Monday, November 30, 2009

Sexy Wallpapers - 2eros Swim Trunks!

Sexy Wallpapers For You Guys! 

2eros Swim Trunks.

The Story of 2eros...( taken from their website )

2EROS offers a range of swimwear apparel for confident men who are looking for simple, clean cut designs that are both stylish and functional.

We reject mediocrity and are not afraid to explore beyond typical swimwear colour palettes. Conceptualised by Australian designer Jason Hoeung, 2EROS differentiates itself from other labels by consistently delivering quality, unique and eye catching designs, suited for the man who revels the attention of onlookers.

The name '2EROS' can be read in two ways, either as 'Zeros' or 'To Eros'. 'Zeros' symbolises the two circles within the 2EROS logo, which visually represents the male assets. Alternatively, Eros, the Greek god of lust and love, symbolically represents sex, male virility and passion. As a result, 'To Eros' can also mean 'to the god of love', swimwear apparel designed for confident men in mind.

The 2EROS online store was successfully launched to an international market in June 2008

The first two pics are taken from Taiwan's Men's Uno Magazine, Nov 2008 Issue while the last two is from their website 


Hehe...The "Icon" range of 2eros


The difference between the first 2 sets of pics and the last 2 is that both are of the same series of 2eros' Icon swimtrunks -- But one is worn by an Asian Stud while the other one is a Caucasian Stud!!

So, guys..Which of them do you think, looked sexier leh?! 

Hehehehe....Ooh. I might be touching on a dangerous ground here! No offence k! Just that, different people, different preferences!

Muacks From Simon!

Caught In A F$@&'king Jam On Way Back From Penang!

F*UCK ! F*UCK! F*UCK! That's all i have to say about my journey back from Penang yesterday evening. Over the long weekend, my straight friends paid a surprising visit to my peaceful, quiet town ( which actually came alive during the Hari Raya hols - My town will only get a major Traffic Jam only TWICE / year -- One is during Hari Raya and the other is Chinese New Year or when there is any long weekends just like last week ).

After that, we decided to have some fun over in Penang lor ( hahaha...i shall elaborate further on what i did in Penang in my future posts ya! ). That was in Saturday. Fast forward to Sunday,after having a late Thai-seafood tea-break over in Butterworth, we began our journey back at 5 pm - south-bound.

Everything went smoothly until we came to the Juru Toll -- which eventually, was HELL all the way!!! Who would have imagined or even thought of, JAMMED from Juru all the way to a place 130km away!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not bluffing!!! The ride was bumper-to-bumper all the way from Juru, Penang until the Sungai Perak Rest Stop ( ~ 110km = which is just before going uphill to the tunnel! ) - From the usual 1 hour 30 mins trip, it turned into a 6 hour drive!!! ( 5 pm to 11 pm! )

There were horrible jams in the exit to Bukit Mertajam, Taiping & Kuala Kangsar ( who would have thought the jam exiting to Taiping was the worst! - I never knew that there were so "MANY" people going into Taiping pulak. -- And also, the jam leading into the Rest Stop. It was already dinner time, everyone was hungry and need to go to the toilet, it so happens to be Prayer's time for the Muslims too - So, we even had to skip a few rest stops and continue to "YAN! YAN! YAN! ( hold our toilet urge! ) cz the jam was unbearable.

I've always been a courteous driver ( and still is ) - but that day, i have no other choice but to resort to the dirty tactics of cutting queue by driving in the Emergency lane..( Hehehehe ...wei, evryone was also doin' the same ma -- But i only did that for 2km nia! --  2km out of 130km -- I should not deserve to be cursed right?! Hahaha ....).

We had to stop at the last Rest Stop before reaching our journey because we had "tahan'ed" since 5pm ady...Over there, the queue to the toilet was a total madness! Half of the Male Toilet @ the Petrol Station had to be opened for The Ladies ( which also further justifies the fact that there are more women than men in Malaysia ) while the guys was restricted to the urinals only, except, if they have a "big business" to deal with.
( p/s: The Horny BF was open enough to use the urinal with the unknown ladies queueing behind him -- while The SHY Simon Lover opted to walk further away to the Rest Stop's toilet instead -- Very shy showing off my KKJ leh!!! )

Sigh...All in all, this is actually my first time caught in a traffic jam in a HIGHWAY throughout my 20+ existence in Malaysia. Most of the time, my journey back to my hometown is always in the opposite direction and the ride is always a breeze compared to those of the opposite lane.


