Friday, September 30, 2011

Mr.Tantric 2011 - Winner!

Here are the pictures from the recently held, Mr.Tantric Singapore 2011. Pictures are credited to Tantric Bar's Facebook page.

And this year's winner is Contestant #1 Roy! Congratulations ya!

Last year's winner, Vince "Fok"!
Seriously,how can he win the title? Here are last year's pictures [ HERE ]

Look at the contestants' perky butts!

The Winners
#1: Roy, #2:Donald; #3 Alrick

Sexy Backs! Don'cha guys feel like wanting to pull their suspenders and snap it on their backs?!

This will gonna put Alrick as his wallpaper & masturbate lor!

Boys ready to be served!

Dirty Dancing! 

The Tantric Crowd on that fateful night! 
Anyone of you were present on that sexy night?!

I think this guy will win the title had he not decided to be just a spectator - lor! Agree?

The Swimwear Moments!

Actually, my pick goes to Xryan Lim - lor! How come he can lose?! Kheksei

Whose "HEAD" is sexier? Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Sexy dimples alone couldn't help him win the title! - Jeremy Kho

Now, when will our beloved MP ( Market Place ) host this kind of event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Gone are the days of Mr.Liquid.....& we can only hope for Mr.Market Place....


Deicidal said...

oh my....
the last pic is... uhmm...
oh my.... LOL

nicky05 said...

HAHAHA Funny le those dialog. XD

Anonymous said...

Looks like they all shaved down there... hehe

Still Single said...

Too hunky, I'd rather like slim with some muscle like those in Japanese and Korean flower boys : )

Anonymous said...

the guys are okay, but im sure there are much yummier guys on the floor.

Ai said...

I see my friends inside hahah lol