Sunday, October 31, 2010

Help Needed: Question #1....!

Finally I'm back after 1 week of traveling with the parents, brother & wife and the sister-in-law's parents! -- During that period, I was disconnected with the virtual world as well - Meaning -- No sexy guys for me to drool in that 1 week! - It's tough for a sexually active gay boy, to control his desire that long, ya'know!

Anyway, to cut the story short, here's one of the numerous questions being asked to me by my sister-in-law... 

And if you guys were me, how would you answer it? - Please leave your comments ya! 


"Simon, next week I'm going to Manchester, UK. What do you want me to buy for you? - Do you like football? Manchester United? How about I get you some Man U jerseys? Any particular Man U stars you like?"

Simon Lover:
"Erm...It's okay...You don't need to buy anything for me. You just enjoy your working trip - lah."

"Okay...You just email your brother when you've thought of what you want from UK, ya."

Well, what did you guys expect me to answer? - Say, I'm not really into football, my dear Sis? I'm not that man enough to sit for 90 minutes watching guys chasing over one ball at 1-2 am in the morning, ( Malaysia time )?

And give her the chance to go into a trance and start asking me, "Huh?! I thought guys like to watch football one?!! - how come you don't like to watch football? Why? Why? Why?.....And the list will go on and on and on!

Where in actual fact, Simon Lover's mind was actually hoping to tell the Sis: 
"Oh! Great! Can you help look out for me Topman, Zara or other branded designer clothes that are at discounted price?! Please?! -- Since the prices there are cheaper than in M'sia.

Hahahaha....Well, that was what I've requested my brother to buy for me last year ( Cuz my Bro knows I like clothes - ma, hahaha )...I ask him to buy Topman jeans/pants, Size 28...Don't need to try. Sure can fit - one, since I own one size 28 jeans. So, Bro did buy 1 skinny jeans & 1 skinny slack Sz 28 for me at RM100 each ( Malaysia is selling it at RM229, u'know!" )....

"Mana tau", I couldn't even button-up the skinny slack ( An indicator of my bulging tummy?!! ) and the skinny jeans is very "tight-fitting" -- too tight in fact -- ! Haha. So, in the near future, to be on the safe side, buying Tee Shirts are the best option for me!

So now, both of us agree that we'll shop for electrical items instead...e.g camera, IT gadgets...Hahaha. Till then, I shall start looking for what are the things are want from UK! Hehehehe. Any UK readers of my blog that can help me out?~! =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Horny BF's Wet Wednesday - Sam Tsui Sings "Don't Stop Believing"

Hi there people. Simon's probably chilling his bubble butt off somewhere up on the highlands, while we here on the lowlands are drenched with sweat. Not from the excessive nocturnal activities (like someone who just got back from the land down under, with erotic stories to share ....), but the erratic weather.

One minute it's pouring like gushes of cum after a week's worth of celibacy, and the other moment the heat torches the skin like being couped up in some steaming dry sauna. 

Hmm, been some time since my last visit to a sauna. Now would be a timely opportunity. Since Simon's not even aware of my location. ;)

Anyway, as of late, both of us were thick in our quests of seeking for greener pastures. A major leap of faith for me, as this might mean a complete change to my current pace and manner of life; and I will definitely be making my virginal (hehe) appearances alongside Simon back in the Klang Valley.

So if you're fond of discovering how ogre-like Horny BF looks like in real life, please drop me or Simon a message. I shall be honoured to blow (kinky?) your mind off.

Better yet, got a room to spare? Horny BF can definitely do with one soon ...... somehow, sharing with some PLU's sounds so much more palatable than say, being in the centre of attention of some close-knitted families. Last thing that I wanna hear is "Where is your GF ah?" from some nosy aunties! :)

Here's a video I want to share with everyone, and NO. Unlike the usual tradition of Simon to be posting nude/semi-nude, but barely there shots of hot twinks, Horny BF can't be bothered to search deep into the archive and please the beast in you.

But this certain Sam Tsui of Youtube fame,got my interest piqued for more reasons than one. Watch his rendition of Don't Stop Believing (a rework of the song originally by Journey, then rose to fame again thanks to Glee) and tell me what you think. Hehehe .... we can always do with another twinkish American-Chinese in the mix.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sneak Peek Of SL? - Part 1

Changing job means the chances of being sponsored by drug companies to stay at hotels will be lesser. Yesterday night shall be the last sponsorship for a long, long time before the next one! -- Since I'm staying alone, isn't it a great idea to bring some one up to accompany me as well?!!!

