Sunday, August 27, 2017

Guys Go Wild for Military Camouflage Fashion!

The Military Camouflage Fashion has been around for years and peaked during the 90's -- But in this past few years, it has become fashionable and trendy again, especially among gay men! 

From Versace to Kenzo , Paris to New York runaways, and even featured on Vogue magazine -- People are starting to dress in Military & Navy patterned clothings again. Even today, you walk into ZARA, their Fall fashion has a dedicated segment for military camo clothings.

Indonesian Model : Hernando Taniko
Photo taken by: Alex Zhao
( For more enquiries on Alex Zhao's works - You can DM him on his FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Why do people love military fashion then? Well, maybe because :

Thursday, August 24, 2017

SEA Games 2017 KL Malaysian Swimmer - Welson Sim

Currently, the trending news around this region is the ongoing SEA ( South East Asia ) Games 2017 , held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- Of course, sports unite us, Malaysians, as everyone is cheering for our champions irregardless of race, religion, language or gender! #BangkitBersama #KL2017 #TeamMalaysia #KitaJuara #BersatuTeguhMalaysia

But, asides from reading the news from online / newspapers -- I don't actually watch the Games on TV --- Unlike during my younger, student days, whereby I will try to watch the swimming finals every evening on TV -- LOL

Anyway, going back to the topic -- it just so happens that I flipped through the channels on Astro, and the swimming Finals were on TV! -- And guessed what?! -- Each time I watch, there is this cutie that caught my attention ! -- LOL -- He is, none other than, a 20-years old boy, who has already won 2 Gold Medals with new SEA Games record, Mister :

Welson Sim Wee Sheng 
Born : 29 March 1997
Height: 181cm

Of course, Welson Sim is one of Malaysia's brightest swimmers at the moment, he qualified for the Rio Olympic finals and just last month, he defeated Australia's Olympic Champion, Mack Horton during an University Games championships.

Long story, cut short -- since SEA Games is ongoing until 30 August 2017 -- do try your best to watch the Games LIVE at the competition venues or on TV and give your best support to the Malaysian Team.

And lastly please, support this cute swimmer with a flash of pearly smile, Welson Sim.

LOL - It was not edited by me, but by #welsonsim Fans
From L-R : Welson Sim ( 20 yo ), Yeap Zheng Yang (19 yo) , Lim Ching Hwang ( 21 yo ), Keith Lim ( 19 yo )

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Penang Street Art Instagram Guide for Gays!

Penang Island - The most popular island in Malaysia -- What can I say -- I've lived in Penang for 4 years but unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy the tourist boom that Penang experience nowadays.

Back then, Penang island was still a very laidback island, popular among local Malaysians and the Caucasian backpackers & retirees from the Commonwealth countries. The olden part of Georgetown was left dilapidated, the streets & beaches were filthy, KOMTAR was neglected, pollution, no major shopping centers -- all these changed once Penang was accorded the World Heritage Site in 2008.

But there are things which I prefer back in the olden days :

1) Good food at cheap prices -- Yes! Foods in Penang were very cheap! ( Prices in 2002 vs 2017 )

  • Penang Road Teochew Chendol - ~ RM1.30 vs RM4 
  • Air Itam Asam Laksa  ~ RM2 vs RM5
  • Kayu Nasi Kandar ~ Yes, it was RM3.50 for 1 vegetable+1 chicken vs RM10
  • Regular Penang Char Kuey Teow ~ RM2.50 vs RM6
  • The arrogant Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow lady ~ RM4 vs RM10
  • Ais Kacang ~ RM2 vs RM5.50
  • Pasembur ~ RM3 vs RM8
  • Nyonya Kuihs ~ RM0.50 vs RM1.10 
  • Him Heang Tambun Biscuits ~ RM7.50 vs RM14 
  • Back then, it was very difficult to buy the 160-year old Ghee Hiang Tambun biscuits, whereby you need to pre-order first as they won't entertain any walk-in customers -- somehow, I don't know why, they decided to commercialize their products and now you can buy Ghee Hiang everywhere & you can even get it at Lot 10's Hutong food court - but at a higher price, of course! )

2) Mini Buses & Yellow Buses

  • Yes, those days Mini Buses is the way to go. It was so convenient, fast & efficient, wide coverage and high frequency -- Before the government decided to takeover the public transport which became so inconvenient  -- Those days, I only needed to wait like 10 minutes for a bus vs 1 hour nowadays ( certain routes )

3) Traffic Jams

  • Not to say that Penang wasn't jammed back then, Penang roads are forever small and the limited space in the island itself is no help to the traffic. Even after the government has widened the Penang Bridge from 4-lanes to 6-lanes and built a second-bridge, it's still very jammed during peak hours. Nowadays, don't even think of visiting Penang island during Public Holidays!

But one thing for sure that hasn't change throughout the years in Penang is -- Penang has the WORST drivers in Malaysia -- LOL!

Yes ! There are so many articles justifying this statement ...

  1. 9 Reasons Why KL Drivers Fear For Their Lives When Driving in Penang by July 2016 ( Please read it, very factual indeed! )
  2. Penang Drivers : Crazy or Misunderstood? Dec 2016 
  3. The Survivors Guide to Driving in Penang Nov 2016

Therefore, it has become a known fact that once a person conquers his/her driving skills in Penang, then driving in Malaysia will be a breeze! ( Please note : do google search if you really don't know, Why Driving in Malaysia needs you to be mentally prepared )

Alright, enough of reminiscing ... Moving forward :

One of Penang's most popular tourist attractions is the "Penang Street Art" murals, which were started by a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic in 2012. Ever since them, numerous street arts by various artists have cropped up all over Penang and it has become one of the top instagrammable activities in Penang!

The street arts has also garnered the attention of popular gay travel blogger, " The Nomadic Boys " where they even published an article on " Gay Guide in Penang Island " recently.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Merman Boys @ Mermaid Guys!

Mermaid + Man = It's called "Merman"

It seems that dressing up as a Merman and swimming like a mermaid boy is gaining popularity around the world as one of the Must-Do activities among gay boys! It has been mentioned in a few international articles.

a) From Rio De Janeiro, Brazil -
b) Huffington Post
c) From China :

Boys in Boracay Beach, Philippines ...

Boracay Beach is currently the hottest place to get a merman costume and they even have Mermaid Academy to teach you guys how to wear and swim in mermaid suit!

Even the popular gay travel bloggers, The Nomadic Boys even posted an article about it:

The Nomadic Boys

link within

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