Thursday, December 31, 2009 MSM Sex Survey 2009 - Final Report.

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One in five MSM do not use condoms consistently with casual male partners: 2009 MSM Sex Survey 2009 MSM Sex Survey – Final Report

Methodology :  
In March and April 2009, an English language survey was conducted online ( 7993 MSM and TG completed the questionnaire.


  • The average age of respondents was 33 years (range 15-74). 
  • Most of the participants live in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand and China. 
  • 5387 (67.4%) reported university education or higher.
Identity & socialisation

  • 6558 (82%) of the respondents were gay-identified
  • 1221 (15%) bisexual. 
  • 644 (8.1%) reported being uncomfortable with their sexuality, and 
  • 247 (3.1%) had no gay friends.
Sex & relationships during the past 6 months

  • 560 (7%) had sex with a woman in the past 6 months. 
  • 1057 (13.2%) did not have any male sexual contact, 
  • 1906 (23.8%) had one partner, 
  • 2841 (35.5%) had 2 to 5 partners and 
  • 2189 (27.3%) had 6 or more partners.

  • 3356 (44.5%) of the respondents are currently in a relationship. 
  • Of these, 1699 (48%) were for more than 2 years, 
  • and 1496 (42%) were sexually exclusive (sex only with one regular partner)

Sexual behaviour during the past 6 months

  • For male to male sex, the survey differentiated between regular (boyfriends and lovers), casual, and commercial sex partners. 
  • After excluding those who a) did not have any male sexual contact; b) did not have any male partners in the respective categories; c) did not have anal sex and; d) always used a condom for anal sex,
  • Iit showed that 2455 (31%) of the respondents were not using condoms consistently with a regular male partner, and;
  • 1664 (21%) were not using condoms consistently with their casual male partners. 
  • 816 (10%) did not use condoms consistently with both their regular and casual partners. 
  • 253 (3%) of respondents did not use condoms consistently with their commercial sex partners.

  • The main reasons for regular partners to forego condom use was both partners share the same HIV status (positive or negative), and because they felt condoms made sex less enjoyable. 
  • For casual partners, 20% did not use condoms after disclosing their HIV status, 17% on impulse, 13% assumed the other person’s HIV status was the same as their own, and 7% because their partner did not ask to use one. Only 5% said being “high” was a reason for not using condoms.

Venues for meeting men
  • The Internet was the most common way for respondents to meet other men for sex (4936, 72%), 
  • saunas (2615, 38%) and 
  • bars and clubs (1938, 28%). 
 Sexually transmitted infections, drugs & travel

  • 3873 (48%) of respondents had an STI test in the past 6 months, and 1958 (24%) were diagnosed or treated for an STI during that period. 
  • 1050 (13%) reported consuming recreational drugs (e.g. Viagra, ecstasy, poppers, methamphetamines) for sex. 
  • 5121 (64%) of respondents travelled to a foreign country in the past 6 months, during which 2096 (41%) of them had protected anal sex and 506 (10%) had unprotected anal sex with a casual partner they met on their travels. 
  • 1098 (21%) attended a circuit or dance party.
HIV testing

  • 2039 (26%) of respondents have never had an HIV test, with 4066 (51%) taking a test in the past 12 months. Of the 2039 who have never been tested, 46% reported a low personal risk assessment as the reason for not getting a test. Conversely, 14% felt it was likely they were already positive, and 30% either did not want to think about it, or were worried about confidentiality of the test results, and the stigma and discrimination they would face if tested positive. 9% did not know where they could go for a test. 
  • Of the 5954 who have had an HIV test, 295 (5%) self-reported as HIV positive. Of these, 184 (62%) are currently on anti-retroviral treatment, and 150 (51%) have achieved an undetectable viral load. 135 (46%) of the positive MSM are currently in a relationship, 40 (30%) of which are with another HIV positive man.
  • Whilst 5177 (65%) of those surveyed felt that the best time to discuss one’s HIV status was before sex, only 1643 (21%) actually did so.
HIV acceptance

  • 3109 (39%) of those surveyed personally knew someone who was HIV positive (friend, partner, co-worker, family member). Acceptance of HIV positive people was generally high, with most people willing to befriend, care for, and work with someone HIV positive. 2439 (31%) would also have sex with someone who had disclosed their positive status to them, and 1115 (14%) have already ever had sex with someone they knew was positive. 