Hehehehehe...Well, since I'm in town, the one that I can only think of is none other than The Horny BF - lor! Hahaha....However, it's kinda sad that we need to be very secretive as well as vigilant while entering the hotel. I'll go up first with my luggage, to see whether the coast is clear...Then I'll ring him up to signal him to do the mission impossible as quick as possible. Once he has entered my room, I'll go down to the car again, to bring his luggage up! - Hahahha -- This trick proves to be beneficial to us because on my down, I actually bumped into a few fellow colleagues and juniors from other branches as well...And luckily, it's not bumping both of us together! - If not, we'll be the talk of the profession for years to come! -- You see the big predicaments that we're facing or not?!! - "Cham" - leh.

Though there wasn't  any wild sex for the night ( I was very tired after suffering from two bouts of headache, driving for two hours and waking up at 7am on a Saturday -- I shall make up for tonight though ), but we are satisfied to be together with each other ( mind you, we are having a long-distance relationship! ) for the night.

Just a sneak preview of myself! 
( I had this idea of taking pictures of both of us since we have the tanlines like those sex Japs above, but then, I prefer to respect the BF's privacy! )
( Hahahaha -- Plus, I'm actually putting up this picture without his consent, at the moment! 
- Sure will kena "pound" kao-kao tonight! )
( It's already 11.30 am and I need to check out by 12noon! Yikes! )

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Formal"-ity Fetish! - Part III

Hi Guys! This is the 3rd installment of my "Formal"-ity Fetish post where I'll post pictures of guys in work attire! -- You can read the previous installments over here -- PART 1 and PART 2.

Just to inform you guys, Simon Lover will be away yet again --- for 9 days, starting from tomorrow! -- Nope, I'm not going for any vacation with the Horny BF, instead, my Elder Brother will be back home together with my Singaporean Sis-In-Law and the Singapore In-Laws.

So, I'm bringing them for a short getaway up north to Penang for 3days, detouring Ipoh for breakfast and dinner of course - since they have not been to those places before! -- Hahaha...I don't know why, but I find Singaporeans feel very fascinated with the way of life in Malaysia --- the people, the madness, the FOOD, the nature, the laid-back atmosphere. The In-Laws even suggested we go fishing, visit farms, likes roti canai and any older generation activities ( Haha..Maybe because it rekindle their younger days' memories back when Singapore wasn't as developed as now?!  )  -- but of course, this fascination I think will only last throughout the one week - lar; if forever, they might wanna re-consider the pros & cons of holding onto that fascination! -- especially Malaysia's notorious bureaucracy and politics!

Hahaha...Well, luckily for my singaporean relatives, the thing they like the most is FOOD! So, basically this trip will be another round of makan trip! -- No thanks to my 4 years living in Penang and 4 years cajoling in Ipoh -- Yup, it's been that long since leaving my parents, studying and working in FAR-FAR-AWAY land!

But no worries! - This coming 1st December 2010, Simon Lover will finally, and I mean, FINALLY, be back living and "preying" in Klang Valley for good! Hehehehe --- Oops! I think I might have stirred someone's hornet nest!

And I can't wait to dress as smart and twinky as the Thai Boy above! I always have a fetish on tight fitting white shirt but till now, I still haven't own one yet! Maybe it's time I ask the Mum/relative to tailor-made some for me?!

As for slacks, I have many tight fitting ones but none of them are as skinny as above! It's time to get one too?!! -- But just for your information, if I were to dressed like the clothes I've mentioned earlier, my body shape will look exactly like the twinky Thai Boy above! -- Maybe It's time to hit the gym, I guess?!

Yup! Simon Lover is really that slim! Though my slim looks isn't that obvious because of my proportionate height! So far...Only William, KH, Cheryl, Gratitude have seen me LIVE before, while PLUBoy has seen me cumming camming....and two more gays by the name Andy and one who always bumped into my BF and me but doesn't know that I'm SL...Hahaha...

And as for the Horny BF...I hope he'll get some good offers soon! He's trying out for MNCs Drug Companies...And if successful, I'll be envious of him because he gets to drool over the thousands of lengchais working as product representatives and "have" them over for lunch!!!!! -- Kheksei! -- While I will still be contented gossiping and flirting with my Malay makciks or ah moi(s) assistants! --and he'll be globe-trotting sleeping with Sexy Singaporean, Thai, Hong Kong, American guys.....Though I still have my "oozing with manly sex appeal" 30++ yo Japanese General Manager for me to flirt with! ( Must quickly do a check-up on him whether he likes guys or not! )

As for the Horny BF's bodysize, he'll look abit like the HOT TAIWAN GUY above -- but a little bit on the heavier side ( Just A LITTLE! ) Hahaha....!! -- And I just hope there'll be some hot sales reps like him "servicing" me once in a while.....Sigh....No harm fantasizing right?! Hehe.

Anyway...Hope you guys will enjoy your lovely weekend....while I'll be signing off for 1 week...Till then, Muacks from Simon Lover!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Awww...This boy is so cute that you feel like wanna pinch his cheeks and give him a peck! He's too soft-looking and weak to defend himself from the onslaught of your advances! But...Do not be deceived by his looks cuz YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET of him, especially what's underneath da clothes!

