Saturday, December 26, 2009

Caught In A Bad Romance!

Want your Bad Romance!

C'mon guys! Admit it! This song is very catchy & besides, i'm sure there are Bad Romances that we've experienced before too!

You know that i want you, 
( Cause i'm a freak bitch baby! )
And you know that i need you, 
I want your Bad, Bad Romance!

I want your love and 
I want your revenge,
You and me could write a Bad Romance,
I want your love and
All your lovers' revenge,
You and me could write a Bad Romance.

Hehehehe....Well, i have to admit it, i'm da Bitch! I've robbed someone's else Boyfriend before ( UNKNOWINGLY, i swear! )

Well, at that time, The Horny BF's relationship with his then-boyfriend, MM ( his last name starts with a M, and we chinese tend to call the last name, twice, to sound cuter, that explains why the MM's acronym ) ..., was on the rocks. It was during the so-called cooling-period that the Horny BF met and fell in love with me. And this goes on for another half-a-year before The Horny BF finally call it a-day with MM ( without me knowing anything at all again, seriously! )

Since then, i have known that MM, still harbours some feeling towards the Horny BF. MM has been searching high & low for the SLUT that broke up his relationship. Gossips of the Horny BF being close to me ( no thanks to the STRAIGHT homophobic friends ), reached MM and i have been the ultimate voodoo-target ever since then. ( and i dun regret being one either! )

This has been going on for 7 years. I have never bump or even met MM before throughout the 7 years except the occasional spying on the Friendster & Facebook ( by using the Horny BF's account & criticizing what a Bad Romance the Horny BF had with him! Hehehehe .... Yeah, i' m bad. So how? The Winner Takes It All, right?! )

However, i finally met MM, eye-to-eye, ( i guess he had checked my profile a thousand times too ) back in the ultra-gay hangout, Pavilion, a few weeks back. He looked at me & i looked back...Sending out super high voltage of electric eyes-waves, sufficient enough to kill any passer-by that walked through the deadly thunderstorm, as we walked past each other.

Luckily i was with a friend of mine, while that sissy, flamboyant bitch was with his reputed new-found lover. It seems that, time has finally let the wound healed by itself.  I smiled at him & he smiled back to me...And we turned to our backs, with him walking away, holding tightly & happily with his "friend".

And once I've reached home, i went to check his FACEBOOK ( from the Horny BF ), after years of lying low & living in denial. And it's nice too see him to finally let go & found a guy that he can be happy with. MM is actually a very good guy. Anyone who gets to be with him, it's one helluva lucky guy too. Maybe he's not fated to be with the Horny BF ( back then lar ). And my sincere wish for him is to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER with his new boyfriend and always remember that, the Horny BF, still cares about him too, in a brotherly way.

( p/s: In actual fact, during the cooling period, MM also had a secret affair with a GIRL, which did not last long. So, it seems that everyone is break-even @ that moment and there's no blame game of who's who is the villain okay....And this was also only known by me much much later nia; I'M NOT LYING, seriously, again! Wink Wink )


William said...

I don't like that song! Hehe.
My relationship started off something like your's. Worse for me, I was caught in some drama. Well, I too just saw KH's ex some months ago. We sat face to face during a birthday lunch. **smile smile and some small talk**

Little Dove said...

I'm so happy that everything was well in the end. ^_^

Gratitude said...

Nice of you to wish him well.

Enduring Love said...

^_^ so sweet. and so envy at you both haha. keep it up and merry belated blessed christmas.

Ten Chunk said...

It's pretty funny when u used sour words(...that sissy, flamboyant bitch was with his reputed new-found lover...) to describe ur Horny BF's ex,and finally bless and care about him like a brother,haha..

Happy new year!

Evann said...

The last paragraph made me go "aww..."

nicky05 said...

hahahahahaah.... nice pic wo.....heheheh..XD

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Unfortunately, I have a quite
a number of bitchy exs!
OMG,the things I did to those
So sweet of you to wish him well.
For me, when I was married hor,
ex's ex was in our life all the time!
Ha ha ha.
Take care now.

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Anonymous said...

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Goldman said...

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Paul J said... happening har...ur love story...ohh....rupa2 nya simon is a wuleijing (vixen!) arr...hehehe..kidding only lah...not angry ok? muakss!

Robb said...

seriously, this is a do or die world, man.

u dun go get something u want, u dun get it. that's all. if u ask me, marry ady also can divorce la, wat else just attached jek? lol

simonlover said...

William: So cute! Bday lunch 2gtr ah?!

Little Dove & Enduring Love : Thanks

Gratitude, Ten Chunk, Evann & Shakira:Haha. I'm being nice only. U dun want to hear how i %#@%$ behind the back! Hahaha. =)

Nicky: Hehehe. U hv sharp eyes lor!

Goldman: Well, i wouldn;t mind if you want to give it to me for free!!!

Ian: Thanks Ian!

Paul J: And do u want to be my wuleijing bor?!!! Hehehehe

Robb: Haha. So u must keep an eye on little Zach ( or rather, the other way round jek? ) and fend off potential predators lor! Hehehehe

Paul J said...

don't want lah...later beiluipet!

Horny BF said...

I think I may need to clarify something here. Hmm ....

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