Monday, November 15, 2010

Singapore Boys Tanning!

In a few days time, I'll be making my first visit to Singapore with the Horny BF, after 5 long years! One of our itineraries include going for a tan in a local pool! - I guess it's time for me to recover back the golden tan that once shined on me! Back then, I had intensive tanning sessions with the Horny BF; visiting Sentosa Beach, Delta, Katong and Yio Chu Kang swimming pool;  andapplying my Banana Boat Tanning lotion generously...Only for me to be confined in my house for the next two weeks....Why?! -- Stupid CHICKEN POX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- There , all my efforts goes in vain....Even after two weeks, I'm still embarrassed to go shirtless due to the ugly scars! -- Luckily, all of that are history d!

So, I'm hoping that my tanning sessions this time will bear some fruits and in the meantime as well, provides some fun and eye candies for me to enjoy! Hehehe.....What's more exciting than enjoying looking at sexy Singaporeans Guys, especially gays, prancing around in skimpy swim trunks or blinding your eyes with the reflections from the oily swimmer bodies, laying on the decks?!!!! --- Memang PERVERT betul me!!! - Haiks?!!!!! - But puhlezzzz......As if you guys don't enjoy it!!!! KNS!

--- Is it Katong Pool? ---

Or Sentosa Beach Boys instead?!!

Or move over to Cafe del Mar, Sentosa?!

I wish Malaysia has more gym facilities for everyone to use. Look at these barely 20 years olds!!!!

National Service definitely plays a part in moulding hunky Singaporeans!

But not all of them are hunky, there are still many twinkish Singaporeans as well!

I don't think I'll bring my "fake" Aqux swim trunk! Hahaha..Wait for me to pump myself up first so it can fit more tightly!

At the moment, I can say that I fall under the category of the boy above! So curvaceous!

"ABSOLUTE" Sauna anyone?! - I'm still contemplating though....

Anyone can identify which swimming pool is this?

Sigh, nowadays, most of Singapore's swimming pool showers have cubicles d..No more open concepts!

Or should I choose to tan at the Inifinity Pool of Marina Sands?! Yummy!

I hope I can see this kinda hunks @ Yio Chu Kang pool!

"Typical Singaporean Guy"?

"Typical Singaporean Butt"?

"Typical Singaporean Package?"
Hahahahaha...Well, we shouldn't stereotype every Singaporean guys look like the above pictures. There are many kinds of guys over there....Hunks, Twinks, Chubs, Uncles...It's the matter of whether they're your type or not.

Or you guys prefer to tan in your sexy jeans instead?!

And lastly, hopefully I can bumped into crazy singaporean exhibitionist like the guy above while walking around in the streets of Singapore during the night!!! --- Anyone of you have this kinda luck before?!!!!

---- p/s: So, on my stalking list, I think I'll make a trip to Katong Pool ( erm..for the cubicles without door concept?! and Yio Chu Kang pool ( for the younger/teenage crowd? )....Or Anyone of you have BETTER POOLS to suggest it to me?!!! -- Thanks -----

---- p/s once again: There's no harm for us to have dirty little thoughts once in awhile! -- If you guys are so pure, you wouldn't be reading my blog at this moment anyway...! - Oh, Behave!!! =P


Rob H said...

As always Simon, you never fail to find the cutest, sexiest, speedo boys! So nice to see all those hot sgboys in their Arena and AQUX swimmers :-)

You should definitely check out Absolute Sauna. I went on my last trip to SG and had a great time. Go either for their nude night or even their hot foam party. Don't forget to go shopping at New Urban Male, Sportsmenasia and Forray at 313@Somerset (for Teron) while you are in SG - even if it's just for some window shopping. is a good place to read some posts about open shower concept in SG and where you might find those exhibitionist guys walking and jogging naked LOL ;-)

William said...

Tanning ages your skin prematurely!

Takashi said...


Anonymous said...

Just be careful of police entrapment. - Ian

Jaded Jeremy said...

Tanning's bad for your skin lah. You've been to many swimming pools in Singapore, huh?

KWYS said...

Omg how did you get the last picture? I want to know who he is and I want his jerk-off video at the carpark!

simonlover said...

@Rob H: Thanks. Guess u did enjoyed ur time @ ABsolute! =)

@William: Yalor. Once in a while - lor.

@Jaded Jeremy: Tot u can recommend some nice ones?.... =P

@Ian: I'll be careful!

@Takashi: Thanks.

simonlover said...

@KWYS: Haha. I only have a few pictures of him. But i dun hv the video of him herking @HDB flats! Very daring hor d guy!

Anonymous said...

I have his jerking video in a mulit-storey carpark.

The pics I have no luck finding tot.

rchan said...

how much is it for a ticket to singapore? lol, no one wears speedos in the uk... sigh

KenC said...

Katong has cubicles and doors liao ... actually i don't think any of the pools are still open-concept. Katong is deserted on weekdays, I swim there during my lunch. Delta is the most cruisy on weekdays. Jalan Besar is new and better than Katong but not as many deck-chairs. The un-identified pool above is Queenstown which is quite cruisy on weekends without been infested with screaming kids. Never knew YCK was cruisy, thought it was one of those screaming kids pool lol ....

zhchoi said...

where did you find the gary picture? haha curious!

simonlover said...

@Anonymous! : OMG...U do mind sending the video over to me? =)

@RChan: WHat ticket do u mean?...Come, come..U come to Asia and u'll see lotsa guys in speedos! Bt sadly, the American culture are slowly encroaching the way of life over here d! ..More & more surfer boards are coming into play! Sigh,...

@KenC: Went to Jalan Besar that day cz nearby my Sg house. Nt so cruisy bt have 4 gay bois tanning lar. Hehe

@Zhchoi: Hmm.Can't reli rmbr whr i took the pic fr. Bt i do hope do find more of his pics though =P

ScottL said...

I have his video where he jerked off in a multi-storey carpark and a few of his pictures, showing him walking around or sitting at the staircase of HDB totally naked! I found them in one of the Chinese forum. I think every swimming pools in Sg has installed doors on the cubicles but people with the right intention would still leave their door open and for all to see. I have seen a guy at Bedok pool, bathing with his door opened and took a very long time to wash his private part. When he finally emerged from the cubicle, he was definitely aroused. When he noticed people were peeking at him, his pole was quickly inflating till it pointed to the ceiling. What a daring guy!! And he was the slim fit type with quite a big tool! :P Thanks for sharing the pics, SL!!

Theodore said...

And i know the last in person !!

simonlover said...

@ScottL: Yikes! Can you send me the files puhlezzz?!!!!

@Theodore: Haha. Really? Mind elaborating more? =)

xinle said...

hi, can you please send me the last picture - the crazy singaporean exhibitionist?? in fact all the pictures of him and his video if possible please.
THank alot :D

Anonymous said...

Can I have the uncensored of the last picture? His video if possible.. Thanks

Johnny said...

Hi, who is that guy in the Cafe DEl Mar, Sentosa pic? Is he gay? Do you have more pics of him?

Anonymous said...

can i have the uncensored of the last pic and the video too please thks!