Friday, July 9, 2010

ZOD Underwear 内衣 - Sexy China Brand!

ZOD - Is one of the numerous brands that have been flooding the China market in the last few years, created by Ming Sha Fashion ( Beijing ) Co. Ltd with it's operations in Shanghai.

( ps: Please click the above link. Don't type on ur address bar as it will lead you to a straight porn website! )
Here are some of  ZOD's Spring / Summer 2010 Collection Pictures! 

ZOD Bikini Briefs

ZOD Cup Boxers

ZOD Tanga

ZOD Mesh Underwears

ZOD Boxers

ZOD Swimwears

ZOD Tank Tops

And pardon me for posting so many pictures, causing your computer to kinda lagged. I just couldn't resist sharing the SUPER CUTE Model over here! Don't you guys agree?!!!!!!

Now, where can we get ZOD?
Well....Surprise surprise....We can actually buy ZOD underwears over at this shop called:

A Loft Of Things ( ALOT )

A Fashion, Cafe Retail Shop.
B-13A-1, Giza Mall. Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya. 
Contact Person : Mr. Ng Han Min 

Mr.Ng Han Min himself. 
You can see the row of sexy underwears hanging on the right hand side...Hehehe.

or you can go to ( ) where they are selling at app: RM54-60 each.


William said...

Ooo... that model is SO my cup of tea. The hoodie thing reminds me of Kylie Minogue. $54-60 for China undies is kinda steep though.

Takashi said...

omg.. yes he is so my type too!! hahhaa..

i didnt know giza got such shop even though i am teaching in giza like every weekend!! LOLXC!@

Jaded Jeremy said...

Yes! The model is cute. But think his hairstyle could be better lah.

MM said...

Uber cute model! :D

Rob said...

MMmmm that model is very cute! Thanks for posting him :-)

I love all the undies and the tank tops too. I want all of them!!!!

fable said...

love the boxers~

Skyhawk said...

My type too....such a lean and smooth bod. Yummy!

simonlover said...

@William: Ya, kinda exp!

@Takashi: So, we'll get to see u in ZOD undies soon? Hehehe

@Jaded: Bt i find the hairstyle kinda nice ma. Suits him well - Wild Boys!

@MM & Skyhawk - Cute!

@Rob: Including me? Hehehehe....

@Fable: We are waiting for the next pic of u in boxers oh! =)

Joaquin Syed Vishnu said...

Geez...he does have a rim-able tight lil butt! ;)

simonlover said...

@Joaquin:Hahaha! I thought you like people to rim you?!!! Nyek =P

Joaquin Syed Vishnu said...

Oh lala....I prefer both...69 is the best! :)

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