Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Battle Of The Chee Cheong Fun(s)!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! Today Simon Lover is doing something you guys would never think of, yet again!!! -- There's no sexy guys pictures!!! Hehehehe.....

So, continuing my Penang post .....

The Battle Of The Chee Cheong Fun(s)!

Main Actor: Chee Cheong Fun ( steamed rice noodle roll )

The Plain Chee Cheong Fun

Once upon a time, little Simon had his first taste of chee cheong fun, the ala KL or Klang version ( dark, sweet sauce served with yong-tau-foo dishes and peanuts ). It's always fun to stand beside the CCF stall and pick which yong-tau-foo,e.g "foo chuk", fish balls; u like to go with your plain CCFs. And for the next 19 years, the weekly Saturday Night Market has been my favourite haunt of KL-style CCF's! -- Suffice to say, i fell in love with it ( and i still do now =P ).

Yong Tau Foo-style Chee Cheong Fun

As the years goes by, little Simon have evolved into a sexy young twink; wiser enough to begin, exploring the dangerous world of CCFs. The First stop, Penang-style CCFs, served with thick heh-ko ( shrimp paste ) and some chilli paste / sesame seeds / fried onions ).

Penang Style "Heh-Ko" Chee Cheong Fun

Since The Horny BF came from a quintessential town of Little Guilins, i was introduced to the Ipoh-style CCFs. First, is Ipoh's famous Mushroom Sauce CCFs or in cantonese, "Tong Ku Chap" CCF.

Ipoh-style "Tong Ku Chap" Chee Cheong Fun

Then, there's also another of Ipoh's specialty, The Sweet & Spicy Sauce CCFs ( in cantonese : "Tim Cheong Lat Jiu" sauce ) served with pickled green chillies.

Ipoh-Style "Tim Jeung Lat Jiu" Chee Cheong Fun

I also lost my virginity to Ming Court's ( One of Ipoh's most famous Dim Sum restaurant ), Hong Kong-style CCFs, freshly steamed and is stuffed with prawns ( occasionally with "char siew" /  barbequed pork as well ), served in soya sauce.

Hong Kong-Style Chee Cheong Fun

 Having tried so many versions of chee cheong fun, i was again in awed when i discovered that there's a Curry-style Chee Cheong Fun as well!

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

Then a few years back, the ever hamsap Simon Lover was posted to work in a small, peaceful town where he was again, managed to achieve self-orgasm with Teluk Intan-style CCF, with fried dried shrimps fillings served with pickled green chillies.

Teluk Intan-style Chee Cheong Fun

A-Ha...And Nearly forgot about it, the rare CCF served in sesame oil and sesame seeds ( "ji ma" in cantonese ).

Chee Cheong Fun In Sesame Oil & "Ji Ma"

And the list goes on & on...But those are the most common ones that i have eaten before. So, which version do you think i like the MOST leh?.....Hahaha..With such a big picture below, no doubt is the Penang Heh-Ko Chee Cheong Fun of course!!!! Nowadays, everytime i visit Penang, the only food that i really crave for till i get a cold-turkey if i didn't had one, is not the char kuey teow, asam laksa, cendol, or hokkien mee either, but it's their CCF of course! There's a few stalls that i always haunt, namely the ones in Sin Seow Fong Lye@ Lorong McCalister, the stall in Kimberley Street and Little Genting, Delima Island Glades. Hahahaha.....

And so, which Version Do You Guys Like leh?

Do leave some comments ya! Muacks From Simon Lover!

Jeng Jeng Jeng! The Almighty Penang Heh-Ko Chee Cheong Fun!


Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

I love CCF too and all the varieties!

William said...

Penang CCF is >_<"

nicky05 said...

yong tau foo style.....hehehe...XD

Takashi said...

Since I am from Ipoh, the place that produces lengzais, I liked the one and only red colored tim jiong CCF!!

No other place in the country served tim jiong red color! :)

Never failed to eat everytime go back.. but I guess.. I have not been back quite that often.. maybe twice a year?

Evann said...

oooer curry! I'm drooling. :P

Robb said...

i like hk chee cheong fun better. :P

at.kk1981 said...

nice.. i like ccf too... however, didn't know so many version of ccf available there outside. I've only tried kl style, penang style, HK style and tong ku zap style...
and i like them all.... no wonder I'm so fat... damn!!

Anonymous said...

Wei, don't forget to link my blog in your blogroll wor.

simonlover said...

Bradley: That's a good one! =)

Shakira: U mean the sexiness that came fr d "pouring of sauce onto the ccf?" Hehehehe

William: Erm..What does >_<" means ah?

Takashi: Yalor. Nw duno who is Kl or Ipoh Boy pulak...

Evann: Thn come bk 2 Msia 4 Xmas lor!

Robb: And HK guys as well? =)

at.kk1981: U r not fat lar. Evyone is different & u shud live ur life happily as it is ya!

Nicky05: Me also likey!

Calvin: Sorry. Few wks i was playing wit diff templates. So, the blogroll was deleted lor. Somehow ter'miss to add urs. Bt, they cnt detect ur url feed. So, cnt see ur update ler. It will remain@ d bottom of the list. Weird!

Bengbeng said...

omos stopped breathing looking at this post on ccf... i can omos taste the penang ccf. thanks for sharing. i dont like the KL one though with yong tau fu stuff... too bland no hay ko

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