We finally reach our destination about 11 + pm...Me had to sleepover in my "friend's" house, gone to bed at 1.00am but had to wake at 5.00am this morning to follow my colleague's car back to my peaceful "work-town". So, basically i'm A CUTE WALKING ZOMBIE at the moment of writing this post lor! ...Ciao from Simon!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sexy Malaysian Model - Eric Tang!

Sexy Malaysian Model - Eric Tang!

Date Of Birth : 12.1.1978
Height (cm) : 173 cm Weight (kg) : 60kg
Chest/Bust (inch) : 38 Waist (inch) : 29 Hip (inch) : 36
Hobbies : Dancing, Gym, Swimming …

p/s: Sigh. It's very difficult to find sexy pics of Malaysian Models. WHY ARE MALAYSIANS SO SHY?!!

I want his BODY!!!! ....

I can guess yours is as "hard' and "pointy" as the seashell over there ya!



 Any comments on his armpit, JerryKiat ? =) 

  Lovely Stud! Muacks From Simon!

 New! -- I realized i have 2 new pics of them in my collections!

Eric Tang and another Malaysian PLU model, SK Low....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of Crabs & Siew Pau @ Seremban

Last week I had a course in Negeri Sembilan. That explains why I was away for nearly a week. Since the venue of my course is located in a small, deserted-like town, me & my straight friends decided to go for an excursion to Seremban for dinner, instead of eating the food provided by our hotel.

And so, off we went to Seremban, searching for anything that Seremban can offer to fill our hungry tummies. The first stop was of course, Seremban's most famous produce the Seremban Siew Pau ( baked crispy bun with char-siew pork fillings ). One of the gals have never even eaten the "original" Siew Pau from Seremban before. So we had to bring her to try her arguably, "once-in-a-lifetime" experience lor. The nearest and the most convenient branch to go for, is located along the North-South Highway, the towering - "The Empayar Seremban Siew Pau" Restaurant. ( for the location, plz click here ).


Yummy Siew Pau(s)!!!! - The most important thing about a good siew pau is that the pastry must be flaky and at the same time, the meat fillings must be moist and juicy.

I have never really explored Seremban before, that's why, I'm not really familiar with the roads over there. Back in my student days, i have always hated "Seremban" because The Express Bus to Singapore would often took a detour into Seremban town to pick up a few extra passengers, thus delaying my trip for another 40 mins! -- However, over the years, this is actually my 3rd trip to Seremban. The 1st time was actually a short one, where i drop by the Kampung Rasah branch, just to "ta pau" the Siew Pau. The 2nd time was on my way to Melaka, me & the Horny BF purposely drop by Seremban for some food hunt -- And well, just our luck, it so happened that both of Seremban's most famous Beef Noodles and Hakka Mee Stall were closed on that day! -- In the end? -- We just "Ta Pau" Siew Pau again lor before leaving for Melaka.

Now back to my story, on that fateful day, I rang up my sexy Seremban PLU friend for any good recommendations in Seremban & also due to the persistent nagging from the Horny BF (who's not with me) to try another of Seremban's specialty -- Grilled Crabs.

Restoran Sin Yit Sing ( 新日昇餐馆 ), Address: 103, Tmn A.S.T, Jln Labu Lama, 70200 Seremban, NS.

-- Coming from the KL-Seremban direction -- Exit through the first Seremban Exit which is -- Seremban, Labu Exit - After the Toll, turn left, drive slowly & you'll pass thru 2 traffic lights. Just before the 3rd Traffic Light ( about 5 mins fr the Toll ), which is a major crossroad, turn to your left -- Juz about 1 minute drive, u'll see a small traffic light and that's where u'll need to turn to your right. The road is a lil' bit uphill and immediately turn to your right again to the small lane with a row of shophouses -- The restaurant is situated near the end of the shophouses ).

The restaurant was also featured in Ah Xian's show "A Taste With Jason" and you can read his mandarin blog over here.
Because there were only 5 of us, we just ordered Fish Head Noodle Soup and 1.5 kg Grilled Crabs in Marmite Sauce ( 1 kg = RM 42 )

Picture is courtesy from axian's blog. Well, the crabs ain't that big though. But, for 1.5 kg, we were given 4 medium sized crabs.

Their version of the Fish Head Noodles is served in the usual milky soup base, but tasted very peppery. Though i like peppers, but in the end, i think this was the dish that made me felt very thirsty thruout the entire night. However, it's still nice though. 

