Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Popular Gay Personals, Dating & Community Websites For Malaysians!

Hihi! Lately some of my friends have been complaining to me that it's been such a long time since i have posted some funny Thematic Posts such as :
  1. Waiter?! I'm A Top!
  2.  Butts Galore! Guess! Guess! Guess!
  3.  Gay Sex-Role Preferences - Top/Bottom/Versatile - Distribution Among States In Malaysia.
  4.  Malaysia's Top 50 PLU Blogs!
  5. Is He "One Of Us?
Sigh. I don't know why, but maybe due to my ultra-laziness gene that i have? Or isit just a plain excuse for me to procrastinate? Hahahaha. So, anyway, today i shall post a little info on which Gay Personals/Dating/Community Sites that Gay Malaysians usually frequents to.

There are actually countless of straight dating/personals sites as well. All u need to do is just scroll for "Men Looking For Men" in those straight sites. Needless to say to, FACEBOOK ( Malaysia Alexa Rank = 1 ) and FRIENDSTER ( Malaysia Alexa Rank = 11 ) are also a very useful tool to get to know more "people like us"!

And so, Simon's nonsensical idea has come up with TEN WEBSITES that Malaysians can browse through for Gay Personals - sites where we can also create our profiles for the world of rainbow to see as well!

A popular website among the Malays. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 493 )

One of the oldest & largest GAY Personal sites in Asia. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 768 )
A very popular website


A popular GAY personal site for Malaysian Chinese! ( Malaysia AlexaRank : 803 )

Popular among the Malays as well. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 1,264 )

A very popular forum for Mandarin speaking Chinese throughout the world as well as in Malaysia ( Malaysia AlexaRank : 1,324 )

The Most Visited Gay & Lesbian Portal in Singapore. Popular among Malaysian Chinese as well. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 2,987 )

The World''s largest Gay Personal site. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 5,217 )

A website that doesn't need any introduction. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 7,003 )

Have never heard of this website before ( or maybe i'm too goodie-boy? ) - But surprisingly, Malaysia is ranked 1st in Gcruise's most popular visitors. ( Malaysia AlexaRank: 9,266 )

A very good website too. Last time they used to let members to dwnload the pics & vids, but now, there's a certain restrictions ady. ( Malaysia ALexaRank: 34,888 )

 And also to my Indian friends, in conjuction of 1Malaysia theme, there is one website that is popular among Indians


I'm sure there are many, many, many, many websites that Malaysian Gays like to go and search for gay profiles, hoping to find the elusive lover, friendship, sex and fun as well. And i hope if anyone of you guys have come across a better and more popular sites than those listed above, kindly please share it with us too ya!
- Muacks From Simon!


Bravebear said...

hmmm... Interesting... Never knew there were so many. I have only been to one of it LOL!

William said...

I have profiles on Axcest and Trevvy. But they are extremely bare.

nicky05 said...

I have a profile on outpersonals...heheheh..XD

Takashi said...

im on axcest, trevvy, fridae,, outpersonals, gayromeo..


and i love trevvy since it was sgboys.. :) and i super hate axcest.. copies everything they see.. and i super hate the founders as well.. super lansi and super snob..

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing. Now I know better! Hugs, shakira

SZ said...

wow..i only know some of it.your research very keng! hahah..

how many do u have in there?

Ten Chunk said...

I never know some of them before, u r def a good egg.
btw, i saw ur butt la, cheers!

Evann said...

Wahlau... I didn't know there were so many! o.O

simonlover said...

Bravebear: Hehe.Which one?

William: U no need to go hunting ady ma, since u hv KH liao.

Nicky: Oh, so u r more into Sexy Caucasians ah. Erm, u can "tahan" ah? Envy!!!

Takashi: Axcest boss reli tat lansi ah? Face-wise?

Shakira & Evann: And so, which one(s)you guys are interested in joining leh? Hehehe

SZ: Hehehe..Tis one cnt tell. I tell u on msn k!

Ten Chunk: And i know yours too if u ever post a pic of ur perky butt! =)

Takashi said...

face-wise? the lansi type of face.. the face where u think ur butt looks nicer than his face.. and its true :)

Anonymous said...

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help would be cool and i get pics unlocked

Anonymous said...

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