Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr.Singapore World 2010 - Hu Hanxiong's Introductory Speech

Recently, Mr.Singapore World 2010, Hu Hanxiong, has struck a jackpot by being in the headlines of major Singaporean newspapers and internet website - Not because of his Sexiness - Instead, it was his "Self-Introduction Speech" during the Mr.World 2010 Contest, that was held back in March 2010 @ South Korea;  that has been the talk of the town among Singaporean Netizens!

Hu Hanxiong, 25 years old
Stats: 176cm, 39-32-36
Achievements : Seventeen Magazine Summer Hunk - Best Physique & Skin
Teens Model Search 2006 - Hunk Of The Night
Female 50 Gorgeous People 2008 Finalist
Beach Hunk 2007 Winner
Tommy Boy Search 2007 2nd Runnerup
Mr.World Singapore 2010
You guys can hear his speech over here. ( source : STOMP.Com.Sg )

Mr.Hu has been labelled as the male equivalent of "Ris Low" - Former Miss Singapore 2009, who was stripped off the title when she was convicted of credit card fraud and often slammed for her Bad English.

In Mr. Hu Hanxiong's reply @ The New Paper, 8 Jul 2010, ( read HERE )
  • He got nervous and tongue-tied 
  • He did not do a second-take because he wanted to make Singapore proud by going for just one take.
  • Reason for excessive blinking in the video that netizens complained about - He explained that there were several strong spotlights shining on him during filming, which made his eyes very dry.
  • He said he will apologise if he has caused embarrassment to other Singaporeans.
  • Hu said he barely spoke English in school and was more fluent in Mandarin. In his O levels, he scored an A1in Mandarin and a B4 in English.
  • There was no question-and-answer segment in the finals, therefore he didn't attend classes to brush up on his English before he went for the finals.
Well, in my own opinion, i think it's kinda harsh to criticize Mr.Hu for being an embarrassment to Singapore, especially when being a representative from Singapore; one is expected to be of reasonable standards?

If you look from another point of view, Mr.Hu scores an A1 for Mandarin and it has been Mr.Hu's lingua franca since young - which i think we should be proud of him as well! Not many people can converse fluently in Mandarin - especially those "Bananas" - [ They-are-Chinese-but yet-they-do-not-know-how-to-speak-or-understand-Chinese-at-all" people ] ? and especially NOT those Bananas! - Hehehehehe -

So, if Mr.Hu Hanxiong was given a chance to speak in Mandarin, i'm sure he would have nailed it perfectly.  Furthermore, practice makes perfect - This is especially so for proficiency in languages. Even if he's not good in English, if given the opportunity to learn & improve his English, i'm sure he'll make Singapore proud of him, once more!

Till then...Please enjoy the sexy pictures of Mr.Singapore World 2010 - Hu Hanxiong! - 
Muacks from Simon Lover!

Now, the polka-dot swim trunk is definitely NOT-SEXY!

Hu Hanxiong, Darren Lim and Jason Chee.

Hu Hanxiong latest 2010 pictures!

For more pictures of Hu Hanxiong, you can go to this website :
Singapore Calendar Guys ( )
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Mr.Hu Hanxiong works as an Event-Organizer...

Mr.Hu ( center ) - In skimpy Blue speedo!

Last but not least, here's the clip from Mr.Malaysia World 2010, David Lian...
( Anyone has any comment? Hmmmmmmmmm............... )

As well as Mr.Colombia World 2010 , Camilo Tocancipa

Now, why all of the sudden, Mr.Colombia - pulak?!!!!
Hehehehe....Because he caught my attention for looking SOOOO-GAY in that video clip!!!!
And just like what he had mentioned in the video , "I'm a professional "PENIS" Player! " - Hehehehehehehe!
Mr.Colombia World 2010 - Camilo Tocancipa!


William said...

His Chest-hip ratio is a little scary!

youngj said...

this shows he has put in lots of hard work.

Little Crown Prince said...

aiya his english wasn't that bad la. just didn't sound fluent, but understandable!!! better than a lot of cenapeks la! thank god mr malaysia didn't FAIL us. haha.

nicky05 said...

a speaking robot..:P

Skyhawk said...

I like his face and chest!

Anonymous said...

OMG disgrace disgrace! what sort of weird accent is that? Sounds like a contrived effort to want to sound posh and ended up sounding like a Korean trying to speak english. Why should he be cut any slack? He is 25, younger than me and we both went thru the same education system. No excuses for ending up sounding like that especially when you are representing the country. One word, disgraceful. Should have studied harder in school. And we don't really give a shit about been able to speak Chinese in Singapore unless you are planning to work as a food-court drink seller or road-sweeper.

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: Hmm..You shud try watching "Mister Korea World 2010" on youtube and post your opinion over here again! Yikes! =P

Clayden said...

well i thought Mr Singapore sounded okay. at least it seemed like a proper attempt as compared to mr malaysia whose video was so, ugh, informal..

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