Total Damage : RM 85 for 5 person ( 1.5kg of Crabs, 3 person serving of Noodle )

( Talking about the Crabs, now only i realize that we forgot to inform The Lady Boss that we did not eat the pre-packed peanuts nor used the hand-towel served to us !! We thought of saving money ma  - You see! That's the consequences of being too stingy. In the end, we were still charged because of our forgetfulness! - Aiseh! )

All in all, everyone was actually quite satisfied with the food hunt and we went back to our hotel just in the nick of time before the night class resumed ....

Muacks from Simon Lover. And also Muacks To The Fable Prince Frog for just being a cute and helpful Seremban guy ( though he's not the sexy Seremban PLU friend i've mentioned earlier...tsk tsk tsk... )

** And this coming from Horny BF himself (wink wink) - Why I felt neglected and left out in the thanking department eh? Hmm ... **

Monday, November 23, 2009

Boys Boys Boys! - We Love Them!

Finally back from a one-week hiatus without an internet too! - So, just a simple post today yet again as i'm still in the Monday Blues level..

BOYS BOYS BOYS! -- Lady Gaga

Hope You guys enjoyed the song ya!  A very carefree song that always help to uplift my mood especially when i'm driving!!

Check the chorus part ya!

Boys, Boys, Boys, We like boys in cars,
Boys, Boys, Boys, Buy us drinks in bar,
Boys, Boys, Boys, With Hairspray and denim,
And Boys, Boys, Boys, We Love Them, We Love Them!

Yes! Who doesn't Love BOYS!  -- Muacks fr Simon!



Friday, November 20, 2009

Horny BF Rants : The First Night

Ahem ahem. For a while there, I was sure some of you might be getting the chills. The impending doom in the form of a most dastardly horny creature, with devilish thoughts, poisonous words, unhygienic mind, and a most outright sarcastic demeanour.

Still remember the FIRST rant? When I exposed bits and pieces about the start of this most-loving relationship, a good 7 years on, and hopefully still going strong.

Since then, Simonlover himself had clarified the facts from the myths, & rumours, and peppered his stories with much spices, sizzles, heat and all. So was it really a mere one night stand? Or was it something long-lasting, bordering on something magical, or a love so pure it makes one ... puke? ;)

The endless flirting sessions ensued after the initial acquaintance. It was an almost instant click. Or maybe it was just me. The sight of such a cute, cool and fair-skinned twink sitting alone on the bench during the 1st week of our university days, staring into space (for whatever reason) captivated my heart. Yup, but I could not bring myself over and chatted him up, for he looked rather shy, while me, I was all decked up in my checkered shirt, with Aaron Kwok-like double cut hair, and dyed blonde to boot.

And poor amnesiac me had no recollection of the first time we chatted face to face. Was it really the chanced meeting outside of the shower room? When Simon's all covered up in a tiny piece of towel? (all dripping with water, sweat, and whatever liquid one could imagine .... ) Or was it some other equally electrifying times, when we both did not realize the instant spark between two hungry souls?

Then there were those sweet old days, when we chatted up like old pals, albeit the extremely short period we knew each other. It felt almost magical, us chatting in our dorm til the wee hours of the night, on every and any topic imaginable. He looked almost too boyish, a touch of naivety, and too darn cute; the intense desire to reach over and hold his hands while he was flicking them all over the place, kissing his hand and smelling the fresh and smooth pulps of his skin, and ultimately hugging him tight and planting a kiss on his lips was a little overwhelming at times. Yup, I was in love.

I wondered aloud .... Could he be attached? He could not possibly be straight, could he?! Judging from his soft-spoken demeanour, metrosexual quality, combined with my instincts (what people commonly relate to as 'Gaydar'; Gay + Radar?), I was more than 70% sure he was One Of Us. Okay, but what next?

Previous failed relationships rendered me wary of taking chances, for fear of repercussions. And for fear of possibly ruining a beautiful friendship. He was nonchalant most of the times, treating me just like any other friend he came to know in our faculty.It was a most frustrating feeling to be developing a crush on a friend. Not to mention the helplessness when I was stealing glances of him in our class, in our hostel, and when we're having casual meals with the other friends.

After a good 5 months of knowing each other, from spending endless hours of quality time together (both during and after lecture hours) to the occasional SMS when we're both back to our hometowns,  FINALLY it happened.

What did I mean? Well, just read the next installment of this series to find out ...... Pardon me for the cliffhanger for I'm not good at writing long articles. =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Waiter?! - I'm A Top!

