Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Waiter?! - I'm A Top!

Hi Hi! Recently, i bumped into a candid shot of Malaysia's Sexiest Fashion Designer, Jonathan Cheng, which sadly, reminded me of the lost candid shot of him which i took in Pavilion food court! -- Khek sei!--

Sexy Waiters!
Do you wanna be served by them or they are served to you instead?!!!! 

           SK Low                                                                                   Li Xiaobing

Coincidentally, i was having a wonderful chat with William, and i told him about my misery of losing his pic eternally. Then, William mentioned he had seen him with his reputed BF ma..And i replied the same too.

That time i was in Pavilion Food Court with the Horny BF and suddenly, we saw 2 hunky studs walking towards the Beverage counter. One of the Hunky Stud whispered to the another and proceed to find a place to sit. After that, the hunky stud who made the ordering arrived to be seated with the seating stud, together with the drinks they had ordered.

Arrgh..Headache..What to order?!


Hahahaha -- So, as usual, hamsap & curious me, I ask William, online,...That Hunky Stud who was seated earlier ( I shall not name which role does Jonathan Cheng played over here..tsk tsk ) -- Must be A BOTTOM lor!!!! -- The Stud who ordered must be A TOP lor....!! 

Hahahaha...Because we tend to have this perception that -- Usually, the Guy who makes the ordering ( be it food or drinks or anything ) is usually The TOP while the one who  usually let the other half make the ordering, is A BOTTOM! -- This "theory" was further justified when William, Me and a friend of mine -- fulfilled the theory's criteria 100%ly! ( Hahahaha -- U guys guess which role we play leh?!! )

Sexy Jonathan Cheng!......

Sometimes, i find it to be a lil' bit difficult when two person of the SAME ROLE dine together. Hahahaha -- The person who likes to order the food will tend to have clash of ideas with the another -- While the ones who usually need not worry about the orders, had to scratch their heads to think of what to eat since both people are passive-seeking role-player!

Thus...Thanks to William, suddenly i have an idea of creating a cheeky poll of --

"The Guy Who Orders The Food Is Usually The TOP, While The One Who Lets The Other Half Do The Ordering, Is Usually The BOTTOM! 

-- Agree or Disagree?

Hahahahaha..Suddenly i have this feeling of how WU LIAO ( nonsense ) Simon Lover is!!! -- Muacks to Everyone who is wuliao enough to participate in my "wu liao" poll @ the left sidebar! -- Cheers!

Ooh...Dun you wish you look that sexy while having your breakfast?!

So, Who Is The TOP and who is the BOTTOM?!!! -- 
Hahaha...Hopefully Shakira Understands what it means...Hehehehe

p/s: Simon Lover will not be free to blog for the next few days. So, i have asked a guest blogger to help me if he's free lar.....Wink Wink!


Horny BF said...

yeah lah yeah lah ... that is IF i can think of something to blabber about here.
you know i dun have that many sexy shots of guys frolicking around.
nor wet dreams to tell about.
hehehe ....

Anonymous said...

Hey Horny BF,
Then answer this question - re the last image - is that how you tip waiters in Malaysia for providing good service? Or is that a waiter providing good service to get a tip? :) - Ian

Last time you told us how you two met, how about another chapter of the early days together?

Robb said...

i think u r right in ur observations. lol

William said...

Actually, I would decide what I want to eat, but I'd like to be the one being served. :P

Rob said...

Maybe if two tops go out for dinner together, they will need to order the sexy bottom waiter for their dessert!

When my bf and I go out for dinner, the waiter comes to us and we each tell him individually what we want. Yet my bf is the top and I am the bottom.

Horny BF said...

i do agree with Rob though. nothing wrong with a bottom ordering food, making the shots, and subsequently footing the bill. =P

Horny BF said...

Ian you want the dirt to be dished eh? hahaha .. maybe one of these days ok? lemme take over Simonlover's blog for a day or two.

Paul J said...

ur theory not logic pun!...wanna eat what...sendiri order lah..lazy to need to eat!

at.kk1981 said...

OMG.... SK Low... my fav male model so far.... have more of his pics? may i ask for them?

Hide and Seek said...

Hmm, I remember there was once I went out with a TOP friend, and I totally got no idea and didn't feel like deciding what to eat, so he did the ordering for me. Guess that makes me a bottom, which is not far from truth :P

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Hi Horny BF, it is so sweet of you to take care of Simon's blog for him. You two seem so loving, I am truly happy for both of you!

Horny BF said...

Shakira : Thanks, it's kinda pity for him to not be able to online and spread his lurve and lust to all the readers. He wishes to apologize sincerely though.

Hide and Seek : LOL. so what happened post-meal? did it end up like what I think it did?

atkk1981 : ehhh... u gotta wait for simonlover to come back ya? my collection's kinda sucky, in comparison to his.

Paul J : wui, cannot say like that lah .. normally I'm the one who does the ordering when we're out. so there. hehe ...

Hide and Seek said...

Horny BF: No lah, he's really friend though I've minor crush. LOL. No people wants me~ :P

simonlover said...

Ian: Well, do u guys do that in your country?!!! Whoa! I wanna migrate over there!!

William : Hahaha. So, only me & you knows what i like k...Hehehehe

Robb: Yikes! At the moment i tot u were bottom from the other "Rob" comment!! -- Hehehe...So, are you a...? =P

Rob: So, cute!

Paul J: So, nextime if i go out dinner with you, who will call the shots?!!! =)

atkk81: I posted before SK Low pics here. U try Malaysian Hunks..U try too

Hide & Seek: Well, it doesn't matter if u r top or bottom, just as long as u enjoy the role that u like!

Shakira: Cheers to your family too!

at.kk1981 said...

thanks alot for the info... n love ur post...

Rick said...

Oh my God these asain guys are so,so hot.

Why dont we have guys like this in Melbourne,Australia.


Rick said...

Singapore here I come ....the asian guys are hotties

Anonymous said...

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