Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Hiatus Once Again -- The Attack Of The Virus Tomatoes!!!

It looks like Simon Lover had no choice but to go on a long hiatus once again!!! -- The reason?

My Laptop got infected with some kind of a virus / worm?!!! -- WTF?!!!! ---- Really damn suey, after 3 years of using my laptop!!! Now...I DID NOT get infected from surfing gay porns or gay-sex related websites...Instead, I suspected I caught the virus when I was surfing "MALAYSIANBABES" Forum!!!! -- Yeap, you heard it right, --- MalaysianBabes.net --- SimonLover surf NAKED BITCHES!!!!!! --- OMG?!!! -- It's high time for ERIC PLUBOY and PAUL J to cut off their KukuBird - jor.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hahahaha......Putting nonsense aside...It's actually a forum for Malaysian Girls to talk about anything, the equivalent for Malaysia's LowYat.net...And I was searching and reading about SERESIS and other antioxidant/supplements used to achieve eternal youth! Yeah...And for that, the MalaysianBabes detected so twunky, slutty gay boy is surfing their website and decided to punish him!!!!

So, now i'm using my "guest account" on my PC, which has ZERO pornographic materials...while awaiting for me to treat my SimonLover account. Countermeasure taken ....Bought a portable external HDD on Monday...Will move all my "collections" to the external HDD.....Find someone to help re-format my PC..But before re-formatting it, I need to repair my CD/DVD Drive first....Seriously, DELL laptops sucks!!! My internal modem spoilt just a few days after my warranty expires, then my CD/DVD drive spoilt a few months later...My old Dell Laptop is even worse! _ The whole monitor came off from the motherboard! It's still functioning..But it's barely held on together by a small string of wire only...Pathetic Dell right?! 

Please give me some time to overhaul and organize my laptop back. I have so many HONG KONG BOYS and stories to share with you guys, which unfortunately, have to take a backseat at the moment --- and anyone mind offering to help repair SIMON LOVER'S laptop?!!! Here's a good chance for you guys to find lotsa pictures and videos of a-la Edison Chen misfits!!!!! Yikes!!! 

Do drop me a message ya!! Muacks Muacks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If You Were Given A Choice......!!!!

Me and The Horny BF had a Big Argument way back in our Hong Kong trip recently.....

Crime Scene : SOGO Departmental Store, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The Culprits:

A Japanese Made -- Super Tight Low-Waist ARENA Swimtrunk, prized at HK$599 ( ~ RM 240 )

A German Made -- Stylish Braun Buffel Cardholder Selling at A Discounted Price of HK$400 ( RM 160 )

And out of the two items, we had to choose only ONE!!! -- 
So, if you guys were given a choice, which one will you buy?!!!
( C'mon guys! Don't be shy to leave your comments ya! I want to know what you guys will go for!!! Hehe )

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is He One Of Us? Sexy Malaysian Model - Edwin Hung

Name: Edwin Hung
DOB: 26 Nov 1987
Stats: 5ft 10, 141lbs

Here are some pictures of his earlier modelling career...

Yup, he has graced before Malaysia's Men's Folio Cover Magazine!

And the more recent pictures of Edwin Hung...

I've been to this shop before, it's called A Loft Of Things..( I've blogged it before over HERE )
It's located at Kota Damansara. I was expecting to see a wide collection of ZOD underwears and swimtrunks on that faithful day...But then again, when I went up there, there were a few underwears left for clearance...Shucks! -- ANd I doubt the owner will be bringing in more of those kinda underwears again.

And, more gorgeous pictures of Edwin Hung!

 Unfortunately for us, Malaysians, he has decided to move to a greener pasture which is...well, there's no prizes for us to guess eh?.......

Finally, here are some pictures taken from...ahem..ahem...?
So, Is Edwin Hung One Of Us?! 
Well, I'll leave the calling for you guys ya! Muacks from Simon Lover!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bye Bye Hong Kong & Welcome Macau Boys?!!!

So sorry for not updating some teaser posts over the week even though I brought my laptop together....I'm just too tired from all the walking and "sight-seeing" by the end of the day...Hope you guys will understand ya!...So, I finally had to bade farewell to my Hong Kong Boys...And now, it's time for me to welcome Macau Boys instead!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hong Kong With Love.....

It's my 4th day in Hong Kong and so far, besides food hunting, leisure walking/sight-seeing, oogling at super gorgeous Hong Kong Boys....The rest are quite not up tp my expectations yet...Hahaha.....! Well...especially in terms of shopping I guess....I know, I know..Hong Kong is a shopping heaven! But then again, I don't really go for those luxury brand items which I know, most of my readers love it!!! ---

So far I've only bought G2000 ( cuz it's really cheap over here ) and surprisingly, H&M -- which is quite affordable!!!! -- I'm still looking for the elusive search of Japanese Style Swimming Trunks!!!!!!!!! -- as well as underwears! Seriously, I don't know where those Hongkie shop for their underwears because Departmental Stores are not as popular compared to in Malaysia and Singapore..Seriously....I went into Sogo Tsim Tsa Tsui and they only underwears they sell are Calvin Klein, HOM and Byford ( which is selling like RM40 per piece!! Seriously, what kind of gay guys wear BYFORD?!!! )

Hopefully, in my last two days, I'll manage to get some of the things that I'll fancy. In the meantime, here are some of the picture of my tanning session at Repulse Bay Beach.....Muacks!

Sigh, next time, if I were to go Hong Kong/Macau once again, I better plan properly my schedule to avoid "Not being able to stay in Hong Kong for the weekend!" -- Cuz I only have a Saturday to enjoy HK before leaving to Macau on Sunday.... Hence, this is the kinda guy and crowd you'll get if you go tan-tan at the beach on a weekday!!!

So, it's better I put some of Simon Lover's pictures instead...Hahahaha! Night Night!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hong Kong Boys ....Here I CUMMMMMM!!!

It's now 11.10am and I need to get up at 1.30am to take a taxi ride at 2.30am to LCCT for my 7.00am Hong Kong flight! Yikes! You see how dedicated I am in entertaining you guys with a feastful pictures of sexy and hunky Hongkie guys?!!!

Well...Wish me luck & hopefully I'll enjoy my 9 Days Hong Kong/ Macau trip ya! Muacks Muacks!....

Will I get laid by this hunky Hongkie?!!

Or have a feel of this hunky washboard abs Hongkie?!

Or take photos with this kinda hunky Hongkie?!

This kinda twunk suits Horny BF the most!

Hunter, Double, Action, Alexander, QQ Fitness...Hahahaha..Does the names sound familiar?! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Now, this is what the Horny BF is looking forward to!!! Kheksei!

Horny Bottoms waiting for Horny BF perhaps?!

Tanning at Middle Bay Beach, Repulse Bay...!

Hope I'll make the right decision! Sigh, if just i have enough weekends to explore as I'm going to da beach during weekdays!

Hopefully I'm daring enough to snap more close-up pictures of guys tanning ..just to please the Strictly Horny Calvin's addiction of collection real-life halk-naked guys! Hehehehe

I was actually scouting for this kinda bamboo mat for the past few days...Bt then again, I find it too heavy to carry into my luggage...Hopefully I can share it with some "willing" Hongkie...hahaa

And the fantasy of looking and having fun with Hongkie guys showering? Ahem, ahem!

Last but not least, hoepfully the trip to any of those QQ Fitness or even Sheraton's Fitness First will provide me some interesting Hongkie crown jewels!

SO, anyone game for some Hongkie Boys?!

Muacks and till then, please PLAY SAFE ya!

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