Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapore's Mr.Tantric 2010 Results!

Singapore's Gayest Male Pageant has come and go, on the 6th of June 2010 @ Zirca, and here are some of the pictures of Mr.Tantric 2010 Finals that i could find on the net.

I do not know all the contestant's name....( Can anyone help me out? ) ...except for #2: Mohamed Reza, #4 Stan Kor

#5 Vincent Fok, #7 Eddy Ng, #8 Ken Yong

Here was the crowd on that night! Full house indeed!

And the contestants fooling around backstage....
Vincent Fok, Eddy Ng, Stan Kor, Reza

Center: Ken Yong, Reza

Threesome anyone?!

--- And announcing the winner of Mr.Tantric 2010 ---

Mr. Vincent Fok ( 霍少荣 ),
the 26 year old Head Coach of a leading cheerleading group, "Wildcards", a cheerleading youth academy @ Ulu Pandan.

Though he's not really my kinda guy. Perhaps he suits better with the sexy sgboy blogger...
He also won the Best Makeover and Mr.Personality Award
I find him too cute to be a "MISTER" pageant lor. Hahaha...I don't know why, but i can't really stand people who still act KAWAII in their age...For example, i have a very pretty girl friend, who is already 28 years old, but yet still act so childish, "manja-manja" and kawaii-cute cute. And don't let me get started on ladies with "Tweety Bird"'s voice!!!!

1st Runner Up - Eddy Ng, 21 years old
Now, that's what i call a body for a "MISTER"! 
Eddy Ng also won the Mr.Physique Award

Look at the skimpy swim trunks!!!!

He should have won Mr.Tantric instead.
( Hahahaha...Well, everyone has the rights to voice their opinions right? )

2nd Runner-Up: Mohamed Reza, 28 years old
He also won Mr.Sportmenasia

He's definitely one helluva sexy Malay Hunk!

Mr. Reza's sexy butt and Vincent Fook acting cute again after receiving the sash from last year's winner, Andy Josh Lin.

Another of my favorite is also Stan Kor, but he did not manage to win anything on that night. Why ah?!
The sexy swimtrunk is from 2eros, an Australian brand.
You guys can check it out over here ... or for Singaporeans, you can visit the Sportsmenasia store  or

Another twinky hunk, Ken Yong Quan, 25 years old.

And of course, the sexy Mr.Tantric 2009 - Andy Josh Lin, the 30 yo Singapore Airlines steward.
Now, who can beat the sexy nipple ring - leh?! You tell me?!

Here are the videos recorded by a cute singaporean blogger, in his website Please visit the website ya!

The Finalists parading in sexy, skimpy swim trunks!

The Q&A session. Vincent acting cute again while Ken Yong fumbled....

JAYLEIF.COM - Mr Tantric 2010 - The Winners from Jayden Leif on Vimeo.
Presenting the awards session...


nicky05 said...

Yeah!!! Should have Eddy Ng won title..he's cute and got the body and the charming eyes...XD

Little Dove said...

I tawt I saw a big mole on Mr Reza's sexy butt (pic:reza1). ;p

William said...

No 7!!

Takashi said...

i dont care.. i just want the trunkkkksss!!!!!!!!!!!!! buy for me simon hon!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Video

Rob said...

Wow Simon, the guys look so hot in their skimpy trunks, wish I'd be there to see in person :-P

The backstage pics looked so sexy, loved seeing the guys touching each other. Do you think any of them got excited touching each others bodies? I hope so!

Jayden said...

Thanks for crediting, Simon. :)

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