Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Contestant #29: Josh Ho Wei Bing

The Hunt for New Icon For Him's "The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012/2013 is on!
First up is contestant number 29: Josh Ho Wei Bing ( 何维彬 )

DOB: 14 March 1988 ( 24 yo )
Hometown: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Stats: 186cm, 75kg
Measurements: 37.5", 30.5", 37"
Graduated: MMU and SMK Chan Hwa

Josh Ho works as a part time model and a professional photographer as well.

Now, I wonder whose tanline is it?! 
A few years back, Josh Ho was just a young, scrawny, innocently looking chap ...

Over the years, he begin to build up his body ....

Who has a sexier back?!!!

With a strong determination and gym ethics, he begin to push himself harder to achieve a better body! 

And I guess he finally showed some satisfying results ...

 With fellow Malaysian Model, Kit Mah

And fellow Malaysian Model, Ian Ong

 No more scrawny twink! 

With his cool demeanor and towering persona, do you think Josh Ho deserves to be in the Final Top 12? 
If yes, please vote for him by following the picture below.

( p/s: unfortunately, he's not one of us...But then, in my previous post, there's one person commented that he gave a good head to him and he liked it very much! -- Hmm ... Trying to give Josh a bad name? Perhaps the anonymous commentator can clarify further ... =P )


Shin Yong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shin Yong said...

Oops..accidently deleted.

Anyways, so shock to see the before and after. Good motivation for people to build up ; )

William said...

The facial hair...

Anonymous said...

I've seen him quite a few times in my gym before (FF). In fact one of the pics on this post is from that gym.

Anonymous said...

he is a model and that makes him good in posing compare to others

really different before and after he bulked up

XIAN said...

LOL i've seen him at FF IOI. He looks nice real life. He has a girlfriend. He also acts a bit snobbish but I've caught him staring at me for several times.

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