Tuesday, January 22, 2013

FleshJack Boys - Brent Corrigan!

Brent Corrigan! - My favourite pornstar! Arguably the most famous and popular Bottom in the world ever .... Is now available at FleshJack!

What is FleshJack?

FleshJack is a brand of sex toys designed and marketed for gay men. FleshJack is named for the flesh-like material used in it's inner sleeve moulds. These custom-molded line consists of various masturbation devices, dildos, mouth orifices specifically made the satisfy the sexual needs of gay men! FleshJack is also popular for collaboration with popular porn models and porn stars for its' products!

Hence, today's introduction will be on Brent Corrigan, one of FleshJacks' superstar model!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcoming 2013 with Guys with iPhone!

Happy New Year to all my friends and fellow readers! -- Wishing everyone will have a wonderful, meaningful and healthy year ahead!

The Horny BF has been trying to buy the new iPhone 5 in Malaysia ( Yeah, I know...We're kinda slow in adapting new technologies....Haha ) ... It's been out of stock everywhere in Malaysia, but the worst part has to be the poor customer service given by Maxis Service Centres ! We were given a run around by different  Maxis centres which eventually lead us to lodge an official complaint to them. Well, tough luck to those managers for crossing swords with us!

Anyway, here are some cuties who love to camwhore with their iPhones! Happy New Year, Guys!

A cute way to start the year, isn't it?

link within

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