Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunky Singaporean Malay!

Back when I first started my blog way back in 2009, there weren't many blogs that feature sexy Singaporean / Malaysian / Taiwanese hunks in the cyber world. Nowadays, there are hundreds of blogs, including Tumblr websites, where one doesn't even need to enter the realm of Simon Lover anymore ... Hahaha.

While I was busy camming at [ A website where you can see people webcamming "LIVE" ] this afternoon, some of the members wrote that they've been a fan of my website all these years until one guy expressed his sadness of me not updating my blog as frequently as I used to or shared nonsensical stories anymore.

Well, throughout the years, I'm sure many of you have seen many blogs that came and went off just like that ... It takes passion to maintain a blog, as well as a lot of hard work, especially for a photo blog, where we need to source the pictures which is indeed, time consuming.

Back then, the nature of my job allowed me to surf the internet throughout my entire office hour ( 9 - 5pm! Seriously!) . Ever since I moved back to KL, I can only surf the internet once I'm back home or during my off days. Though I have my fair share of stories at the gym / gay saunas / gay discos / gay outings / gay swimming pools / one night stands? / gay cruising -- But then again, the fast & furious life in KL certainly drains me out mentally when it comes to writing stories and collecting pictures. Once I'm home, I just feel like lying down on my bed, or rather spend the time with da love ones or go out shopping / sight-seeing instead.

Furthermore, I'm not earning any penny from my blog at all [ Imagine how much $$$ I can get from allowing Porn Sites to be advertised in my blog?!!!Shucks! ] . It's the feeling of me being socially responsible, to update the cutest and hottest hunks available around our region to all my beloved readers, that really keeps me going on!Seriously ..... [ Hahahaha, am I being politically correct over here? or rather, controversial seems to be the case over here?  ... ]!

Hence, before signing off , here is a cute Singaporean Malay Hunk, by the name of Khairi Johann .... Truly a rare specimen of a fine, young, Malay Dude, currently studying at NTU, Singapore!!!!! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bedtime Stories ...

Awww ... The Bed ...The place where happiness begins .... A place that creates an atmosphere that doesn't need any word at all, or perhaps, besides these "Yeah, Baby! ...,  "I Love You" ... , "Lick Me"...,"I Want To Fuck You" .., "Fuck Me Hard" .... "I'm Cumming!" .... and "ARGGHHHH" ?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Babylon Sauna - Bangkok, Thailand

Babylon Sauna .... Ahhh... Bangkok's Largest and Most Popular Gay Sauna. Constantly touted as one of the Top 10 Gay Saunas in the world by various Gay Magazines / Travel Sites / News / Directories / Blogs / Forums ....

My last visit to Babylon Bangkok was way back in January 2008 [ Gosh! It's been 4 years! Imagine what the 4-years did to my skin?!!! -- Obviously, I'm racing against time & my skin is not as supple and perky as the young-fresh twink back then - d! Sigh .... ] ... Should start taking Collagen Drink, perhaps?

Lucky me, the trip coincides with Babylon's monthly Full Moon party! The Full Moon party is held at the garden, with a mini stage set-up for LadyBoys' show and gay boys' striptease performances. The area is also cordoned off in preparation for the Foam Party as well.

Honestly speaking, back then, it was a wonderful, virginal experience to this kinda place. Imagine prancing around with a group of naked / underwear gay men..Froclicking, groping, kissing, gyrating and some fucking .... under the foaming dance floor? We had fun with a cute Thai Boy until I nearly lost my newly-bought Groovin' underwear which I had stripped and place at a corner earlier on. Imagine after XXXX, I had to dig deep under the foams to search for my underwear?!!!

This is how a FULL MOON PARTY looks like.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute & Hunky Singaporean Boys!

Anyone of you has not seen how a typical Singaporean Boy looks like? Well, here are some photos that can be used as a reference to you guys! All Singaporean Boys have to undergo 2-years compulsory National Service ( Military Training ). So, you can roughly differentiate which boys are above 21 years old and which are still in high schools by looking at their built! =P [ Unlike me, sometimes I feel so embarrassed when people asked me what "Form" am I in!! -- Padahal I'm older than PLUBOY! ]

A typical gay / straight boys are into:
a) Gym - Singaporean Guys are crazy about gymming ....
b) Swimming & Tanning -- Seriously, you dun even think about giving eye contact to a hunky boy tanning next to you in a skimpy red swim trunk! - He might be straight, ya'know!!!
c) Dragon Boating / Exercise / Outdoor Activities
d) Gadgets / Games - Minimum a Blackberry / iPhone / Samsung Galaxy -- Anything else, you're a cheap Singaporean Boy!
e) Being a Metrosexual - Be it straight or gay -- Singaporean Boys lurve to shop! The tighter the Tee Shirt are, as well as the shorter / skimpier the shorts are or any beach loafers -- They'll definitely buy! -- That's why it's very easy to spot Singaporean Boys in Malaysia's Shopping Malls -- well built, dark tan, smooth & shiny complexion, tight Tees, above knee-length shorts and beach loafers ... A-Ha! -- He must be a Singaporean! Talking about "cliche" right?! Hahaha
f) Vainpot - Yes!!!! Singaporean Boys are very concern about the facial complexion! Seriously!! They are expert in it! - You ask them how to take care the face --- The Kiehl Boys also "kalah" !!!!

Anyway....Here a nonsensical post from Simon again. Busy as usual ... If anyone of you wants to buy Collagen Drink For Men, please contact me ya! On top of that, I'll give "special" discount too ....Muahaha!

Dragon Boaters..

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