Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Soothe Your Teething Pain?

The days that you dread the most especially when your wisdom teeth is giving you all the pain has finally arrived?
Or the infected teeth has been troubling you throughout the entire night?
With things like that bothering your peaceful sleep, What's the best way to soothe your teething pain? 

Well...It's none other than relaxing on your bed, lying naked with your blanket barely covering your bubbly butt, sipping a cup of hot Milo and let the boys below perform their magic on you! 

It will definitely cure all your pains immediately! On the plus side as well, they could even make your teeth "ALIVE" once again! - I shall wish your partner(s) all the best then!!! - Hehehehe.
( Though i know i will only be biting myself for tonight since the Horny One is far-far apart from me. Nevertheless, the ample toilet rolls lying on my drawer might "cum" in handy in this lovely, rainy Wednesday Night! - Hehehehe )

Mamma Mia! - I didn't know that someone can look that sexy while brushing teeth?!

People who brush their teeth and camwhore in the sametime is definitely a Narcissist!
Brushing your teeth and worshipping your six-pecks is definitely a different thing!

A narcissist who adores their sexy body and might even reach orgasmic state by just looking at themselves!

However, some people brush their teeth clad only in their underwears because of one thing - they are doing it for their partner - and it's part of a fore-play thingy as well! So cheeky aren't they!

This handsome Taiwanese boy has a fetish of snapping himself, brushing his teeth!

But at least he knows what's moderation means, than the STUD below~! 

Getting ready for some hot french kissess later i guess?

Of course, the rule of thumb in giving french kissess before a hot sex session is always, always, always brush your teeth before going all the way "down" there! It's a sign of respect to the other guy when you are well prepared with a nice breath to smooch with. Nobody loves kissing a mouth filled with cigarette smell!

......Sexy Malaysian STUD, TY Low....

Another cutie from Taiwan!  
-- Hmmm....Why must there be so many cute taiwanese boys out there - leh? And i wonder whether he's a TOP or BOTTOM? With nearly all the gay Taiwanese guys looking ambiguous like that, it's really very hard to tell isn't it?!

Like this cute Taiwanese couple again...I guess the guy on the right is the TOP! Hehehehe

And as for the pictures below, they are not really brushing their teeth, but they kinda makes the cut because their "POSE" shows that their are in the midst of preparing themselves for are "brushing-teeth" moment! Hahahaha -- It's just that they are behaving like a narcissist at the moment! Hehehehe....

Guy #1 : Mirror, Mirror On The Wall : Who has the sexiest Butt of them all?! 

Mirror, Mirror replied to Guy #1 : These two boys have the sexiest BUTT in the world?! Now, beat that Guy #1 "
( The boy is So cute and has a very innocent look!!!!! - I like! )

China Model, Zhu Xiaohui ( 朱曉輝)
: Mirror, Mirror on the wall : Who has the sexiest torso in the world?!

Mirror, Mirror replied : Of course, Wang Leehom ( 王力宏 )
has the best torso in the world!! Are you blind, my dear?!!!

Have A NICE DAY, my DEAR(S) ~!
Pardon me for yet another nonsensical post! Hahahahaha --- Just to lighten up everyone - nia. No harm intended! - Muacks from Simon Lover!


Paul Figaro J said...

where the hell u get those pictures!!

Skyhawk said...

yummy yummy...all so cute!

simonlover said...

@Paul: It took me years to collect those few pictures of guys brushing their teeth nia!

@Skyhawk: Ya! Me likey too!

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