  1. Not all MSM and TG are at equal risk for HIV infection. Men who abstain from sex, do not have anal sex, or use a condom consistently with all their sex partners when they have anal sex are at little to no risk of being infected with HIV.
  2. Those most at immediate risk are the 21% of men who have unprotected sex with casual partners (1664 of 7993) and 3% with commercial partners (253 of 7993).
  3. Unprotected anal sex amongst men in regular relationships is high (2455 of 3556 in a current relationship do not use condoms consistently). This is a cause for concern when either or both partners is also having unprotected anal sex with casual partners (816 of 3556). This puts not only themselves, but also their regular partners at risk.
  4. Recent HIV testing (within the last 12 months) was also low, and almost a quarter of those surveyed had never been tested. A significant number who have never been tested, or tested recently continue to have unprotected anal sex with casual partners (684 of 7993).
  5. The level of HIV acceptance in the community is relatively high, but despite this, the degree of HIV disclosure remains low.
( p/s: Simon Lover will be going for a short getaway until the weekend - Tis is actually a scheduled post as i'm actually on leave since 30th ady. Hehehe. I would like to wish you guys an early HAPPY NEW YEAR Celebration 2010 and Safe Sex always ya! Muacks ! )

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Do I Like Japanese Gay P*rns Leh?

Hehehe...It's no secret that my all time favorite gay porns are of course,from the Japanese! Though most of the time, the guy's dick is somehow "blurred" ( i do not know why, but showing a guy's dick on japanese film is kinda Taboo for the censorship board over there ). But since i can't really see their dick, why do i still like to watch them leh? Well, there are some pro(s) and con(s) of Japanese Gay Porns and shall we see what is it all about?

  1. They are Asians. Meaning: Their body and dick is almost similar to my "standards" and well proportionate. Hehehehe. Well, sometimes it's kinda gross to see guys with a very big dick, especially with the veins popping out, dun'cha think? And i'm not into bear or those too-muscular hunks either!
  2. I like their skimpy  & colorful SPEEDOs! Japan has arguably the SEXIEST SPEEDOs ever produced in the world. Why isit so difficult for them to share it with the rest of the world leh? Khek sei.
  3. I like their TAN and TAN LINES too! Japanese people like to imitate the Westerners. That's why, tanning is a IN-thing over there.
  4. Japanese people can CUM way-way much better than Brent Corrigan! Hahaha. Seriously! Though Brent is one of the Hottest gay pornstar in the world at the moment, but most of the time ( and most western porns ), dribble seems the only word for them lor. ( Correct me if i'm wrong k =P )
  1. They seem to be quite passive on bed. They don't really moan ( mostly mm! mm! mm! a well-mannered voice nia ) and most of the time,
  2. They are quite expressionless. It's very difficult to see whether they are actually enjoying it? Or in pain? Or anticipating when they are about to cum lor...
  3. Hahaha...I'm a bit embarrassed to say this...But it's quite difficult to find scenes of them B***B***King lor. Hahahaha. I know, I know...Safe Sex is Always Number One k! 
So, that's all i can think of at the moment ( once again, this post is written in a hush...I was actually going to write about My Top 10 Gay Moments of 2009 one..But i was caught in an evil distraction lor. Actually i was busy searching for jap porns to download one, after realizing, it has been a long long time since i have seen a new one. )
And this is just a lil' treat for you guys ya! ........

Idol Beach - In USA / Big Wave

You guys can download it ( here ) - Just copy & paste the link in a new window.