Watashiwa, Kawaii desu ka?!
Tomodatchi, mo ii desu ka?!

Ie..Mochiron douzo!

Kimochi desuka?...Iku..Iku...?! Hehehehe...

And You Guys Think He's So Easy To Give In To Your Orders? 
There's ain't gonna be any pleasure galore for you?! Instead..This is what you'll going to get!!!
Like they always say, "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!"

A 6 packs to heaven!

Nipples pointy enough to burst the balloons!

Chest smooth enoughto let the oil flows freely!

Body hairless enough for the sweats to evaporate easily!

Skimpy ARENA swim trunk is the choice for Asian Guys!

With that kinda body, I'm sure the Marines wouldn't mind him being their poster boy!

-- The Body back in 2009 --
Guess back then he haven't put on enough weight to complement his rapid bulging muscles.

And I guess he overdid it a lil' and have not gotten a tan yet! But it's okay, everything is the past. Since he's now one helluva hottie and cutie as well!

So, Do Not "MESS" ( depends on how you guys see the word "Mess" over here ) With This Cutie!

As he'll "poked" and "fingered" your eyes out!

Stripped you naked to the floor!

"Elbow slammed" you like The Rock till you shout "Oh, Mother Fucker, yeah!"

Before releasing you after you had "cum" and apologize to him!

So, who say's cuties are softies?!
-- Please eat your words, my dear! --

Monday, October 18, 2010

Malaysian Actor - Leslie Chai!

This cute Malaysian Actor is called Leslie Chai. He's been acting since 1995 under HVD before HVD went bust in 1997 before re-emerging back into the Malaysian Drama scene, which went into a revival since 2007!

Name : Leslie Chai Ker Lik ( 蔡珂立 )
Born: Kampar, Perak.
DOB: 3 Sept 19xx! ( He's so secretive with his age! )

I remember watching his HVD dramas back in 1995-1997 and he usually played the part of the secondary school kid / son. Hahaha...And I always have this bad fetish of trying to spot a bulge on boys wearing school pants! - Oh, behave!

Leslie Chai, way back in 1995. 
Hahaha -- Look at how popular was "Aaron Kwok's" hairstyle back then. Does anyone of you have had a similar hairstyle before?!! Please don't be shy! Just share it with us, k! - As for me, I never had that kind of hairstyle before because my hair is slightly curly. So, it's not long, smooth & silky enough to styled that way!

And Leslie Chai, post 2007!

He still maintains his boyish charm, though sources say that he's already in his thirties!

And the above pic is the latest look from Leslie Chai, circa September 2010.

Sadly for us, Leslie Chai actually has a girlfriend. 
But that doesn't stop fellow Malaysian Actors ( which, IMHO or thru my strong gaydar, are definitely 'One Of Us'! ) from trying to be close with Leslie whenever there's an opportunity. Just like the actors below!

Leslie Chai with Nick Chung ( 钟盛忠 )

Awww...So sweet....

And no one can be as close as the actor like Melvin Sia! ( 谢佳见 )

I think he secretly wished that the kiss was true from his heart. What to do, the guy's straight!

Bromance Of The Three Kingdoms!
Caught in the tug-of-war between Melvin Sia and William San ( 辛伟廉 )

Well, with a boyish charm like that, it's no wonder that girls and even guys would fall for 
Leslie Chai - lor!
And so, how about you guys?!

~ Leslie Forever ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random Cuties!

The weekend has come and gone in a flash - without me doing anything resourceful! - I just wish that we can stop the time from moving, anytime we want! In about one and a half months' time, I'll be leaving officially, from my Far-Far-Away land back to my hometown to work in the Gay Heaven of Malaysia - and I have not packed my things yet! The recent arguments between me & the Horny One are mainly concerning the unpredictable future that we might have due to this sudden course of changes. The Horny One is still looking for better offers - Meaning I'll be going down first --- And the notion of Simon Lover, finally arriving to work @ Malaysia's City Of Gays, alone, -- it's like making The Horny One to get prepared for endless heart attacks that he might get after this! --- Cuz Simon Lover admits, that he's neither an "ANGEL" himself! - Sigh...

Still recuperating from the endless energy & emotional-draining sessions with the Horny One, I shall just post random pictures of sexy Taiwanese Boys ya! Enjoy....!

The cute Teddy Tzeng! I regretted not saving more pictures of him before he closed his wretch account because I thought it will remain open forever - ma. Wasted!

The beauty of a naked taiwanese guy.

Does anyone of you have a chest as big as him till you can't button the first button of your shirt?! Hehe - Sexy isn't it?!

How can they always detect handsome guys like above as gay?.....Maybe they have the aura that immediately pinged our gaydars?!

Now, that's the kind of arms that I want. Proportionately toned and just right!

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