Monday, November 30, 2009

Sexy Wallpapers - 2eros Swim Trunks!

Sexy Wallpapers For You Guys! 

2eros Swim Trunks.

The Story of 2eros...( taken from their website )

2EROS offers a range of swimwear apparel for confident men who are looking for simple, clean cut designs that are both stylish and functional.

We reject mediocrity and are not afraid to explore beyond typical swimwear colour palettes. Conceptualised by Australian designer Jason Hoeung, 2EROS differentiates itself from other labels by consistently delivering quality, unique and eye catching designs, suited for the man who revels the attention of onlookers.

The name '2EROS' can be read in two ways, either as 'Zeros' or 'To Eros'. 'Zeros' symbolises the two circles within the 2EROS logo, which visually represents the male assets. Alternatively, Eros, the Greek god of lust and love, symbolically represents sex, male virility and passion. As a result, 'To Eros' can also mean 'to the god of love', swimwear apparel designed for confident men in mind.

The 2EROS online store was successfully launched to an international market in June 2008

The first two pics are taken from Taiwan's Men's Uno Magazine, Nov 2008 Issue while the last two is from their website 


Hehe...The "Icon" range of 2eros


The difference between the first 2 sets of pics and the last 2 is that both are of the same series of 2eros' Icon swimtrunks -- But one is worn by an Asian Stud while the other one is a Caucasian Stud!!

So, guys..Which of them do you think, looked sexier leh?! 

Hehehehe....Ooh. I might be touching on a dangerous ground here! No offence k! Just that, different people, different preferences!

Muacks From Simon!


nicky05 said...

i dun wan to choose wo.... can i take both of them...hehehehe.....^o^

Bravebear said...

prefer the Caucasian ^.^

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

We are supposed to be looking at the swim trunks right?

Anonymous said...

Trunks, were there trunks? I was too busy using my imagination to "see" under them. - Ian

simonlover said...

Nicky: Me also want both! Bt then, we cnt be greedy lor. I'll pick the Asian Boy! Hehehe

Bravebear: Yer.U see! We already hv 1 opinion clashed. Hw to become lovers in future?!

SHakira: Oops!Did it in a rush ma..Re-edit ady.

Ian: Leaving ur wildest fantasies to yourself eh? Selfish Stud! * Btw, thanks for the sexy emails ya! Muacks!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Hey Simon! Just to let you know that yesterday hor FINALLY I WAS ABLE TO SHOP UNDERWEARS FOR HUBBY wor!!!! Before I was exposed to your sexy hunks, I dare not look.....NOW....MY EYES WERE WIDE OPENED!!!!shhhhhh hubby does not know that I come here!!!! Cheers!!!

Bravebear said...

Aiyo, different opinions makes r/s more interesting. Opposites attract! LOL!

Rick said...

Prefer asian

Sagor Khan said...

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