Monday, December 31, 2012

Hot Vietnamese Hunk - Tran Hung - Part II

One of the cutest Vietnamese Hunk, Tran Hung, which was first featured in my blog, way back in 16 June 2011 ( HERE )

Born: 1st December 1986 

Enjoy guys! And wishing everyone a Happy New Year, 2013! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Once again, wishing everyone a very Sexy Christmas Celebration for 2012 ! And to those who are Christians, have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas with your loved ones, families and friends! Muacks from Simon Lover..... Well, it's not a sin to celebrate Christmas with Sexy Santa Hunks, right?!

Patrick O'Brien by Gilles Crota

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas from Andrew Christian!

Just got back from Manila, Philippines last week ... Will keep you guys updated on it ya! -- But back to reality, it's all work, work,work and rushing here and there since I came back. Nevertheless, the Christmas season is coming soon...Hope you guys will have a wonderful celebration ahead ya! Muacks!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Help!! -- Red Hot Pinoy Alert!

Yikes ! ... Due to work commitments, I only realized that I've only a few more days left to do some research for my upcoming Manila trip, this Saturday!!!

Hence, I need a favour from those who've been to Manila, Philippines, before ... On some of the places which I should go and blog about it?! Here are some of my suggested areas to cover:

a) Shopping for Gay-ish looking clothes & undies -- Bench perhaps? Hehe
b) Safe and clean, Gay Saunas
c) Reputable Gay Massages
d) Cruisiest Fitness First!
e) Nice, relaxing Gay Pubs
f) Places of Interests .. Intramuros, Binondo,
g) Cruisiest Public Swimming Pools!
h) Places where Pinoys like to hang out?

Once again, I'm greatly appreciative for all the feedback from you guys. Sincerely, Simon.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Laundry Service, Anyone?

I'm sure all of us does laundry at least once in our lifetime .... I have a habit of hand washing most of my clothes. Hence, most of my underwears are still in tip toe condition even though it's been a few years old... Some of my T-Shirts are even more than 5 years old, and yet I'm still wearing it! Hahaha ...Call me stingy, eh?

At the moment, I always do my laundry after shower. After that, I will put my clothes onto the washing machine to spin dry it before hanging it up. My laundry room has a big window covered with blinds... I don't know why, but each time when I hang and dry my clothes, somehow there's always someone coming in or out in my neighbours home! -- I had no choice but to squat down immediately and wait for the coast is clear, before continuing my chore .... Hahahaha .. Why do I always panic ? Well, you guys need to think a bit and the clue is already given in one of the sentences above!

Be sexy always, guys! Muacks from Simon!

Real Mean does Laundry, okay?! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hottest Hunk In Malaysia 2012/2013 1st Runner Up - Jeff Wong

One of the big winner in New Icon For Him's "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013 " , ( 马来西亚最具话题性与最受欢迎的《THE HOTTEST HUNKS IN MALAYSIA》猛男秀比赛  ) Contestant Number 16, Jeff Wong:

Besides winning the 1st Runner Up title, Jeff Wong also won 5 subsidiary titles! :
a) The Best Body Physique Hunk - Nutralife & Forslean
b) The Coolest Hunk - Savanna
c) The Most Gorgeous Man - Gorgeous Fitness
d) The Most Charismatic Hunk - Kinohimitsu
f) The Most Stylish Hunk - Redken

Unfortunately, he lost the title to Daniel Tan, even though the crowd were solidly behind him ...

Name: Jeff Wong Leong Jeff ( 黄良杰 )
DOB: 29 October 1988 ( 24 years old )
Stats: 175cm, 69kg, 37"-27"-35"
Hobby: Swimming
Profession: Freelancer 

Picture by TianChad, Sky Arts Photography 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Daniel Tan - The Hottest Hunk In Malaysia 2012/2013!

I'm sure by now, most of my readers already knew who is the winner of this year's New Icon For Him Magazine's "The Top 12 Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2012/2013" 

Yup, he is contestant number 25 - Daniel Tan!

Name: Daniel Tan Lek Thow
DOB: 3 Nov 1992 ( 20 years old!! )
Stats: 180cm-70kg-36.5"-27.5"-37" 

Though I still prefer the hunk who won most of the awards during the night, and also happens to have the most enchanting smile among them!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Contestant #27: Gino Chin!

New Icon For Him Magazine's "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013"

Contestant #27: Gino Chin Teck Yeat
DOB: 25 July 1988
From: Kajang, Selangor.

Vote for your favourite Manhunt over here: 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Japanese Dorama Memories .....

I know, I know...It's a Saturday Night, why the hell I'm at home blogging ? Well, Simon Lover is actually an alter ego of mine. In person, I'm actually more of a homely himbo boy. With da Horny BF back to his hometown, I've nothing to do at home, hence, thinking of old memories to reminisce.

