Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hitting "ROCK" Bottom This Week?

Arghh....I'm Feeling very lethargic at the moment! Yesterday I went down to my HQ for a meeting, situated in a BIG-BIG-CITY and stayed over for a Night at the Horny One's house. We watched the Japan-Paraguay World Cup match ( where Japan lost, unfortunately ) that ended at 1.00 am. My eyes were trasfixed on some of the Japanese football players as well, though not as handsome as Hidetoshi Nakata. Couldn't really sleep well and ended up dozing off at 2.30 am - i think - while the Horny One had already fallen asleep 5 minutes into bed! This morning, i woke up at 5.00 am, got myself ready, had breakfast and exactly at 6.15pm continued my journey back to my 150km Far-Far-Away-Land. Meaning, i have been awake since 5.00 am from a 2.5 hours sleep! - Now, i think you guys can imagine where my panda eyes came from right?!

And adding to another stressful agenda : - I'm going down to SINGAPORE, this Friday for 5 days --- WITH THE MUM! -- and staying over at my BROTHER'S apartment! - Or in other words -- NO HANKY PANKY for this trip and NO SURFING GAY-RELATED WEBSITES for 5 days as well !!!! - It's been 2 years since i've last went to Singapore, and ironically, ever since i started work in the last 4 years, this is just my second trip, compared to the 6 trips in the span of 3 years during my UNI days with the Horny One! - This time the Horny One is not following us because i do not know what to expect from my Sister-In-Law if i brought a guy friend along as well!!!! - However, i shall make it up for the Horny One, and hopefully, if everything goes well, i might be going down to Singapore with the Horny One by Year-end!
In meantime,  THE HORNY ONE will take charge of updating my blog during my absence and please spank him ( by leaving me an email ) - if he does not write any posts for me!!!

Hitting "ROCK" Bottom for this week?! - Haha. Well, in the sense of clearing and finishing my dateline assignments before i leave this Friday - lor! Sigh! Very headache indeed! In the meantime, we are really hitting a "ROCK"-HARD body with this hunky China Male Model,  

"Rock" Ji Huan Bo ( 纪焕博 )

Two different color mode for the same picture! Which is nicer?! The above picture or the tanned look?

Showing how "elastic" and "versatile" he is!!!

"8-packs" Indeed!!!

Oh Behave! - Put that cigarrette away! We don't do S&M!!!! - Or do we?!!!!

And who says white underwear is not SEXY?!!!


Skyhawk said...

Delicious man....too bad for Japan, and they have tried hard..haiz!

William said...

KH is worse. He can sleep in 30 seconds! Ish! His body is so.... perfect. Looks a bit like a mannequin. Ahaha. Can still ogle at the boys on the street ma. You know la how much they like wearing tank tops... but it's rainy season now I think.

simonlover said...

@Skyhawk: Nvm. we'll wait for another 4years time oh!

@William: Haha.To be precise, Horny One definitely can compete with KH!Haha.Already have many restraining orders meted out to me liao by the powers-that-be! Must adhere strictly when i'm in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Works better looking at the Rock images if you believe the clinging female is a ladyboy and not a real one. I can accept a LB otherwise back off bitch! - Ian

blue said...

Have fun in sg then :)
btw, wanna say bon voyage to u and the far far land oledi :)

Rob said...

You should see if they are having a foam party at Absolute Sauna! That would be fun ;-)

Oh and make sure you get some Groovin' undies while you are there!

Derek said...

If you have time, can meet up! =) Can get my number from William hehe

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