Friday, September 2, 2011

Caption these pictures...

So, how does this game work?

It's very simple. You guys can pick any of the photos below and write a short caption/story of your interpretation of it! [ Of course, I don't mind if you guys leave more comments. The more the livelier, right?!! ] 
Different people will have different views. So, we shall see who has the wildest fantasy, ya!!

Muacks from Simon Lover! 

#1 : The Edge Of Glory - Hole! 

#2 : The Fallen Puppet 

#3: The Last Shower 

#4: A Stallion & A Pony

#5: Sauna Love Story

#6 : One Night Stand

#7: Rapunzel

#8: Who's the Money Boy?!


Anonymous said...

#1 - fill that vase

Tony said...

butt robot

Ryan said...

of course #1. I realize that i actually gay. So with that hole that ready for my 7 inch cock, why it should be wasted?
First, do it slowly, then steady, later be more agrresive.. the faster you give, at the end, you will shot tons of cum.. yeah!

Anonymous said...

gonna ram my dick in and out till i cum all over inside

Anonymous said...

John said:

the caption for #1 should read: "Now do you wanna hear me play, 'I'm a yanky doodle dandy!??'"

eddie said...

NUMBER 1 i can line my rifle up in that slot and then shoot my load

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