Hope you guys will enjoy it. I have actually downloaded the first part only ( because after opening it, haiks! I have the movie already lor..Wasted.Hehehe ). So, please dun be angry if the links doesn't work k! Muacks from Simon!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Caught In A Bad Romance!

Want your Bad Romance!

C'mon guys! Admit it! This song is very catchy & besides, i'm sure there are Bad Romances that we've experienced before too!

You know that i want you, 
( Cause i'm a freak bitch baby! )
And you know that i need you, 
I want your Bad, Bad Romance!

I want your love and 
I want your revenge,
You and me could write a Bad Romance,
I want your love and
All your lovers' revenge,
You and me could write a Bad Romance.

Hehehehe....Well, i have to admit it, i'm da Bitch! I've robbed someone's else Boyfriend before ( UNKNOWINGLY, i swear! )

Well, at that time, The Horny BF's relationship with his then-boyfriend, MM ( his last name starts with a M, and we chinese tend to call the last name, twice, to sound cuter, that explains why the MM's acronym ) ..., was on the rocks. It was during the so-called cooling-period that the Horny BF met and fell in love with me. And this goes on for another half-a-year before The Horny BF finally call it a-day with MM ( without me knowing anything at all again, seriously! )

Since then, i have known that MM, still harbours some feeling towards the Horny BF. MM has been searching high & low for the SLUT that broke up his relationship. Gossips of the Horny BF being close to me ( no thanks to the STRAIGHT homophobic friends ), reached MM and i have been the ultimate voodoo-target ever since then. ( and i dun regret being one either! )

This has been going on for 7 years. I have never bump or even met MM before throughout the 7 years except the occasional spying on the Friendster & Facebook ( by using the Horny BF's account & criticizing what a Bad Romance the Horny BF had with him! Hehehehe .... Yeah, i' m bad. So how? The Winner Takes It All, right?! )

However, i finally met MM, eye-to-eye, ( i guess he had checked my profile a thousand times too ) back in the ultra-gay hangout, Pavilion, a few weeks back. He looked at me & i looked back...Sending out super high voltage of electric eyes-waves, sufficient enough to kill any passer-by that walked through the deadly thunderstorm, as we walked past each other.

Luckily i was with a friend of mine, while that sissy, flamboyant bitch was with his reputed new-found lover. It seems that, time has finally let the wound healed by itself.  I smiled at him & he smiled back to me...And we turned to our backs, with him walking away, holding tightly & happily with his "friend".

And once I've reached home, i went to check his FACEBOOK ( from the Horny BF ), after years of lying low & living in denial. And it's nice too see him to finally let go & found a guy that he can be happy with. MM is actually a very good guy. Anyone who gets to be with him, it's one helluva lucky guy too. Maybe he's not fated to be with the Horny BF ( back then lar ). And my sincere wish for him is to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER with his new boyfriend and always remember that, the Horny BF, still cares about him too, in a brotherly way.

( p/s: In actual fact, during the cooling period, MM also had a secret affair with a GIRL, which did not last long. So, it seems that everyone is break-even @ that moment and there's no blame game of who's who is the villain okay....And this was also only known by me much much later nia; I'M NOT LYING, seriously, again! Wink Wink )

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!


All the best and hopefully, everyone will get a sexy HUNK dressed in a sexy Santa outfit ( be it, in real life or waking up from a sweet dream ) to Welcome you guys on a lovely Christmas morning!  
Muacks from Simon Lover~!

The nipple is as pointy as the the tip of the Xmas tree! Yummy!

Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight?! Such a cheeky smile!

Anyone wants to volunteer to wrap the boy?!

Christmas Dinner anyone?

Anyone got electrocuted by him?! Yummy!

17-year-old Francisco Lachowski from Curitiba was the male winner of Ford Supermodel Brazil 2008. Cute isn't he?!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Will Officially Be A Super Warlord @ My Workplace In A Month's Time.