Before the invasion of K-Dramas & K-Pops, Japanese Dramas were the in-thing way back in 1998 - 2002. Basically, they ruled the TV world until, thanks to Korea's "Autumn in My Heart", which single handed-ly killed off the Japanese invasion!

I love Takuya Kimura so much! Even my mIRC and ICQ  nick is called "SmapBoy"! ( referring to Takuya Kimura's pop group, SMAP ) -- Hahaha...Yes, I was known as SmapBoy, way back in my teens, not SimonLover .... Youngsters nowadays have never even seen an ICQ app before!!! ( To my old timer readers, do share your memories of ICQ and mIRC Gay chatrooms - ya! ) 

SmapBoy also brings back a lot of memories when I used to chat with da HornyBF at mIRC gay chatrooms...p/s: The Horny BF was known as "FreshTwink" back then. I saved nearly all our conversations in Microsoft Word ( Haha..Last time we just started - ma. Sure very "hot" and lovey-dovey...Fast forward now?!!!! -- We'll go, "OMG?""You got nothing to do is it?!" ... So, it was "SmapBoy" and "FreshTwink" ... No such thing as Simon Lover & Horny BF, okay?!

From Top L-R -- Takuya Kimura, Takenouchi Yutaka, Takashi Sorimachi, Hideaki Takizawa, The Kinki Kids, Arashi

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Contestant #29: Josh Ho Wei Bing

The Hunt for New Icon For Him's "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013 is on!
First up is contestant number 29: Josh Ho Wei Bing ( 何维彬 )

DOB: 14 March 1988 ( 24 yo )
Hometown: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Stats: 186cm, 75kg
Measurements: 37.5", 30.5", 37"
Graduated: MMU and SMK Chan Hwa

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Icon's The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia - 2012/2013

New Icon For Him Magazine's annual, "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013" is back with bigger and better finalists this year around!

The grand finals will be held on 2 November 2012, 7.30pm and the KL&Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.
In the meantime, what we can do is to SMS our votes to our favourite contestants, making sure they will be selected in the final Top 12 Hottest Hunks In Malaysia!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary with da Horny BF!

October 3, marks the 10th Anniversary of Simon Lover & Horny BF, being together. For those old timers, probably you guys might have read all the goose-bump stories of how we met each other and how the relationship progresses.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boys in Renoma Underwears!

Ah....Renoma Underwears ... A very popular underwear brand among Malaysian and Singaporean Men, be it straight or gays....Every shopping mall you go, you can find it at the underwear section. I'm sure all of you ( Malaysians & Singaporeans who read my blog ), owns at least one Renoma underwear in their lifetime .... Correct or not? -- Don't lie, okay?!!!!

Please enjoy the guys in Renoma ( better still, you can email me pictures of yourself in Renoma undies, and I shall post it up here!! )

Last but not least, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all the Chinese gays ya!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cute Taiwanese Twunk

Here's a cute Taiwanese Boy with a chest to die for!

Well, based on the recent guidelines endorsed by Malaysia's Ministry of Education on "How To Identify Your Children Is Gay", ( ) .... Do you think, by looking at this cute boy's dressing, we can automatically say...that he is "One Of Us?"

Please enjoy ya!
[ p/s: Once again, here's another homophobic taunts by Malaysia's leading newspaper dailies where a reporter from Harian Metro ( Umno-linked newspaper ), went undercover to a Gay Pool Party organized by Vogue Accent ( during the Andrew Christian Underwear show ) a few weeks back expose it on the newspaper....

"V-Neck Tee, Tight Tee, Light-Coloured Tee, Super Short Shorts" ... 
Hmmm....Do straight guys also dresses like that?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

High-Resolution Takuya Nakamura 中村琢倻 Pictures! - Part 2!

This is the second part of this hot Japanese model, Takuya Nakamura (中村 琢耶 ), who modeled during the opening of Singapore's Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Singapore's prolific photographer Leslie Kee.

You can see my previous post on his at But this time, this collection feature high-resolution pictures for your  viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

[ Thanks to the sexy Asian Boys Heaven blogger ... ]


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malay HotBod - Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2012 Runner-Up!

Here is something for my Malay fans...I know it's late, but here is the runner-up winner in the recently concluded, Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2012 ... Muhammad Faiz!

A very handsome and sexy Malay guy! Even though he's proud to parade his wonderful body in skimpy red speedos, unfortunately, he's not one of us!!! Why oh why!!!

Enjoy this wonderful Malay specimen ya! Muacks!

Mr.Manhunt Singapore Winner : Jason Chee!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malaysian Education Ministry releases Gay Guidelines To Identify Whether Your Children Is Gay ...

