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Penang Street Art Instagram Guide for Gays!

Penang Island - The most popular island in Malaysia -- What can I say -- I've lived in Penang for 4 years but unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy the tourist boom that Penang experience nowadays.

Back then, Penang island was still a very laidback island, popular among local Malaysians and the Caucasian backpackers & retirees from the Commonwealth countries. The olden part of Georgetown was left dilapidated, the streets & beaches were filthy, KOMTAR was neglected, pollution, no major shopping centers -- all these changed once Penang was accorded the World Heritage Site in 2008.

But there are things which I prefer back in the olden days :

1) Good food at cheap prices -- Yes! Foods in Penang were very cheap! ( Prices in 2002 vs 2017 )

  • Penang Road Teochew Chendol - ~ RM1.30 vs RM4 
  • Air Itam Asam Laksa  ~ RM2 vs RM5
  • Kayu Nasi Kandar ~ Yes, it was RM3.50 for 1 vegetable+1 chicken vs RM10
  • Regular Penang Char Kuey Teow ~ RM2.50 vs RM6
  • The arrogant Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow lady ~ RM4 vs RM10
  • Ais Kacang ~ RM2 vs RM5.50
  • Pasembur ~ RM3 vs RM8
  • Nyonya Kuihs ~ RM0.50 vs RM1.10 
  • Him Heang Tambun Biscuits ~ RM7.50 vs RM14 
  • Back then, it was very difficult to buy the 160-year old Ghee Hiang Tambun biscuits, whereby you need to pre-order first as they won't entertain any walk-in customers -- somehow, I don't know why, they decided to commercialize their products and now you can buy Ghee Hiang everywhere & you can even get it at Lot 10's Hutong food court - but at a higher price, of course! )

2) Mini Buses & Yellow Buses

  • Yes, those days Mini Buses is the way to go. It was so convenient, fast & efficient, wide coverage and high frequency -- Before the government decided to takeover the public transport which became so inconvenient  -- Those days, I only needed to wait like 10 minutes for a bus vs 1 hour nowadays ( certain routes )

3) Traffic Jams

  • Not to say that Penang wasn't jammed back then, Penang roads are forever small and the limited space in the island itself is no help to the traffic. Even after the government has widened the Penang Bridge from 4-lanes to 6-lanes and built a second-bridge, it's still very jammed during peak hours. Nowadays, don't even think of visiting Penang island during Public Holidays!

But one thing for sure that hasn't change throughout the years in Penang is -- Penang has the WORST drivers in Malaysia -- LOL!

Yes ! There are so many articles justifying this statement ...

  1. 9 Reasons Why KL Drivers Fear For Their Lives When Driving in Penang by July 2016 ( Please read it, very factual indeed! )
  2. Penang Drivers : Crazy or Misunderstood? Dec 2016 
  3. The Survivors Guide to Driving in Penang Nov 2016

Therefore, it has become a known fact that once a person conquers his/her driving skills in Penang, then driving in Malaysia will be a breeze! ( Please note : do google search if you really don't know, Why Driving in Malaysia needs you to be mentally prepared )

Alright, enough of reminiscing ... Moving forward :

One of Penang's most popular tourist attractions is the "Penang Street Art" murals, which were started by a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic in 2012. Ever since them, numerous street arts by various artists have cropped up all over Penang and it has become one of the top instagrammable activities in Penang!

The street arts has also garnered the attention of popular gay travel blogger, " The Nomadic Boys " where they even published an article on " Gay Guide in Penang Island " recently.

When Penang's capital city, Georgetown was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008, the number of tourist arrival has increased tremendously.

As you can see, the number of domestic and international tourist arrivals to Penang airport has more than doubled in the past 10 years ...

a) Indonesians - They like to come to Penang for Medical Tourism, as well as the similar culture and language between the Chinese Indonesians in Sumatera, especially from Medan, with Penang Chinese.
b) Singaporeans - Direct flights make it easier for Singaporeans who love good foods, sightseeings and shopping!
c) Chinese - Of course, Chinese tourist are the biggest spenders every where they go!
d) Japanese - because of the successful Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, many Japanese come and visits their friends & relatives that have migrated to Penang
e) Australians - because of nostalgic purposes -- many Australians from the days when Malaysia was still under the British rule, still come to visit Penang & spreading from the word-of-mouth
f) Taiwanese - needless to say, Taiwanese people love the sun, the sea, the foods, the culture, the eccentricity -- which is what everything Penang is! 

Here are some of the most popular Street Arts in Penang, which are much loved by everyone -- and I do hope that these guys does inspire you guys to come & visit Penangn in the near future - ya!

"Little Children On A Bicycle" by Ernest Zacharevic -- The Most Popular & original street art in Penang

One weekends / Public Holidays -- It can be a long queue ......

You can also ask your friends to queue up, while you sit down and busy yourself snapping photos with this cute sculpture, opposite the mural .

Or you can go and buy shaved ice of various colours and shapes at the nearby stalls.

Or if you really can't wait, you go and have snap photos during the night instead.

"Boy On A Bike" by Ernest Zacharevic

Abang Macho also likes to take photos, okay!

"Little Boy With Pet Dinosaur" by Ernest Zacharevic

"Reaching Up" by Ernest Zacharevic at Cannon Street

The boy's shorts will REACH new length when he grows up!

The boy's bum will REACH new curve when he grows up!

The boy's biceps will REACH new diameters when he grows up!

The boy's cuteness will REACH new level when he grows up!

The boy's fashion style will REACH new aura when he grows up!

"The Minions & Marge Simpson Bollard" by Ernest Zacharevicat Soo Hong Lane

"Children on the Swing" by Louis Gan

"Children Playing Basketball" by Louis Gan at Gat Lebuh Chulia

"I Want Pau (Meat Buns)" - By WK Setor at Armenian Street

"Smoking Lady" at Nagore Street

"Learning Hokkien" by Penang I-Wall at Soo Hong Lane

"Cat In A Window" at Acheh Street

"Mr. Bean Cycling" by Yakuzart at Lebuh Chulia

"Marilyn Monroe on a Bench" by Yakuzart at Lebuh Chulia

"Couple on A Bicycle" at Keng Kwee Street -- drawn specifically for a China movie called "Shining Love" - starring Thai cutie -  "Son" Yuke Songpaisarn (ยุกต์ ส่งไพศาล)

The real  "Son" Yuke Songpaisarn (ยุกต์ ส่งไพศาล) in person, during the launch of the mural

"Bruce Lee & A Cat" - Lebuh Ah Quee

"The Pushing Gate" at Armenian Street

"The Original Soya Milk" at Gat Lebuh Chulia

"Chinese Dragon"

"One of the many Steel Rod sculptures" in Penang streets

You can even "the Dab" pose! 


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