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Groovin' Underwear - Sexy Thai-Japanese Brand!

Hahahaha...I'm bombarding u guys with non-stop articles on Thailand hor!!! Actually this post was supposed to be scheduled last Thurs but it didn't make it on time because i was rushing back to my hometown for the long weekend ma. And i was supposed to post pics of sexy Malaysians from various races in conjuction of Malaysia's 52th Independence Day on the 31st August...Hahahaha..That also had to be shelved at the moment... =P....

So, back to Thailand's Sexy Underwear Brand, Groovin'....!! I first discover Groovin' underwears way back in Jan 2008 when i was cruising around Central World, Bangkok. It immediately captured my attention mainly due to it's flashy colors and sexy low-rise designs. And hamsap me, i bought 2 low-rise boxers ( 1 orange & 1 yellow! =p ) at the promo price of 250Baht each ( original: 320Baht ). Hehehehehehe....

But that was 1.5 years ago...Groovin' underwear has been quite a regular to me when i'm attending any special functions/activities..Hehehehe..Well, though an underwear is meant to be worn in the inside, but the feeling of wearing one that is sexy or the one that u like, somehow indirectly gives u a satisfactory feeling, thus boosting one's confidence to carry yourself out there!!! Hehehehe..Any supporters out there? =)

And so, during my previous trip to Bangkok, i manage to add another two low-rise boxers in my collection!!!! Hehehehehehehehehe...Tis time, it's apple green and white in color!!!...But one thing though, it that i bought the "M" size instead of my usual "S" size....Though it fits comfortably, but the "skimpiness" is somehow lost compared to my "S" size!!! Sob..sob..sob...Hahahaha..The "S" size ( the yellow & the orange one ) actually fits me very very well because the length between the underwear band and the hip is much much more shorter & skimpier...But because of my indecisiveness, i decided to try "M" size this time and suffice to say, i still regret it till now lor because i look less sexier compared when i'm in my "S" size....Hahahahahahahahaha.... Sigh. Nevermind lor...I can still go to Bangkok next time to add more of it to my collection lor. This time it was buy 3 free 1 in conjuction of Thailand's Mega Sale. So, it was ~ 240Baht each.

( Please click on the pics for the larger & clearer version..I duno why, bt somehow blogspot always minimizes my pics ler..Mayb i shud open a flickr account )

Groovin' String Bikini Briefs

Groovin' Super Low-Rise Boxers

Groovin'' Boxers

Groovin' V-Cut Bikini Briefs

Groovin' Tanga Bikini Briefs

Hahahahaha...Actually, i'm more interested on the Handsome Thai Model instead =P....Very "drool-icious" hor....

Groovin' Underwear has also stuck hi-&-low with me..There was once, when i was at Bangkok's premier gay sauna, Babylon...It was the rare occasion of the Foam-Party Celebration, held once every month. Hehehehe..SO, me & the Horny BF was at the centre of the Foam Party with gays dancing in skimpy underwears, swimwears and some even naked, stepping to the beat of the music played. And as for me..i was in my yellow Groovin' underwear...Hehehehe...As usual, due to our hamsap-ness nature, we tried to hit some Thai Boys since we were there..Hehehehehe..And true enuf, there was a very very lengchai Thai boy who was interested in us and without further a due, came dancing with us in no time ( hahahaha..actually, it's also mainly due to my HOrny BF's Beyonce-licious dance moves too )....Hahahahaha..ANd to make the session hotter ( hahaha, u tell me, when will i ever get the chance of dancing with cute Thai Boys in a foam party ever again leh? )...So, i decided to strip naked and left my Groovin' underwear in a corner of the Foam-Party wall divider...After that, we continued our dance in Full Moon!!! Hehehehe...But, me as a control freak as well, always check once in awhile whether my undie was there or not...

Suddenly, it was gone!!!! Haik!! My newly-bought undie was gone!!!! I immediately push-aside the naked lengchai Thai Boy who was hugging us with a cute 6.5 inches tool and searched hi-&-lo for it!!!! Bracing thru the barrage of naked men & Naked legs, dipping myself into the Foam Bubbles--and keeping my head above the bubbles while my hands was rummaging thru the floor....Luckily...And Luckily...I managed to found IT!!!! Hehehehehe....I was so happy that i decided to go back to my locker room and keep it there for safety.ANd after that, i tip-toed my way back to the Foam Party & continued my adventure with The Cute Thai Boy & The Horny BF till the night cummed!!!....Hehehehehehe....U see how important is it till i'm willing to leave a Cute Thai Boy for it?@!!!!! LOL!

 Groovin' Tanga Bikini Brief...Very sexy eh? But i didn't buy lor....

Groovin' Thong Brief -- Wow! I wish my butt can carry that well!

Groovin' String Bikini Brief...Very skimpy indeed

 Groovin' Boxers

Groovin' Super Low Rise Trunk --- Hehehehehe...Do u notice that the model's "jewel" is actually facing upwards? LOL

Groovin' Cup Boxers --- Hehehehe..Tis is the one that i bought!!! Hahahaha...Very sexy ( 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex -- Very cooling & smooth )

Groovin' V-Cut Bikini Briefs! Wow..Tis is one that i might consider buying! Hehehe --- But if i reli buy hor, i need to trim da'pubic hair in order to keep it neat & tidy lor...