Goodbye my friend (I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here) - The first sentence from The Spice Girls, "Goodbye" chorus...

When i was first posted in this far-far-away land, i was courageous enough to come all the way, 350km from home, alone. Then, 2 weeks later, i was joined by 3 new colleagues that were "unluckily", posted to my workplace too. We were considered as the original pioneers in our Department. Since we were the only chinese in our organization, almost everyday we had our lunch, dinner & pastime activities or even short getaways together..Working and "scheming" cunningly together ( hehehe..especially taking illegal off-days, hahahaha...Oops! Once in a while nia! Really! ).for the past 2.5 years.

One of them left us in 2008. We sorely missed the colleague because we have lost one cute girl for us to play with during our "teasing" sessions. Then, another one left us a few months back and as for today, my colleague got his transfer back to his hometown, leaving me, the remaining Heavenly Prince & Princess Gang, spearheading my Department as the Super Warlord of the organization. ( why? because i will be the most senior and the longest-serving one compared to the 4 new junior colleagues ma ).

Well, there's nothing wrong for colleagues to come and go. It's a fact of life. So far, the old & new batches of workmates get along well ( Maybe because those who are willing to come & work in a far-far-away land without any resistance, usually mean those who are from the goodie-goodie, Yes-Sir kinda people? ). It's just that, ( though i know, the Heavenly Prince & Princess Gang will break-up eventually ), i feel sad everytime i see them leaving me behind, one-by-one. ( Though again, i know it's either me or them who will leave eventually too ).

So, it's the time again for the landlords, landladies, concerned aunties & uncles of the town population, cheeky or rather sarcastic, subordinates, to ask me, " So, when is your turn, ah?! - How many years u have been here? -- Wah, that's a long time ady wor -- Continue work here lar -- "Hou Sek, Hou Zhue,yao Hou Tak Han" ( Good Food, Good Home & Very Less Workload too ) -- Somemore you are the BOSS here -- If you go to BIGGER organization, you are only a "zhut jai" ( ant-worker? ) only --  STAY, STAY...

And so, for my colleague who will be leaving us soon, i wish him ALL THE BEST in his new workplace & hopefully he does not disappoint me, in a way or another lar, especially in mixing with those "kow" faker colleagues which i hate. ( Hahaha..Since, it was me, who lobbied hard for him to get his transfer too.Well, after working for 2.5 years as the Boss, i do exude some power-playing in my HQ too. Clashes of opinions ( in a good way lar ) between me & my HQ Boss has become a norm ever since i knew i couldn't get my transfer - and do not underestimate, a petite, slim twink like me for being a softie kinda guy for u shall get a thousand stabs from me if ever you try to assassinate me politically  ). Initially, the position was offered to me one. But after a long hard consideration, in order to avoid any rumours ( The Horny BF is actually working over there ), i had to let go of the post and instead, should start focusing on my next career move asap in the new year. 

Well, enough of complaints. I shall missed my beloved colleague. Wishing him all the best and hopefully, one day, The Great Heavenly Prince & Princess Gang, will reunite and charmed the WORLD again! ( hahahaha...crazy fella...well, one of our favorite pastime activities is to "chui sui" @ "blow-water" @ "talk-cock" since we dun have much other activities to do ma. )


SPICE GIRLS - GOODBYE - Dedicating it to all my wonderful original colleagues who had accompanied me in this 2.5 years.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Horny BF Rants : Stealing Da Limelight

A short note to all avid readers of Welcome to the World of Simon Lover (geez, that's LOOOONNNNGG ....almost as long as Horny BF's ... =P), pardon the lack of updates for Simon's kidnapped, trapped, tortured and bound right here where he rightfully belongs.

Muahahaha ...... Yeah. Long weekend here, hence I get the lion's share of that dear cutie butt. ;)

But rest assured he'll be back in action ( wait, he's perpetually in action, isn't he?) in a day or two. Or when Horny BF relents and frees poor Simon from the chamber.

