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Are They One Of Us? - Hins Cheung 张敬轩 & Kenny Kwan 关智斌!

Yesterday i saw an interesting news through the sexy Skyhawk's blog ( ) regarding, Hins Cheung ( 张敬轩 ), currently one of Hong Kong's most popular male singer - coming out with his Brokeback relationship with fellow Hong Kong singer, Kenny Kwan ( 关智斌 )!- over an interviewin Hong Kong's iCable Entertainment. The news spread pandemically through newspapers, gossip websites and every country who follows the HK entertainment world - including Malaysia!

Hins Cheung 张敬轩 & Kenny Kwan 关智斌!

 And later in the evening, while i was having my dinner with fellow colleagues, it was a full, front-page entertainment news in Sin Chew newspaper - Making me feeling a little uneasy when my colleagues were discussing his sexual orientation over the dining table, while i was utterly silent, pretending to read the Main News section.....

Who's TOP and who's BOTTOM?! Hmmmm....

Hahaha....I'm very bad in handling these kinda situations when i'm with a bunch of friends and relatives. The other day, in my car, my female friends were commenting on a sissy, 40 plus Consultant Physician, who was not married yet - and suddenly one of them proclaimed out loud - Must be GAY - la! - Luckily for me, i was driving and usually i don't talk much when i'm at the steering! -  Leaving the Horny BF to continue the discussions with the girls. Hehehe

So, after scrutinizing the news - It seems that those involved have been denying the reports and explained that the media has quoted them out of context.

The host of the TV program, Qu Yongquan (区永权), who interviewed Hins Cheung, immediately clarified this saying at his microblog too, saying that it is a big mistake. Hins Cheung described Kenny Kwan as a “Shi Nai” (which is a Cantonese slang referring to middle aged housewives), but it did not mean “housewife” here literally; instead, Hins Cheung was trying to tell the audience Kenny Kwan pinches pennies in life, which is a trait that each housewife has. Qu Yongquan said he hoped people would clear his name and never go further on this mistake anymore.

 Hins Cheung 张敬轩
 DOB : 1 Feb 1981 ( Guangzhou, China )

 Last year, before Hins held his concert in Guangzhou, he accepted an interview and talked about his brokeback relationship with Kenny. Hins said that when he first came to Hong Kong, he was unfamiliar with the area and did not know anyone, fortunately he had good friend Kenny. He said that Kenny's family treats him well, often making soup for him and wanted him to put on some weight. Hins said that he treats the 'brokeback' saying as a joke. That time, Hins also expressed that he hopes to help Kenny develop in the Mainland market, not avoiding his relationship with this good friend at all.

Kenny Kwan 关智斌
 DOB: 30 Dec 1980, Philippines but grew up in HK

Over the years, there's been a lot of rumours about their close brotherly bond and behaviours that might have cause the media overtly biased in reporting their relationship. Here are some of the examples:

2008: The Infamous Kiss

Back in 2008 at Hins Cheung's 3-Day "Ardently Love 酷愛張敬軒演唱會 " Concert, Kelvin Kwan was the guest performer on the opening night and he gave Hins a sudden mouth to mouth kiss, making Hins shout "My first HK coliseum kiss is yours now!"

On the final day, Kenny Kwan was at the concert again, but as a spectator sitting in the front row.
Hins sang “幻影” and halfway into the song, his principal, Alan Tam came out to sing it.  Alan Tam then joked : “You and Ivana Wong are childhood friends, so what about Kenny?” Hins joked and said: “Operating underneath a cover.” Alan joked: “You and that Kwan guy are pretty close with the open mouth kiss and all. Don’t start kissing erveryone named Kwan. If you kiss the Guan Gon statue, lightning will strike you!” Hins then told Alan about his situation: “People say that I am dating that person regardless if I go to a girl’s house or a guy’s house.”

Alan commented: “Your mom must be frustrated because she isn’t sure if she gave birth to a boy or girl. You have to be clear, is it both? Like a two in one shampoo and conditioner. You have to understand yourself because you are choosing the road you are taking.” Hins was firm when he said: “In the future, I am getting married and having children.” Alan told him to be clear about his direction and don’t get lost. Hins replied that he won’t get lost. Kenny was sitting in the crowd and lowered his head. He appeared afraid of Alan asking him questions.

2009: The Infamous Restaurant Incident

 ( source:

After Hins finished his concert with Kahlil Fong last month, he immediately went to meet up with Kenny. That day when the concert ended, Hins immediately ditched Ivana Wong and arranged a date with Kenny. That day at approximately noon, Kenny personally drove his car to pick up Hins to the destination. Afterwards, Kenny first dropped off Hins at the front entrance to a very romantic restaurant before going to park his car. Hins went into the restaurant and sat by a harbor side view table to wait for Kenny and even ordered his favorite appetizers. Hins was busy looking out the window and Kenny finally came to join him.

