Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taiwanese Male Model - Neill 萬子豪

Arrgh...Writer's block once again! Don't have the mood to write any stories! Please forgive me! While waiting for some inspiration to write some funny posts...Here's a cute Taiwanese Male Model, named Neill ,萬子豪

Not much info of him except in this websites:

Here are pictures of him in Taiwan's Men's Uno Magazine
( Now, i remember browsing through the Magazine while i was in a bookshop! )

The Private Structure Underwear has somehow became a trademark of Malaysia's Most Popular Underwear - among Gays - as well in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China! Hehehehe

I wonder does William, The Blogger, has this GMW Underwear...Hehehe

While here are some random pictures of Neill, 萬子豪, modeling as well....

Now, you guys tell me, who is more desirable? The girl or the guy?! - Duh....Though i might be gay, but i do know how to appreciate pretty girls as well!

Haha...An odd one over here...I like the attire ma. Nice!

A-Ha! My Formal Wear Fetish! Nice! - please read my post HERE

Sorry to disappoint you guys. But that sexy bitch is his girlfriend. KHEKSEI! - If a guy is handsome, wearing just a plain white tee & jeans, he will still look handsome! - KHEKSEI!

But Neill, 萬子豪 is also NOTORIOUS for being the "Guy Who Got To Hold" Taiwan's sexiest underwear model at the moment's, Liz Yang Lisi  ( 杨俐思 ) - BREAST !

Liz Yang is a mixed Taiwanese-Paraguayan beauty with a Vital Stats of 32D - 23 - 35!!! You guys can google her and you'll be surprised how popular she is - especially her scantily-clad underwear Ads!

A-Ha - Yup! The lady with her ASS being rimmed by a Caucasian guy at the bottom is Zhang Ziyi & her boyfriend! If you guys have not seen the pictures before, you can google it! Very erotic indeed, even for us gays! - Hahaha

Well, i have my eyes transfixed at his lovely ass instead! - Nice!

Have A Nice Day everyone! Guess i must quickly do a write-up post ady!
- Later kena complaint again - Hahahaha! Muacks from Simon! --


William said...

Goodness, that pic of him grabbing a boob... :S

tuls said...

hots!!! psssssssssss!!

Skyhawk said...



the last photo is hot !!!

link within

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