No nude, nor half-naked guys prancing around in this post. I can't be bothered to search for them, especially when the weekend's too sweet to resist.

So how's everyone's Christmas preparation coming along now? Fine? Planning to send me a gift, for being such an angel (albeit the red horns )? Hehehehe ... WHAT? I can please myself by abusing Simon's space here, can't I? After all, who in his right mind would be working in the most mundane of office environment on a lovely Saturday evening?!! So please let me sulk. While Simon's away on his shopping spree.

Why do I get the feeling that whatever he's buying, nothing's in it for the Horny BF? Hmmmmm ahem ahem.

But seriously, exchanging gifts has somewhat been a lost art in our 7 years plus relationship. Maybe the passion has dwindled? The heat has dissipated? Or maybe, just maybe, it's enough to know that your other half cares for you as much, and no amount of material possessions can measure up to that?

Yadda yadda ... another one of those Love Conquers All concept? Bleurgh!!!! ( I see you grabbing for that potty there!)

Wrap myself up and save $$$ and lessen the grey hair? Nah ....

Talking about the long holidays, I am sure most of you are knee-deep, or maybe neck-deep in your respective shopping spree? Eagerly anticipating for your wishlist to come true, while on the other hand knowing so well you've to sacrifice something in return. (There IS a reason it's called Gift-Exchanging okay?!)

And yes, this time I AM talking about worldly, material stuff here. For me, personally, the list runs sooooo farkin' deep, I'd probably be punished in my after life for destroying those trees that coughed up the papers I write them on. ;)

Or maybe I should have wished for World Peace instead?

Technically speaking, presenting and receiving gifts can be such fun, or bore, depending on who you exchanged it with, and most vitally, WHAT you got in return. I once got some ornaments so generic, I wished I could shove them up the person's a$$ there and then. But of course, I dared not, for I packed some measly tokens myself (those used for the gaming machines in indoor theme parks) and presented them in a most splendid manner - a chic, retro-style ring box. Except when he gave that petite box a little shake, the clanking sounds of those coins-like steel tokens turned his face from a glowing red to a S&M-suffocated blue.

And at that moment, I just knew he was wishing he could shove those 10 pcs of tokens up either end of my orifices. LOL.

Love thy nature, embrace the feeling of prickly grasses and all .... just don't go rolling when the field's infested with leeches ......

Which brought me to another brilliant option - a simple dinner. You know, those seemingly SIMPLE X'mas deals, when you pay through your nose for some slices of roasted tree bark turkey, a glass of house wine (read : A cheapo who pays peanuts got himself a glass only) and some sickeningly sweet X'mas puddings (talk bout puddings, I'd take those jiggly, collagen-pumped derrieres anyday!). Yeah, costing almost a bomb and yet you either walk out feeling tipsy (from the bill, mind you. NOT the wine), or swearing you'll never fall for such trickery again! (But of course, you do, after repeated failed attempts not to ... )

Anyone up for a smooch?!

I leave things up to your imagination. And keeping my fingers crossed now ..... Smacking my lips in anticipation for that element of surprise (or lack thereof).

What are YOU buying for your loved one? Or loved ONES? Or even friends, relatives, family? Or better yet, send them over to Horny BF's empty, vacuum mailbox. Sob sob ......

Merry X'mas, Everyone. And pardon me for the incessant ramblings. That's just Horny BF for ya.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Popular Gay Personals, Dating & Community Websites For Malaysians!

Hihi! Lately some of my friends have been complaining to me that it's been such a long time since i have posted some funny Thematic Posts such as :
  1. Waiter?! I'm A Top!
  2.  Butts Galore! Guess! Guess! Guess!
  3.  Gay Sex-Role Preferences - Top/Bottom/Versatile - Distribution Among States In Malaysia.
  4.  Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs!
  5. Is He "One Of Us?
Sigh. I don't know why, but maybe due to my ultra-laziness gene that i have? Or isit just a plain excuse for me to procrastinate? Hahahaha. So, anyway, today i shall post a little info on which Gay Personals/Dating/Community Sites that Gay Malaysians usually frequents to.