Maybe because they were inside the restaurant and that there weren't many customers, but Kenny and Hins appeared to be extremely comfortable, they did not avoid smiling at each other. Originally Hins was wearing glasses and a hat, but he got so happy that he even took off his hat and glasses, in order to be able to look at his target (Kenny) more closely. During the time, Hins took out a book to read, when he found something funny in the book, he could not help but reach out to Kenny with his hands to share the funny content. When one of them let go of their hands to pick up a phone call, the other would know what to do and held up the book for him while he finish his phone call. They appeared to share so much chemistry and intimacy.

After a few hours, Kenny and Hins were satisfied and paid for the bill. They walked together to the car, at first the two were constantly chatting and laughing happily, but when they got to places with lots of people, Hins started to avoid a little bit, putting his hat back on and would intentionally put down his hat more to his face. Kenny only would maintain his distance from Hins. When they got into the car, Hins kept his head down while Kenny speeded off.

2010 : The Infamous Condominium Incident

Earlier this year, news of Hins Cheung living together with Kenny Kwan spread like wildfire, yet again.

  Last year a rumor spread from a real estate agency that Hins often secretly goes to Sai Kung to look at houses and it was said that he wanted a good scenery and open space independent house. A few months ago, Hins rented a 3 story house for 30,000 HKD a month. The nearby neighbors exposed: "They moved in for a few months already! We don't often see them coming in and out of the house though, it's mostly only Kenny coming out to walk his dog. Most of the time, we only see men's clothing & underwears hanging over to dry and Kenny takes the garbage once in awhile or back from grocery shopping."

"Male Underwears" hanging for drying and Kenny doing some grocery shopping before going to Hins' condominium.

 On January 19th, Kenny was spotted at the house dressed all black with a cap on. However, Hins was not seen at all that day. The afternoon of January 20th, after Hins finished working on recording, he drove back to his house in Sai Kung. Hins appeared two hours after Kenny got back at 6:30pm. The entire house was covered with blinds, there were only lights seen by the windows.

Kenny explained: "100% no! I am currently moving to a new place as well, I just left my dog with him. He has workers at home to help my take care of my dog. I am surprised to hear about this news, actually its my dog that is living with him" Kenny continued and expressed: "I really didn't want the news of me moving to be exposed so quickly, but for clarification, I already invited other reporters to take photos of my new place."

Kenny's Mini Cooper parked @ Hins condominium compound

However, reports later showed that the distance between Kenny's swanky new apartment in Clearwater Bay is just 15 minutes drive away and it is still convenient for them to meet up, more or less.

Hins Cheung walking Kenny Kwan's pet dog

Hahaha...Suddenly i feel like i'm a paparazzi - pulak!  Though they have not officially annonunced that they are gay - yet!
Anyway, i wish "All The Best" to both of them and hopefully they can handle the situation well. We wouldn't want them to follow the path of certain homosexual celebrities whom committed i.e. Leslie Cheung & Ahn Jae-Hwan.

However, there is one Question over here where i want to ask your opinion:
"Why Two Guys cannot be just "Best Friends" Forever without being called a Gay Couple?!!"

And for the rest of you, please continue visiting my blog for future posts where there'll be exclusive pictures of Hins Cheung and Kenny Kwan as well!

Muacks from Simon Lover!


Skyhawk said...

@Simon, thanks for mentioning my blog in are like paparazzi, mentioning the details about the chronology of their love story. Yes, Hins' assistant denied and the host also apologized for taking it out of context.

Just like you, when ppl mention about this kinda news in public, I usually pretend naive and give little or no comment.... and of course, not forgetting to act straight.

William said...

Obviously, the media is gonna pounce on this kinda thing and it may not be healthy for his career. Now everything they do will be scrutinized....

Drew said...

Two guys living together will definitely raise the suspicion of others, its only natural.

SZ said...

"Why Two Guys cannot be just "Best Friends" Forever without being called a Gay Couple?!!"

that question leave it back to u, or u wanna ask ur fellow girl frens?

Lucifer said...

hins looks like the bottom one. haha. oor vb.

XIAN said...

MY FAV ARTIST!!!!!! HE's SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Takashi said...

u r like paparazi indeed hahahaha..

blue said...

u had done a good research there..anyway true fans will still love them irrespective of their sexual preferences. Your fans would still love u even if u turn straight one day, or would they? :P

simonlover said...

@Xian: Which one is ur fav - leh?

XIAN said...


Little Dove said...

I like this post! I love Hins for his musical talent and Kenny's absolute cuteness. If they are together, I wish them all happiness in the world.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Two guys can be best friends especially if they are both straight. Any other scenario it'll get a little shaky.

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