-that-be or any shortcuts? ]

Sorry if i bore you guys. I really don't have the mood to do anything at all. At the moment, i'm slowly deleting all my bad habits and aura. I have started to avoid the word "SIGH" in my smses, msn'es & posts since Jan 1, 2010 and i hope i can regain my confidence & optimism just like when i'm 7-to-15 years old, where back then, petite i may be, but i have the spirit of a "Madonna" and everyone was still naive too. ( and i don't know why, after that, it has been downhill ever since then..Being gay has somehow help lowered my self-esteem, FEAR have been my Best Friend ever since -- Fear of being caught dating in public, Fear of being called a softie, Fear of exposing my gay qualities with every move i make, Fear of self-consciousness ) ----CHOI! I think i better stop now.

Thanks for listening to Simon's ramblings. Muacks From Simon!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sho Sakurai, Japan's Anan Mag, Issue 1693, 27 Jan 2010

Sho Sakurai ( Born: 25 January 1982,  櫻井 翔 ) , is a member of Japan's super boy band, Arashi. He is also a Japanese idol, singer, rapper, actor, newscatser, host and former radio host. 

Sakurai began his career in the entertainment industry when he joined the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates in 1995 at the age of 13. About seven years after his debut as a singer with Arashi in 1999, he became a newscaster in 2006, appearing in the news program News Zero every Monday. In 2008, he was appointed the official newscaster for the news coverage of the Olympic Games in Beijing on NTV. For his work as an actor, singer and newscaster, Sakurai became one of the recipients of GQ Japan's Men of the Year award in 2009. ( source: )

[ Hmm..It has been a long time since i'm into the Japanese entertainment thingy ( Back in circa 1999 - 2002, Japanese Dramas, Singers, Actors are the "in-thing" - And i can still remember how i skipped my tuition classes and rushed back home just to watch Takuya Kimura's "Long Vacation" on TV...Hehehehe..See how delinquent i am? ( and i'm still is now...hehehe ) - Some of my favorite Jap doramas back then were :
  • A Beautiful Life, Long Vacation, Hero, Love Generation ( Takuya Kimura )
  • GTO, Beach Boys ( Takeshi Sorimachi, Nanako Matsushima )
  • Ice World, With Love ( Takenouchi Yutaka )
  • The Files Of Kindaichi, Ao No Jidai ( Tsuyoshi Domoto )
  • Say You Love Me ( Takako Tokiwa )
  • The Power Office Girls ( Makiko Esumi )
Without further a due, these are the pictures taken from the Anan Magazine and it seems that idols from the Johnny Jrs like to pose sexily in Anan Magazine.

link within

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