Hi Hi! Recently, i bumped into a candid shot of Malaysia's Sexiest Fashion Designer, Jonathan Cheng, which sadly, reminded me of the lost candid shot of him which i took in Pavilion food court! -- Khek sei!--

Sexy Waiters!
Do you wanna be served by them or they are served to you instead?!!!! 

           SK Low                                                                                   Li Xiaobing

Coincidentally, i was having a wonderful chat with William, and i told him about my misery of losing his pic eternally. Then, William mentioned he had seen him with his reputed BF ma..And i replied the same too.

That time i was in Pavilion Food Court with the Horny BF and suddenly, we saw 2 hunky studs walking towards the Beverage counter. One of the Hunky Stud whispered to the another and proceed to find a place to sit. After that, the hunky stud who made the ordering arrived to be seated with the seating stud, together with the drinks they had ordered.

Arrgh..Headache..What to order?!


Hahahaha -- So, as usual, hamsap & curious me, I ask William, online,...That Hunky Stud who was seated earlier ( I shall not name which role does Jonathan Cheng played over here..tsk tsk ) -- Must be A BOTTOM lor!!!! -- The Stud who ordered must be A TOP lor....!! 

Hahahaha...Because we tend to have this perception that -- Usually, the Guy who makes the ordering ( be it food or drinks or anything ) is usually The TOP while the one who  usually let the other half make the ordering, is A BOTTOM! -- This "theory" was further justified when William, Me and a friend of mine -- fulfilled the theory's criteria 100%ly! ( Hahahaha -- U guys guess which role we play leh?!! )

Sexy Jonathan Cheng!......

Sometimes, i find it to be a lil' bit difficult when two person of the SAME ROLE dine together. Hahahaha -- The person who likes to order the food will tend to have clash of ideas with the another -- While the ones who usually need not worry about the orders, had to scratch their heads to think of what to eat since both people are passive-seeking role-player!

Thus...Thanks to William, suddenly i have an idea of creating a cheeky poll of --

"The Guy Who Orders The Food Is Usually The TOP, While The One Who Lets The Other Half Do The Ordering, Is Usually The BOTTOM! 

-- Agree or Disagree?

Hahahahaha..Suddenly i have this feeling of how WU LIAO ( nonsense ) Simon Lover is!!! -- Muacks to Everyone who is wuliao enough to participate in my "wu liao" poll @ the left sidebar! -- Cheers!

Ooh...Dun you wish you look that sexy while having your breakfast?!

So, Who Is The TOP and who is the BOTTOM?!!! -- 
Hahaha...Hopefully Shakira Understands what it means...Hehehehe

p/s: Simon Lover will not be free to blog for the next few days. So, i have asked a guest blogger to help me if he's free lar.....Wink Wink!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Butts Galore! - Guess Guess Guess?!!

This week will going to be a hectic week for me. Will do some travelling for a course somewhere in the south. After that, most probably will bring my parents to somewhere even more south for a weekend getaway! Initially, i've already hesistating one due the story below...but then, after tellin' The Mum and she replied, "ok, ah.." --Well, might as well just continue with the trip lor....

Hopefully my car can tahan also. My stupid car battery just broke down again this morning! Not even 1-year after i've changed a new one! Bloody *&%$@ shop! Argued with the Boss and the most i can get, is some discount for it nia. Now only i realize i need to keep the receipt for car battery or at least make a mark on the battery's body itself, the date of purchase, cuz usually there's a 1-year warranty for car battery lor! Sigh...What to do..There goes my $$$$ ...

The first time my battery broke down was actually -- hehehe -- the battery dry ady. WHY? Cuz i have never replenish the battery water for the past 2.5 years at all!!! -- Hahaha..I'm a very car-illiterate guy lor. I always thought the Question "your car already add water or not?" -- was refering to the "add water" to "car coolant water - which only needs to be replenish once in a blue moon nia"....Hahahahaha....So, evytime my father ask, "add water ady"? -- I will answer "nowadays no need add so often one lar!.." -- And that goes on till 2.5 years later when the battery finally died after it dried out. Hahaha...And luckily both times happened nearby my workplace nia & the shop is just opposite. Imagine if it's in highway?! -- So, I've learned 2 "expensive" lessons from those incidences which will slowly be part & parcel of my car maintenance therapy lor --
  1. Lesson 1 : Oh..."Rupanya" car battery must always check for the water level and replenish once it's below the minimum level & the "add water" term is refering to the battery water - not the car coolant water!
  2. Lesson 2 : You must always keep you car battery receipt or at least make a permanent mark on your car battery body with the shop's initials because you have a 1-year Warranty. Same goes to your other spare parts!
Hahaha..So, what does today's picture and title got to do with my rantings as mentioned above?!!!!! -- Hahaha..Actually, i'm sorta veered off from the main purpose which is the picture below while i was typing earlier! -- "Beh tahan" about my car battery ma. Had to "let it out" a bit!!!