Groovin' Mesh Bikini Brief -- Tis is the one for the dare-devils...Very sexy see-thru..

  Growll -- Groovin' G-strings --- Growl!!!

Groovin Low-Rise Briefs

So guys!!! If u ever in Bangkok, please remember to drop by Zen Departmental Store in Central World, Bangkok and get a hand on the Sexy Groovin' Underwear ya!!! It is one of the cheapest underwear available in Thailand. Really!!! Do u know how much does it cost for a Renoma underwear over there? --- about 600 - 900 Baht!!!!!!!!!!!!'s about RM 60-RM 90 for the same 3-piece underwear back in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Renoma is the second cheapest underwear after Groovin' some more. ( Correct me if i'm wrong ok ) -- No wonder Thai Guys usually wear boxers ( hehehe..from my observation during guys changing at the saunas and also, Thai Guys love to "expose" themselves because skinny jeans or tight low-rise jeans is BIG-time over there --meaning, if i dun see also cannot lar... ) or opt for their local brand undies instead ---!!! And some even prefer to "let it flow, baby!!!" ( LOL -- Does anyone too? ) --- Cheers from Simon!

For more info, you can visit their website:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sexy Thai Actor - Chaiwat Thongsang

Hehehe...In continuation of my obsession with Thai Guys....Hehehehe...I was actually googling around when i bump into a collection of wonderful pictures of Chaiwat "Tob" Thongsang, ( One common thing about Thai people is that usually they have a shorter name or a nickname for easy reference instead of pronouncing thier full name & "Tob" is his nickname ) one of the lead actor of "Bangkok Love Story". He was only 17yo when he was cast in his first leading role in that controversial show, released in Sept 2007.

Birthdate: 1o April 1989 ( 20 yo only!!! )

" In the movie, he played “It,” a closeted gay man in uniform who is about to marry his pretty fiancée. But by chance he falls in love with a lone hit man hired to assassinate him. The movie broke new ground in mainstream Thai cinema with the portrayal of two masculine men in intimate scenes including deep kissing and love-making. For decades, the big Thai studios produced movies with themes or sub-plots about sad transgender characters and comedies portraying gay men as drag queens." -- source:

The cute Chaiwat circa 18-19 yo...

His personal success is all the more ironic given how most actors still shun gay roles, seeing them as the kiss of death for their careers. As with Tob’s transition from actor to body-builder, his attitude toward gay roles is the opposite of most actors.

“I wanted the part because I knew taking a gay role could quickly make me famous,” Tob said, adding that he’s more than willing to take on the role of another gay hunk, if offered."

The promotional pics of Bangkok Love Story

The beautiful actors with beautiful Bangkok skyline in the background!

Thai Biotherm Ad -- Now, if just Takeshi Kaneshiro has the guts to pose like Chaiwat in his Biotherm Ads!!!!!

"Tob" being chained for hamsap predators like us!!!!! =) Yummy!

Hmm...I wouldn't be caught dead in those trunks though..Only "Tob" can carry it with style!

VZ MEN Magazine

Bulge Alert!!! Anyone? =)

Who wants to shower with Tob, please hands up!!!!

VOLUME Magazine

The classic Chaiwat Thongsang pics....

With his legs spreading wide, it's too inviting not to ....... =)

STAGE Magazine
( One thing if we realize again, how cum we don't have this kind of male magazines in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

"I do not "Play"boy" -- Yup, he has a girlfriend..!

When he first started as a 17 yo, he was only 79kg and 187cm. But now, 20 yo, he's already 90 kg and 190cm. This is due to the fact that he has been aspiring to be a bodybuilder since he's 14yo. That explains why the pics above ( Stage Magazine ), "Tob" looks much more bulkier & muscular as compared to the earlier pics. ( Hmm...Is that a good thing or a bad thing leh? Hahahaha..For me, it's a bad thing ler..Cuz i dun reli like to muscular guys... =P. Sigh, what to do. He's not my hubby also ). Currently he's under the training of a 5-times Mr.Thailand winner and plans to participate more in body-building competitions.

Some body-building competition that he won..
( some people like it that way though =P )

The more muscular & bulkier Chaiwat Thongsang nowadays ....
( Just like the case of Brad Pitt..He used to be slimmer before he was too obsessed in increasing his body size for the role of Achilles in The Troy movie...
Anyone remember the butt scene in The Troy? I can still rmbr vividly when i took an Express Bus back to my hometown, they were playing the uncensored, pirated VCD and the Malay Gal sitting next to me was basically, blushing like hell!!!!!!!

Cheers & LONG LIVE THAI GUYS!!!! Hahahahahaha...Again...Just to reaffirm to you guys, i'm not a perverrtttttt........Just an avid admirer!!!! Hehehehehe.......Muacks From Simon!
( p/s: Hahahaha..I dun think i will survive living in Bangkok ler...Anywhere i go, Everywhere i turn, it's full of Leng'Thai's.......I'll definitely end-up in a psychiatric ward someday!!!!! Hahahahaha )

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