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Japanese Dorama Memories .....

I know, I know...It's a Saturday Night, why the hell I'm at home blogging ? Well, Simon Lover is actually an alter ego of mine. In person, I'm actually more of a homely himbo boy. With da Horny BF back to his hometown, I've nothing to do at home, hence, thinking of old memories to reminisce.

Before the invasion of K-Dramas & K-Pops, Japanese Dramas were the in-thing way back in 1998 - 2002. Basically, they ruled the TV world until, thanks to Korea's "Autumn in My Heart", which single handed-ly killed off the Japanese invasion!

I love Takuya Kimura so much! Even my mIRC and ICQ  nick is called "SmapBoy"! ( referring to Takuya Kimura's pop group, SMAP ) -- Hahaha...Yes, I was known as SmapBoy, way back in my teens, not SimonLover .... Youngsters nowadays have never even seen an ICQ app before!!! ( To my old timer readers, do share your memories of ICQ and mIRC Gay chatrooms - ya! ) 

SmapBoy also brings back a lot of memories when I used to chat with da HornyBF at mIRC gay chatrooms...p/s: The Horny BF was known as "FreshTwink" back then. I saved nearly all our conversations in Microsoft Word ( Haha..Last time we just started - ma. Sure very "hot" and lovey-dovey...Fast forward now?!!!! -- We'll go, "OMG?""You got nothing to do is it?!" ... So, it was "SmapBoy" and "FreshTwink" ... No such thing as Simon Lover & Horny BF, okay?!

From Top L-R -- Takuya Kimura, Takenouchi Yutaka, Takashi Sorimachi, Hideaki Takizawa, The Kinki Kids, Arashi

The first Japanese drama that I was exposed to was Takashi Sorimachi's "Beach Boys" ! It was shown on NTV7 way, way, way, way, way back in 1999. Imagine how nubile and naive I was then. Imagine watching Takashi Sorimachi and Takenouchi Yutaka with Ryoko Hirosue, frolicking on the beach half naked most of the time in the drama?

Takashi Sorimachi's Beach Boys theme song "Forever Your Love"

Now, this song needs no introduction at all. Those who are into anime, who doesn't know GTO, "The Great Teacher Onizuka" ?!! -- Takashi Sorimachi's GTO theme song "Poison" is a classic! -- coupled with his current wife, Nanako Matsushima! 

OMG! I actually forgotten completely about this song, when I youtube-ed Takenouchi Yutaka and Tanaka Misato drama "With Love" -- One of my favourite Japanese dorama theme song by My Little Lover-- "Destiny" 

This is also another touching and poignant song, from Takenouchi Yutaka's & Nanako Matsushima's "Ice World" -- "Koori No Sekai" 氷の世界

The ever cute Tsuyoshi Domoto from The Kinki Kids fame, "Ao No Jidai" 青の時代
-- I used to memorized the whole song, ya'know. ---

The twinkish, Hideaki Takizawa ... All I can remember is he likes to get half naked though...

Of course, Hideaki's most famous drama which he acted as an innocent student, felling in love and begin having a relationship with his teacher ( Nanako Matsushima ), in "Forbidden Love" -- The theme song is also another all-time Japanese Karaoke Classic, Utada Hikaru's "First Love"

Last but not least, also arguably Japan's most popular Actor of all-time and my favourite, Takuya Kimura木村 拓哉 )!!!! 
 Takuya Kimura and Tomoko Yamaguchi's "Long Vacation" theme song -- "( La, La, La ) Love Song "
I remember back then I purposely came out from my tuition class earlier just to go back and watch this drama! Haha -- Such a TV addict eh? 

Takuya Kimura & Takako Matsu's "Love Generation" theme song " 

And how can we forget, Japan's All-Time Most Watched Japanese drama in history, Takuya Kimura & Takako Tokiwa's "Beautiful Life" - theme song by B'z - Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni
--- Dunno how many times I've cried when watching the episodes !!! I don't cry when I watch TV ya'know?! ---

Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu's "Hero" -- Another classic theme song by Utada Hikaru, "Can You Keep A Secret" !

Here's a special mention, Takako Tokiwa's "Ai Shiteru to Ittekure" or "Say You Love Me", another Japanese hit drama, OST - Dreams Come True - "Love, Love, Love" 

Finally, how can you end japanese dramas without featuring their infamous "The Water Boys" drama series !!
Masaharu Fukuyama's - Niji ( Rainbow )



GayBoy90 said...

i hv most of those J-doramas u mentioned above in my collection.. J-dorama saiko-desu, banzai!! ;p

William said...

Didn't know it was a sin to blog on Saturday night!

J-Pop boys are more down to earth.

Da Closet Guy said...


swimblue said...

Indeed. Jap-drama is still my favourite. Many good ones and many with very good songs.
Takenouchi Yutaka is indeed wet dream material lor. oops!

Oh yes.....another popular j-drama which I really like and Simon has not listed here is Tokyo Lovestory! Great story and great song!

Ms. F said...

My first Japanese drama was "Beach Boys" too! Followed by "GTO".
Oh boy, they r so hot!

Alex said...

OMG.. This post gave me all my memories of my love for jpop and the Jap dramas.. U made me switch on my MP3s to all the songs that you brought out here. <3

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