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Merman Boys @ Mermaid Guys!

Mermaid + Man = It's called "Merman"

It seems that dressing up as a Merman and swimming like a mermaid boy is gaining popularity around the world as one of the Must-Do activities among gay boys! It has been mentioned in a few international articles.

a) From Rio De Janeiro, Brazil -
b) Huffington Post
c) From China :

Boys in Boracay Beach, Philippines ...

Boracay Beach is currently the hottest place to get a merman costume and they even have Mermaid Academy to teach you guys how to wear and swim in mermaid suit!

Even the popular gay travel bloggers, The Nomadic Boys even posted an article about it:

The Nomadic Boys
To start it off, it's not easy to wear a mermaid suit --- You can either go naked underneath, .. like this cutie :
Mr. Vietnam Global 2016 :  Cuong Phuc Vinh Nguyen ( Jipi ) 
He was born on 1993 in the town of Da Nang, Vietnam . He can speak fluently 5 languages – English, French, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese, in addition to his native language. 

Lovely isn't it?  -- I wouldn't mind helping him to pull up and wear the mermaid suit to his waist though = )

Jipi's Instagram : @jipi.1993

Or you guys can choose wearing it underneath your swimtrunks/underwears

Preparation ...

After wearing it ....Of course, guys with merman line will look better though =) 

By doing a lot of flips daily, I'm sure we can get the merman line in our abs sooner than later!

Even our favourite gay pornstar, Brent Corrigan, pioneered the merman look way back in 2008, when he was still twinky, in the gay movier: "Another Gay Sequel"

It takes hours to dress you up in a mermaid suit those days ...

Even by the sight of you carrying the mermaid suit will make the eyes go wild!

Taiwanese Boy : @ericwoohoo

Hunky Korean: @gookie_in_seoul

Hunky Malaysian : @5ilveron

Hunky Taiwanese : @ivanhuang

Hunky Japanese @Ryo

Cute Thai Boy @nookkato

Bearish Japanese Gogo Boys @Syo

You can even be a merman by the poolside! -- Easier for you to learn how to swim in it!

Cute Thai Boy : @Wisut Natty

Cute American Born Chinese , with his merman bulge @Prince Eric

Hunky Malaysian Doctor @Dr.Brian Lim

Sexy Malaysian Actor, @ Gary Wong in Okinawa, Japan 

Or you can even use the mermaid suit as your blanket when you go to sleep!

Merman in distress -- Which kind man would like to save this poor  hunky Filipino mermaid? @japoidc

All in all -- Wearing a mermaid suit provides you a good opportunity for taking lotsa memorable photos!

For example: This beautiful Instagram Photo by this cute German Boy @Niko Wirachman taken in Malta. ( Though I believe that, if you are not a good swimmer, better not swim in the sea with it! )

A rough idea, how swimming with the mermaid suit looks like ... By Hot Malaysian Fitness First Ambassador, Wen Ng 
A post shared by MerWenMerMan (@merwenmerman) on

Nevertheless, mermans are also mermaids -- They can't stay too long on dry land .. They need water to survive -- Please save them before these hunky mermans goes extinct! LOL -- Cheers!

Yes, merman needs water to survive! -- 
Hunky Malaysian Fitness First Ambassador, @Wen Ng

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