Just a CHEEKY picture for today! -- Butts Galore -- Can anyone guess which picture is Simon Lover's butt butt?!! -- Hahaha..Sure kena scolding by the almighty one! Hehehe..Anyone can guess it correct will get a MUACKS from SIMON LOVER! Hahaha..Cheers ya!

Simon 'o' simon...Where are you?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cute Actors of Phobia 2 ( 5แพร่ง )!

Phobia 2 - Is a 2009 Thai horror movie which is divided into 5 short stories directed by Thailand's most prolific Horror-Directors, Paween Purijitpanya ( Body, 4Bia ) , Visute Poolvoralaks ( producer ) , Songyos Sugmakanan ( Dorm, Hormones ), Parkpoom Wongpoom ( Shutter, Alone, Phobia ) , Banjong Pisanthanakun ( Shutter, Alone, 4Bia )  Premiered in Thailand on 09.09.09, it has become one of Thailand's Biggest Box-Office movie of the year. Currently it is screened in our local Malaysian cinemas.

Overall, the movie is not bad -- It's more like a hormedy though especiallythe last story, which is the funniest of them all. ( I shall not elaborate further about the movie..Someof u guys have seen it, some have not, it's better to google & search instead of me spilling the stories instead =P ). Instead of the ghosts that caught my attention, my eyes was actually totally fixated at the THAI BOYS in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -- My GOD! Trust me! There is something that the Thai Boys always manages to make me go wild & restless!! -- They are SO CUTE, to the extent of melting ur COLD ICE HEART without freezing back into ice anymore!
Story 1 : Novice

The lead actor in this segment is, "Kao" Jirayu Laongmanee ( จิรายุละอองมณี )
Born: 29 Oct 1994. Height: 178cm. Weight: 56kg. Movie File: Trace Of Love, The Love Of Siam.

More info of him :
~~ But i dun like how the ending of this chapter leh. How can they do that to this Super Cutie leh?!!! ~~



SO CUTE!!!!!!


Story 2 : Ward

The lead actor is "Dan" Worrawech Danuwong ( วรเวช ดานุวงศ์ )
DOB : 16 May 1984. Formerly of the popular Thai boyband "D2B".
More pictures and info of "Dan" in and


Story 3: Backpackers

The lead actor is "Nak" Charlie Trairat. ( ชาลี ไตรรัตน์ ).
DOB: 19 Jan 1993 ( 16 yo ). Movie Profile: Fan Chan, Dorm, Hormones.
~~ Hahaha...Very fake story right? Rmbr those walking zombies? ~~



  During his younger days -- Notice how his hairstyle has evolved ?....

Story 4: Salvage
Think this chapter is the scariest of them all. Credits should also be given to the Thai Ladies. Not only Thai Boys, Thai Girls are also very pretty! Where in the world we can get University Students dressing in tight uniform of semi-transluscent white shirt & super tight blue mini-skirt with sexy slits?! -- In Malaysian University, anything above ur knees, u will be taken for disciplinary actions lor!

Story 5 : In The End
Actually, there is a lengchai in he short story one. But then, his name is too minor ( "keh leh feh" )  for google to index him compared to the 3 child superstars above. Such a waste! -- I totally didn't expected Phobia 2 to be a horror-comedy as well! -- Though the ending was nt really that satisfying, but then, the Boys & the funny moments somehow made up for it. =)

Phobia's Cast Members & During Premiere

The Boys of Phobia 2!

 Dan, Charlie & Kao!

Charlie "Nak" Trairat & "Kao" Jirayu Laongmanee

he Theme Song of Phobia 2 - Sang by "Dome" Pakorn Lum

A popular Thai singer who loves to be half-naked in his videos / mags shoots.

So, to end this post....I would like you guys to just feel free to cast your vote, especially to those who had already watched the movie..The poll on the my left sidebar, Who Is The Cutest Of Them All?!!!! -- Cheers from Simon!

p/s: SORRY for the very unorganized lay-out of the pictures!!! My html. skills sucks! Already had a hard time to re-aligned the stupid pics but still came out that way! --Khek sei!

link within

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