I'm sure many of my fellow bloggers have already blogged about this issue. Well, I don't mind adding my interpretation of this silly guidelines that will definitely trigger awareness among OUR PARENTS .. especially with this issue incessantly splashed all over our national papers in the last few days.

Instead of focusing on improving Malaysia's Education system and raising the standards of it, the Deputy Minister and officials in the Education Ministry decided to focus and target on teaching parents how to identify  whether their sons and daughters are gays/lesbians or not?!

 University Malaya ranked #156 Top Universities in the world? [ FYI, Hong Kong University #25, National University of Singapore #25, University of Tokyo #26 ] -- Yeah...Malaysia's University is among the Top 200 universities in the world -- The Headlines which were splashed on the front cover of major Malaysian dailies...and yet, the officials were so proud of it!

Please read the full article here:

Guys who wear V-Necks, Sleeveless, Tight-Fitting & Light Coloured Clothes!

Oh My God! Hansen Lee is Gay!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camwhoring Boys - Once More!

Just a simple pictorial post for today .. Sexy Camwhoring Boys! Muacks!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 5 Gay Apps on Smartphones 2012 !

Early of the year, did a survey among its' readers, to pick the Top 5 Gay Apps on Smartphones.

There are dozens of gay apps available in the market. Most of it are used to find guys in your own or other geographic areas. Some are explicit and some are not. The ones that I'm listing here doesn't allow nude pictures on their profiles. Hence, it is more commonly known as iTunes / Android apps. Unlike those in the so called "Web Apps" ( I shall make a future post on it ) , which include Dudesnude, Adam4Adam & Manhunt. where we can put nude, explicit pictures of our own without worrying being blocked by the app's admin.

I think most of us Asians, owned at least a Grindr or Jack'd, once in their lifetime before .... Those apps are handy to see who is near. But in the end, do most of us hook up a lot by using apps? Yes, occasionally we do get a barrage of winks, smiles and hi(s), but often it turns out, we simply exchange useful information about friendships, life, sights, places of gay interests. Or is it, just my opinion? Perhaps some of you often go further than those formality "Hi(s) and Bye(s)" - eh? However, by the end of the day, hook ups still depend on -- location, looks, attraction and timing. Agree, Boys? !

Without further a do, here are the Top 5 Gay Apps for Smartphones!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Men Spa - Saigon, Vietnam

Fancy a Male-To-Male Massage by Vietnamese Boys in Saigon, Vietnam?

Well, you can try this place, by the name of " The Men Spa", which is located quite nearby my hotel.


59/10A, Pham Viet Chanh St, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Saigon, Vietnam ( You can search it at Google Map )

It's kinda tricky to find the place though, Because it's located at the inner alley from the main road. Once we enter the alley, there is a left & right turn....

Coincidentally, that alley happens to be a small neighbourhood garden and imagine how embarrassed we were, when two old grandmothers passing by with their grandchildren in tow, looking at the four, blur young guys, thinking whether to turn left or right .....

And without any further delay, those grannies spoke to us in Vietnamese language, and pointed to us where we should walk instead...without us even opening our mouth for direction! -- Guess they know that every group of men that passed by the alley, are obviously heading to the Men Spa, instead of visitors to those grannies themselves....

According to Utopia website,
"Beautifully decorated, with classical, masculine architectural elements and a fully equipped environment dedicated entirely to the service and grooming needs of its male patrons."

"Gay-owned and one of the top men's spas in the city".

Fancy a Gay Massage by sexy Gay Vietnamese Boys?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Andy Yuki - Hot Filipino-Japanese Model!

Not much information can be found on the internet, but here are some interesting data on Andy Yuki!

Name: Andy Yuki
Based in Manila. A model, actor, musician, youtuber

Andy Yuki
Pictures by Haruehun Airry )

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Past Singapore Calendar Hunks!

Here are some wonderful pictures of previous Mr.Manhunt Singapore & Singapore Calendar Guys' Finalists throughout the years...


Ding Yuze, Mr.Singapore Calendar Hunk 2011 Winner

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nadam Spa - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Excerpts taken from

Nadam Spa. Saigon.

"One of Asia's Top Five Gay Men's complexes and by far the best in Vietnam" 

"The Vietnamese crowd is mostly young, fit professionals and are unbelievable friendly - nearly everyone will return your smile and most are happy to learn more about you, even if you're not each other's type.


Sounds so tempting, right? Makes you really feel that Nadam Spa is a place you would not want to miss when you're in Saigon!

"Reluctantly", me, Horny BF and our friends decided to pay a visit to Nadam Spa on one faithful Saturday evening ...

