Saturday, July 19, 2008

White Trunks!

Hey Hey... I dunno why, but i have this thingy about asian guys wearing white trunks! Don't u guys agree that asian guys in white trunks look damn sexy on it? Kudos to those swim trunks manufacturers ( which i think they some of the best plu designers on board ) for bringing sexiness to the world of men's swimming trunks! To prove it to u guys, do enjoy some of the pics which i found randomly on the net. Enjoy ya! Muacks!
Ah..Nice tanned body

Nice thighs ! Muacks~!

Whatcha looking at?!

Do u wanna rub some oil on me?

Though tis pic is out of the topic, bt nvrtheless, dun u think he looked sexy?

U like my Rayban @ my Arena trunk?

Nice cute bulge for a cute kiddo!

Damm..There are no lengjais behind me except me...

Self cam-whoring

I totally agree with u! Nice bod! Thumbs up!

Somebody whip my cute butt plz! Yee-ha!

V sign for my sexy V-shape trunk!

Kudos to Henry Lau 4 designing such a sexylicious trunk!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aqux Swimwear

Aqux is designed and conceptualized by Masami Seki, from New York. His designs are bright and definitely eye-catching while staying true to the uniquely Japanese low waist styles designed specifically for Asian men. Here are some of the pics showing of their products! Definitely Sexy! Muacks! ( p/s: i have a fetish of Japanese or Asian men in tight swim trunks! Aren't Asian boys the best looking creatures in the world! ). Please visit for more information.

Alec Su You Peng

As u all know, i started this blog in a rush....With limited "tools" and "files" at the moment..i decided to just simply post a few pics of this lengjai taiwanese actor which i think many of us will remember him as the cute "Putera Ke-5" ( haha, i can't understand mandarin well, so i usually depend on subtitles =P ) in the hugely popular taiwanese drama "My Fair Princess" back in the late 90's.
This picture i took it from this website If u like more of it, u can drop by his website which also housed alot of lengjai pics there.

Such a sexy bod isn't it?!Muacks!

So smooth face! I likey! Muacks!

Ahhh....Everything is in the right size, the right
portion at the right place...Cute smooth twinky bod! Muacks!

First Post!

Hey Hey....
Welcome to the world of SimonLover! Muacks~! Well, after much procrastination and hesitation, i've finally decided to join in the fray of blogging frenzy! ( though i hope i will have the determination to make my blog a success, keeping my fingers crossed =p ! ). I just hope that i have many ideas to blog on ( again, keeping my fingers crossed ) and use it as a way to express my "suppressed" fantasy of living as a flamboyant "people like us"!

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