There are actually countless of straight dating/personals sites as well. All u need to do is just scroll for "Men Looking For Men" in those straight sites. Needless to say to, FACEBOOK ( Malaysia Alexa Rank = 1 ) and FRIENDSTER ( Malaysia Alexa Rank = 11 ) are also a very useful tool to get to know more "people like us"!

And so, Simon's nonsensical idea has come up with TEN WEBSITES that Malaysians can browse through for Gay Personals - sites where we can also create our profiles for the world of rainbow to see as well!

A popular website among the Malays. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 493 )

One of the oldest & largest GAY Personal sites in Asia. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 768 )
A very popular website


A popular GAY personal site for Malaysian Chinese! ( Malaysia AlexaRank : 803 )

Popular among the Malays as well. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 1,264 )

A very popular forum for Mandarin speaking Chinese throughout the world as well as in Malaysia ( Malaysia AlexaRank : 1,324 )

The Most Visited Gay & Lesbian Portal in Singapore. Popular among Malaysian Chinese as well. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 2,987 )

The World''s largest Gay Personal site. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 5,217 )

A website that doesn't need any introduction. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 7,003 )

Have never heard of this website before ( or maybe i'm too goodie-boy? ) - But surprisingly, Malaysia is ranked 1st in Gcruise's most popular visitors. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 9,266 )

A very good website too. Last time they used to let members to dwnload the pics & vids, but now, there's a certain restrictions ady. ( Malaysia ALexaRank: 34,888 )

 And also to my Indian friends, in conjuction of 1Malaysia theme, there is one website that is popular among Indians


I'm sure there are many, many, many, many websites that Malaysian Gays like to go and search for gay profiles, hoping to find the elusive lover, friendship, sex and fun as well. And i hope if anyone of you guys have come across a better and more popular sites than those listed above, kindly please share it with us too ya!
- Muacks From Simon!

Edilson Nascimento - Sexy Brazilian Male Model!


Name: Edilson Nascimento ( Edílson do Nascimento Azevedo )
DOB : 1 April 1986

It's not hard to find Edilson Nascimento's images on the net but it's very hard to decide which of them to be posted on my blog!!! With a Body like that, i'm not amused why Edilson has become One Of The Most Uploaded Male Models in Gay Blogs throughout the World! -- Hoep You Guys Enjoy the pics ya!

2009: Getting all oiled-up, modeling for . ( And please pay attention to the chokers he's wearing! Not the body k! Perverts!!!!!! )





 The shot above is one of my fav! Very sexy!

If i'm the photographer, i'm not sure how i will cover my boner throughout the session lor!

Edilson posing for Magazine site.


Edilson showing off his versatility! Kinky!



I wanna wrap you in my trunks too!
Damn sexy butt!!

Edilson is N2N Underwears latest model!


Do u think he's CUT or UNCUT leh?! Hmmm........



I think it's time for me to start wearing back my THONGS ady! Bt first, i need to search for it ...Hehehe...My maid does tidy my room once in a while. So, most of the XXX stuffs have to be locked in some place...Kheksei!

There's no arguing who is the STAR of the moment!

Edilson in Made In Brazil!

Damn! RED does suits Edilson very well!!! Red Hot Brazilian Stud!

Edilson in Aussie's premier gay magazine, DNA !


 Have u guys tried pointing the shower on you KKJ before for stimulation? Hmmm....Is it nice? Hehehehe





Edilson modeling for International





 Edilson in Terra's The Boy !

Does anyone agree with me that Edilson has one of the most beautiful and inviting butt ever?!! Yummy!

And finally, the infamous pictures that propelled Edilson Nascimento to fame, The Grapes & Banana Photoshoots back in 2007.

I'm sure Edilson's Banana is even bigger than that during flaccid state!

link within

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