These are the kind of Hot Vietnamese Guys where you'll find in Nadam Spa...Seriously!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ron Lai Photography

These are a collection of wonderful pictures by Singaporean photographer, Ron Lai.

Featured model is Joseph Junior Tan, wearing mostly TERON brand apparels.

Please like his Facebook FanPage:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boys in Boxers!

Hi Guys! My sincere apology for being away so long as I just came back from my 1 Week Saigon, Vietnam trip and had to immediately start work the very next day!

The Saigon trip was nice..Though, not as fun as my previous trip to Hanoi. Perhaps I find Saigon to be too hectic, city-centric and all the hustle & bustle kinda made me uncomfortable & tiring...Nevertheless, I did had some "fun" with a few Saigon escorts whom my friend's friend knew...I shall update you guys later on ya!

In the meantime, please enjoy these sexy Boys in sexy Boxers ya! Muacks!

Jake Ng!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tom Daley - Britain's Twunk-iest Olympic Diver!

One of my readers suggested to me to feature Olympic Studs, since London 2012 is going on at the moment!

So, here is one hottie, British Diver, Tom Daley, which I've featured before way, way, way back in October 2010 [ ] when he was just 16 years old.

Now,the 2007 Diving World Champion and winner of Two Commonwealth Gold Medals, has definitely grown up into a hunky 18 year old Stud indeed!

[ At this point of writing, Tom Daley just missed out on medal podium after finishing fourth in the 10m Synchronized Platform Diving with his partner! ]

Britain's Greatest Hope in London Olympics 2012!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cute Hong Kong Boys!

Here are some photos of these cute Hong Kong boys, modelling for a facebook site:


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brent Corrigan in Andrew Christian's "Jockstrap Cowboys!"

My favourite Pornstar of all-time, Brent Corrigan, the ultimate Power Bottom Twunk [ besides the current favourite, Japanese Power Top, Koh Masaki ], was recently featured as an Andrew Christian underwear Model in their latest theme, "Jockstrap Cowboys" ....

Please enjoy Brent Corrigan's sexy tattooed butt and video ya!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ho Chi Minh Boys - Part 3!

So, my Saigon trip has gotten into another twist, it seems...My friend's friend has a Vietnamese friend, whom he befriended when the Vietnamese was working as a masseur back in KL and he'll be bringing us around on some of the days....And from what my friend describe, the Viet Boy sounds yummy!!! Hahahaha ... So slutty me!

Anyway, just back from a short trip to Singapore last week. Went swimming at Queenstown Pool. Yup...Of all places...Hahaha. Delta lar -- YioChuKang lar -- Buona Vista lar -- but Queenstown?! Well, what to do, the pool was on the way  - ma. It's one of the oldest swimming pool in Singapore. But the design was a bit to open, especially with the Cafe facing down the pool... I had to cover up myself while walking to the tanning deck and turned the deck facing the other side...Hahahaha....Imagine how traumatic it will be to those young kids with me spreading my cock in my red swimtrunks, while they're having their meals? Hmmm....So salah ...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ho Chi Minh Boys - Part 2!

So sorry guys ... Once again, BUSY is the word that everyone hates! Sigh!

Anyway, it's another 3 more weeks before my trip to Ho Chi Minh City ( Saigon ), Vietnam ... Anyone of you have been there before? I wonder whether I can really bump into hot guys like these ?!!! Yummylicious indeed eh?! Vietnamese Beef Boys! ( Hahaha .. Since Vietnam is famous for their Beef Noodles ( Pho Bo )!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Groovin' Swimwear - Aqua Sapiens!

When I first discovered and bought Groovin' underwear way back in February 2008 in Zen Departmental Store, Central World, Bangkok, it wasn't very popular among Gays in Singapore / Malaysia / East Asia. Along the years, Singaporeans finally discovered the sexiness of Groovin' and someone even managed to bring Groovin' to Singapore! -- Hahaha ... I'm GOOD at discovering new potentials in the Gay World isn't it?

( p/s: My Groovin' undies are still in good shape even though 4 years old - d! The waistband are still tight! Unlike Renoma undies where it will loosen and become wrinkly after a few years.... Haha .. Perhaps cuz I always handwash my undies? Eww.......! ) 

Sometimes, I think that I should use my blog for more useful purposes, say..helping to promote gay businesses or gay events...Right? I have the readers, I have my own Deep Throats, I have the exposure...But I just don't have the time!! Hahaha .... Perhaps anyone of you think that you want me to help promote your products / events / activities / or even yourself, please feel free to drop me an email ya!

Anyway, Groovin' has launched a new range of Swimwear called, Aqua Sapiens ... They even managed to get two of the hottest Singaporean Hunk to model for them ...So, without further ado, please enjoy the boys ya!

link within

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